Win Tickets To The Good Food & Wine Show Thanks To Inside & You’re Out Burgers!


Ever heard of Inside & You’re Out? A new start up mobile burger shop in Cape Town, I&YO is doing something different. First off, the burgers are INSIDE OUT. No, this doesn’t mean that the roll is on the inside and the patty is on the outside. It means that they pack each delicious patty with different toppings – melted cheeses, gourmet ingredients, you name it. One of them has brie cheese, full cashews and cubed, cured chorizo on the inside of the patty. You can’t get something like this anywhere else in South Africa, can you? We don’t think so.

They’re part of a new way of thinking about food, and everything they do revolves around the following four principles: delicious foods, local community, environmental impact, and a term coined ‘ethical accessible.’ check out their website for more details. ( These guys make awesome food and manage to do some good in a country that really needs it, and in a world that really needs to start thinking about how it deals with food.

They’ll be up at the Good Food & Wine Show in Cape Town, starting tomorrow, between the beer stand and the wine. They’re giving away two tickets to the show plus two meals at the show to the winners. Follow the link to their twitter here: All you need to do is RT their tweet and follow them on Twitter. The competition ends at 4 today. Winners to be announced at 5.


Win two tickets to the Good Food and Wine show this weekend.

All you need to do is tell us in the comment section below, what your favourite burger is on their menu: (Click here for some clues)

Winners announced at 4pm on Thursday!

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  1. Holy crap-ola but the Bahn Mi Barbecue sounds like it would taste as good as it sounds 😀

  2. I am a vegetarian so very limited however the Hell O’Portobello suits me down to the ground 🙂 YUMMY!!

  3. oh my freakin god that Poach Your Blues sounds fan-flippen-tastic. Give me two bites. Just two.

  4. By far the best is Poach your blues. Cant wait for all the food and wine. yes Please!

  5. PUT A FORK IN ME I AM DONE. These look too delicious. But i would defintely go for Poach Your Blues

  6. honestly they all looks absolutely delicious, well some of them have pork content on it, but for the rest just tastingly mouthwatering… My choice is the Bahn Mi Barbecue. i love pickles, and the wasabi mayo is the cherry on the top. Good luck everyone.

  7. ALL OF THEM!!! NOW!!! PLEASE!!! IN MY FACE!!! But, if i HAVE to choose one, it will be “Poach You Blues” – the combination sounds incredible!!!

  8. Definitely the Unbrielievable!! 😀 soooo Amazing!! , I feel like One Right Now!!!!

  9. I could very happily try every single one! Hell O’ Portobello would be the first to try.. and then Poach Your Blues and then.. Unbrielievable.. you get the idea 😉

  10. All I can say is that a ticket to The Good Food and Wine Show would really be ‘Unbrielievable’!

  11. I would love to try all of those scrumptiously delicious burgers but someone might mistake me for the wrong animal LOL so I would have to stick to the one and only Unbrielievable which is truly a decadent and mouthwatering burger.

  12. First prize is the Slider Combo without a doubt! Variety is the spice of life for sure!!!

  13. I would firstly like to thank Mycitybynight for giving me an opportunity to see this amazing restaurant which I have never heard of nor even been to before! My favourite burger will undoubtedly be an Unbrieleviable – a medium cooked patty hidden between two fresh buns, after the first bite I am then sinking my teeth into crispy rocket leaves followed by a cashew nut crunch and then going all the way through hitting a burst of sweet flavours thanks to a combination of brie, caramelised onion, sweet chilli basil mayo, rocket and home made truffle chilli. Please make my pallets desire come true by allowing it the satisfaction of experiencing this at The Good Food & Wine show, which I too have never been to before. ‘Inside & You’re out” – Prepared to be tasted! 😀

  14. Can this little bun get the Bahn Mi Barbecue. Not only does it sound delish but it seems like a solid hangover, exam reliever, dying of hunger and just because I must kinda burger that I need to get my hands on

  15. Screw having stew tonight…I want the Unbrielievable!!!! Drooling just thinking about it!!!

  16. Their Poach your Blues burger is way too nom! Could eat it all day err’day!


  18. Poach your blues is my ultimate FAVOURITE Inside and You’re Out burger- it has everything you could ever want in a Burger, and more, BUT, more than anything, I am SO looking forward to the launch of their new curly fries at The Good Food & Wine Show this year. Pleeeease get me there so I can fill my belly… YUM!

  19. WUNDERBAR! Time is running out and I would like to sink my teeth into a Wunderbar at the Good Food and Wine show!

  20. Whiskey Braaibecue!! Oh my hat! – with ten sides of organic curly fries please!! 😀

  21. Because I have an adventurous palate and because I am a huge a fan of whiskey, I would try their whiskey braaibecue. It sounds too good to be true.

  22. Why choose one when you can have sliders!!!!!!! Hell O’ Portobello, Smokey Beefer AND Bahn Mi Barbecue!!!! YUMMMMM

  23. Das Wunderbar!! YUM YUM! It will be even more Wunderbar if I am able to get tickets =)

  24. Gotsta be the UNBRIELIEVABLE. My my that juicy cheesy Brie and crunchy nuts make for an absolute taste sensation like no other. Gotta get my fix this weekend. Apparently they are adding curly fries to their menu. Done and done.

  25. I would have to go with the Unbrielievable. Mostly because I’m addicted to cheese and they managed to turn the name into a cheesey pun!

  26. Whiskey Braaibecue Whiskey Braaibecue Whiskey Braaibecue Whiskey Braaibecue Whiskey Braaibecue Whiskey Braaibecue Whiskey Braaibecue Whiskey Braaibecue Whiskey Braaibecue Whiskey Braaibecue Whiskey Braaibecue

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