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As you may have heard (and lost your mind over), The Lumineers are heading to the SA and playing in Cape Town at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens on 4 and 5 December ( which are already sold out concerts), and at Johannesburg’s Emmarentia Dam on 6 December.

To celebrate the Lumineers first ever South African appearance Virgin Mobile is giving away three VIP Lumineers experiences to three lucky fans and their three friends to three shows.

The VIP Lumineers experience includes a meet and greet with the band, four VIP entry tickets to either the Johannesburg or Cape Town shows*, the latest LG 3G smartphone as well as R1000 Virgin Mobile airtime.

BUT WAIT, THATS NOT ALL, just because we letting you know about that, the legends at Virgin Mobile have given us 2 sets of double tickets to The Lumineers in Cape Town to giveaway!

So, what do you need to do to WIN Tickets To The Lumineers in Cape Town?

Well, you tell us in a sentence, why you are the biggest Lumineers fan and why Virgin Mobile should send you. Simple.
Don’t be shy to enter their competition HERE, too. Lets be honest, that would be even more next level!

Competition ends Wednesday 19 November 2014. Winners announced Friday 21st November 2014

*All prizes exclude Travel & Accommodation

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  1. I have their latest album and know lyrics to their songs which I enjoy singing. It would be great opportunity to grace myself at their awesome concert!

  2. One of the few things my brother and i have in common are The Lumineers, to the point of being able to sing and play most of their songs and basically fangirl together,which is pretty rad haha. Send us!

  3. I am a music blogger simply for the love of it and one of my most fave bands is The Lumineers!! I can’t imagine a better gig than at KBosch singing along to Ho, Hey! with my peeps. Would love to be there…

  4. The Lumineers, where to even begin! Doubt a single sentence can describe how amazing they are! I know that for years and years loving them that they have always been sold out before you even knew about a show. They are THAT GOOD! I have been listening for years and i can recognize any song even if it’s a bloke singing it from a local pub 🙂 I hope Virgin Mobile could send me to go watch, if not I will be waiting in the parking lot in hope that the Lumineers might come play for the people who missed out on it AGAIN! I would take up a dare!!! – seriously

  5. HO HEY mycitybynight , I BELONG WITH THEM AND THEY BELONG WITH ME MY SWEETHEARTS because I have a STUBBORN LOVE for their FLOWER IN YOUR HAIR type of music so please will you & Virgin Mobile allow me to hear them sing their MORNING SONG because it AIN’T NOBODIES PROBLEM but mine that I missed out on tickets. 😀

  6. Thanks to the new immigration laws I have to leave South Africa (possibly forever) and the Lumineers concert happens to fall on my last weekend in Cape Town; I can’t think of a better send-off than getting to see one of my favourite bands play in one of the most beautiful venues on the planet!

  7. ‘Ho Hey’ time is almost upon us just pressie and festive joyous meals ans ummer vibrations galore with Lumineering cool music just awesome bring it on #LG and Virgin

  8. “Ho Hey” there “Charlie Boy”! “This Must Be The Place” where these two “Classy Girls” go to win tickets to the Lumineers “Big Parade” at Kirstenbosch! We know it “Ain’t Nobody’s Problem” that we want to hear our “Morning Song” live, but hopefully our “Stubborn Love” will be enough to win us tickets to go see these legends who are definitely not from the “Dead Sea” or “Scotland” 😉

  9. The Lumineers helped me through a very sad time in my life, in fact, I will always be grateful to them, their lyrics, their soul for helping me keep it together xxx

  10. I know maybe 2 Lumineers songs, but this competition is to amazing to not enter, and the experience would create a new fan in me! Thanks mycitybynight & Virgin Mobile!

  11. I am the biggest Lumineers fan because I just love them and their music is soulful and appeals to younger and older folk. Virgin Mobile should send me because I was too late to buy a ticket and I would be eternally grateful. #Cpt

  12. It’s rare to find a band that manages to capture people’s attention through feel good sing-a-long songs like Ho Hey and Flapper Girl while at the same time being bold enough to expose a slowed down, almost haunting side of their music in songs like Slow it Down and Stubborn Love; the wide variety of songs in their album shows exceptional talent and that’s exactly why I would love to win tickets to see them.

  13. I may not be the biggest fan or know all the lyrics to every song but I am very down to have a great time at the amazing Kirstenbosch with the amazing Lumineers 🙂

  14. The Lumineers is my studying, chilling, dancing, happy music!! I have had dreams of seeing them live since the announcement came for the shows in CTN, it would be magical to see them in Kirstenbosch! Virgin should send me, since the event is a few days after I finish with my degree, this would be the perfect way to start my vacation and the rest of my life!!

  15. Hey Ho please let me go,
    My best friends I will take,
    to watch them in Cape Town, to hear them play Slow It Down,
    would surely this girls December make!

  16. Ill lie and steal, and cheat, and beg you from my knees
    Make you think I mean it this time
    You’ll tear a hole in me, the one I can’t repair
    But I still love MyCityByNight, I don’t really care

    When we were young, oh, oh, we did enough
    When it got cold, ooh, ooh, we bundled up
    I can’t be told, ah, ah, it can’t be done

    It’s better to feel winning, than nothing at all
    The opposite of love is losing
    So pay attention now, I’m standing on your porch screaming out
    And I won’t leave until you give me that prize

    So keep your head up, keep your hopes alive
    Keep your head up, my hope alive!

    Send me to the Lumineers MyCityByNight and Virgin Mobile!

  17. Every single song of The Lumineers has a different memory over the last 2 years and every time I listen to them I’m instantly there and remember how they made me get a big fat smile on my face or sing at the top of my voice or dance or cry or made me want to phone my ex or just be happy… Man, I wanna GO!!!!

  18. I’m not a “Ho Hey”, but I’ve been to the “Dead Sea” with a “Flapper Girl”. Also, The Lumineers are the reason why we believe not all hipsters are pretentious.

  19. The Lumineers have been my favourite band – since the release of their first song “Ho Hey”. That song helped me through some of the toughest times of my life, whilst living overseas away from my family. Upon discovering their concert was sold out I felt an aching in my soul, realising that I wouldn’t be able to attend their concert – My dream is to stand in Kirstenbosch gardens and sing along to my favourite songs by my favourite bands. Please send me to their concert and make me the happiest fan alive!

  20. One sentence doesn’t seem to be enough to capture a motivational answer by the look of the other entries…

    I’m not good at begging, I don’t have a sad story and i’m not a die hard fan but I do enjoy the music and before reality tv took over music channels that was all that mattered THE MUSIC, I purely would like to win tickets so that me and my love can enjoy the music of the Lumineers in the beautiful setting of Kirstenbosch.

  21. I’m a big fan as I think their music is timeless, soulful yet fun at the same time and my first new vinyl I got was the Lumineers for my anniversary last year and now they are playing on our anniversary this year!

  22. The first time I heard the Lumineers I was stunned that any band could produce such an album of flawless and authentic songs. You can hear the heart behind each song and that is why I love them.

    Me and my best friend know every word of every song and we share so many good memories while listening to their music. But sadly only I could get a ticket in time for the show in CT on the 5th. Please let me win the ticket so we can go listen to them together =D

  23. not only myself, but my gf and her sister are like lumineers crazy!! she lost her cell phone at the last outdoor event we attended at kirstenbosch botanical gardens as well, what a PERFECT way to make up for last times mishaps with best surprise EVER!! 😀

  24. I know everybody is big fans and hope everybody the best of luck for this one of a life time experience, its just one amazing prize,so amazing feeling the butterflies in my stomach and thats the same feeling i got the first time i listened to Ho Hey.Think they are a amazing group and amazing songs, just love there music and making them my favourite band.

  25. I’m going to be honest here; I actually just want free tickets cause I am generally stupidly slow with these kind of things and it’s sold out!

  26. I’m a big fan as I listen to their music over and over (on my record player) and Virgin Mobile SA should send me so I can take my wife for our anniversary and earn some serious brownie points with her!

  27. I have absolutely been OBSESSED with the Lumineers. Many a time has their album been on repeat for hours on end whether I’m studying, chilling, hanging out with friends, roadtripping…you name it.

    ‘Ho Hey’ is also the song I dedicated to my boyfriend before I asked him out. Needless to say…that chorus might have helped more than I could ever realise 😉

  28. The Lumineers are one of my favorite bands ever! Come on guys have a heart, only international act I have seen is Ronan Keating when I was 10 :(:(

  29. You are going to give me those tickets or I’m going to fucking kill you.
    I’m that crazy about the Lumineers.

    Now, please, help an insane friend out. thanks xx

  30. So apart from Hunger Games: Catching Fire being one of my favourite books, what made the movie more epic to me was that The Lumineers’ song Gale Song, goosebumps from head to toe that song spoke to me on a number of levels and to hear it live would be a true blessing!

    So please guys help a girl out! I need these tickets!

  31. Would LOVE to win tickets to the Lumineers to see Wesley and Jeremiah live! “Ho Hey” is my FAVOURITE song of all time! Their chilled folk music is the perfect soundtrack for summer! Would do just about anything for these tickets – including stage diving into an empty crowd! Go on, make my day!

  32. I have some veldskoen I’d love to rock out to Lumineers in. I bought the CD for them even though I don’t even have a CD player!

    She’ll lie and steal, and cheat, and beg you from her knees
    Make you think she means it this time
    She’ll tear a hole in you, the one you can’t repair
    But I still love her, I don’t really care

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