Win Tickets To The 6th annual CAPE TATTOO EXPO at Cape Town City Hall.

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Bringing you the best in global tattoo culture, The Cape Tattoo Expo is currently the most important lifestyle festival of its kind on the African continent. With a great range of top local and international tattoo artists attending and a very exciting arts and concert event schedule, Cape Tattoo Expo 2014 promises to be an exhilarating weekend of pure tattoo art bliss.

Event organizer Manuela Gray says attendees can expect an incredible visual display of   tattoo artists from all over the world, as well as the best that South Africa has to offer.  The tattoo booths are situated in various big open rooms in the city hall and even if you do not book a tattoo, you will be able to see the masters doing their thing while they are working on their clients. Manuela says: “The idea of the Expo is to provide the SA public with an environment where they can get tattooed by great artists of their choosing. But, as important, it’s also a platform for tattoo artists to showcase their artistry, skill, and creativity in an open and social environment and for the SA public to see how varied and evolved the industry has become”.

As is the tradition with the Cape Tattoo Expo, there will be a number of related events to the expo itself, making it a true lifestyle festival. These include art exhibitions, concerts, a golf day, some unique on-site pop up displays, and more. Here are more details:


Friday 21 February – Tattoo Expo Golf Day

Metropolitan Golf Club – 16h30

Yes folks, we are doing it in style this year! For the first time this year, the Cape Town tattoo community is getting together for the 1st annual TATTOO GOLF DAY. This fourball 9-hole event is hosted by the Cape Town Metropolitan Golf Club. There will be team prizes and individual prizes up for grabs courtesy of our generous sponsors: Sailor Jerry Rum, Levi’s, Barnet Fair, Dusty Rebels, Primi Piatti and House of Machines.

To book your team, contact Price is R600 for a 4 ball  – 9 Hole and only experienced golfers can take part.

The event will be free to the public and the prize-giving will happen after the round at the club house bar. There will also be an after party at House of Machines to round off a perfectly cool day.

golf day poster

Friday 28 February – Sunday March 2 – VICTORIAN ODDITIES ART EXHIBITION Cape Town City Hall – during Cape Tattoo Expo opening hours.

Art exhibitions have always been an integral part of the Cape Tattoo Expo. And this year is no different. In its never-ending quest to present original art works in original ways by top South African and International artists, organizers this year are proud to present ‘Victorian Oddities’, a multimedia exhibition of works inspired by the darker creations and curiosities of our 19th – 20th Century forbearers. Works will be drawn from an eclectic range of the SA art scene and, like all exhibitions before promises to be a one-of-a-kind event.

One of the highlights of this year’s exhibition will be the debut, for the first time outside of Europe, of ‘Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell”. Created by Brian May (of the rock group ‘Queen’), Denis Pellerin and Paula Fleming, this book/printed card collection of macabre images are exhibited in stereoscopic 3D using replica 19th Century viewing glasses. For more information about this exciting project, visit

Another original adjunct to the Victorian Oddities exhibition is the ‘Field of Dreams’ absinthe display. Many South Africans are unaware that absinthe – the original Green Fairy, inspirational elixir of poets, painters, writers and madmen – is now being made locally, by Jorgensen’s Distillery, the country’s foremost artisan spirit-maker. The artist’s task is to draw on his/her unique vision and on the rich history of the Green Fairy to create a unique absinth label. These one-of-a-kind absinthe bottles will be exhibited (along with an A3- sized mounted print of the artwork) as part of the Victorian Oddities exhibition. These collectors’ items will be for sale with some proceeds going to C.H.O.C. (see below).

Finally, the 6th annual Cape Tattoo Expo is thrilled to be partnering up once again with Levi’s to present a unique range of vintage aprons. These unique items will be designed and decorated by an elite selection of local artists. Visitors to last year’s expo will recall the amazing collection work jackets on display. This year’s display promises the same level of creativity and originality. All pieces will be exhibited in the art exhibition hall at the Cape TownCity Hall for the duration of the expo.

Saturday 1 March – Cape Tattoo Expo CONCERT NIGHT

The Assembly – 21h00 until late.

Over the years, the Cape Tattoo Expo has left its mark in the local live music scene by presenting some of the city’s most memorable concerts, featuring some of South Africa’s best-known and best-loved bands. This year’s concert line-up continues the tradition. This year, the 6th annual Cape Tattoo Expo is proud to present The Very Wicked, Beast, and van Coke Kartel. Tickets are R50 before 21h00, R60 after and free to Cape Tattoo Expo full weekend pass holders. (Day passes do not include entrance to the concert night.)



There is perhaps no better complimentary brand for the Cape Tattoo Expo than Sailor Jerry Rum. After a brief hiatus, we are proud to be renewing our partnership with this iconic brand by presenting the Sailor Jerry Vintage Bar and Lounge.

This one-of-a-kind installation will feature vintage Sailor Jerry flash, clothing, and, of course, original Sailor Jerry cocktails. Admission to the Sailor Jerry Lounge is free to Cape Tattoo Expo attendees. (@SailorJerry)


As a unique lifestyle event, the Cape Tattoo Expo is proud to offer some of the city’s most creative and original vendors an avenue to show their wares. Vintage clothing designers such as MissHapp and AnonaMiss, as well as unique designers WitchKnight and Jeez Louise will be on hand to offer the public items that they won’t be able to find anywhere else. These vendors will be joined by local gentleman’s grooming legends Barnet Fair to offer the SA public a unique lifestyle experience.


Ticket sales for Cape Tattoo Expo 2014 will open 5th February and will be available via  Tickets are R100.00 per day or R250.00 for a full weekend pass. Full weekend passes allow free entry to the live music at the Assembly on the Saturday night.  (Note that the day passes do not include access to the live music.) The ticket also does not include the price of tattoos. These can be booked with and paid to the artist directly.

To book a tattoo, go to: and contact the particular artist. “Walk in” tattoos will also be welcome, if time and booking schedules allow.

Doors open at 17h00 on Friday and at 11h00 on Saturday and Sunday.

Visit for updates about attending artists, concerts, competitions, and info. 


SixLove Events will also be hosting a ‘tattoo-athon’ in the next few months to raise money for the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA. CHOC is a national organization dedicated to providing assistance to children that are battling cancer or life-threatening blood disorders, and their families. CHOC was established in 1979 and has Divisions in: Johannesburg, Pretoria, Free State, KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape and Western Cape..

CHOC is not funded by government, but rather by the donations received from corporates, individuals and parents of children with cancer. Funds raised are applied to directly benefit the children and their families, as well as those involved in the treatment of these serious illnesses.  More info about CHOC at:

CHOC will be at the Tattoo Expo to tell people more about their cause. The date for the ‘tattoo-athon’ to be announced soon.

Also be sure to join the Southern Ink Xposure and Cape Town International Tattoo Convention Facebook and Twitter groups for all the latest news about related events and artist info.

Twitter: @CapeTattExpo

Cape Tattoo Expo 2014 would like to thank the following sponsors: Jagermeister, Sailor Jerry, 2Evolve, Levis, Wildfire Tattoos, Primi Piatti and Red Bull.

Competition Time:

We have been given two tickets to the SATURDAY EXPO at this year’s 6th Annual Cape Town Tattoo EXPO – worth R100 each.

Simply comment below and tell us why you deserve these TWO tickets.

Winners announced on Tuesday, the 25th of February.


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  1. I’m about to get my first ink done and would love to see the amazing world of tattoo artists and their creativity first hand. Oh, and my BF is tattoo befok! 😉

  2. I deserve it as I LOVE tattoos, I know that sounds cheesy! but I also want to get my first tattoo and it would be awesome getting it done at the CAPE TATTOO EXPO. Also there are many great artists there who are doing the tattoos. ANd most of all the atmosphere and vibe there should be Incredible 🙂

  3. I deserve it because as much as I would love to go I am pretty much broke due to all my money going into my tattoo jar.

  4. I REALLY REALLY need these tickets.

    As an avid tattoo collector, i am so very broke from paying for these beautiful artworks on my skin, that i now don’t have the cash to pay for tickets to witness the amazing artist that will be at the tattoo convention.

    My slight obsession for tattoos has stemmed from my great grandfather who was nothing other than a royal British navy sailor. This being said, i managed to collect a total of 26 tattoos in the past year and half.

    I have a slight heart attack when i come across anything to do with tattoos.

    ALSO, this will be the FIRST tattoo convention i will miss due to the lack of funding i have, its the middle of the month and im so broke, its illegal to be this broke.

    PLEASE help an avid tattoo collectors dream come true, i made a promise to myself that i wouldn’t miss an expo but due to the enormous student loan and the bank basically knocking on my door, i am unable to find the funding in my pockets. I’m sure they will not accept pocket lint for a ticket, if they did i would pay with every pocket i could find.

    Plus, i will love you till the end of time… really i honestly will. I promise…. (note im begging on my knees as i type this.)

  5. hi…firstly i have procrastinating on getting a tattoo for years now. now that i have said i will finally get one, i cant seem to get it right in setting an appointment.

    its been months now…i feel if i go to the expo i will sit in one of the many artist chairs and endure the pain…bearing in mind i am a girly girl…

    please help and gift me the tickets…holding thumbs 🙂


  6. I recently had my first tattoo and the bug has bitten! I’d love to go check out what the latest trends in the industry are and meet the all the interesting artists who will be displaying their talent. Maybe I’ll even get my second tattoo while I’m there!!

  7. My boyfriend and I love tattoos and tattooing and we have both never been to the Expo before. It would be so rad to meet and talk to international tattoo artists, and hopefully get some new ink!

  8. I have been saving (trying) for my second tattoo for AGES! But everytime i get close to having enough cash something happens that just eats up all my money ie. car’s top head gasket blows (yay R12 500 later) or need to buy a new fridge because ours decides to start leaking gross brown gunk all over the kitchen floor…etc etc get the picture. Now AT LAST i have enough cash and getting it done at the expo would be too AWESOME! Having the choice of the best artists out there…what more could a girl ask for!!

  9. Hmm maybe because I’ve never won tickets before and maybe because its an absolutely AMAZING EVENT – that I’ve scraped my student pennies together to attend in the previous years to have had my mind blown. But mostly because I want to gift my Durbanite tourist tattoo enthusiast of a boyfriend with the most epic ink exhibition that Africa has to offer. I love the culture. I love the artwork. I love the talent and with a little bit of luck (cough cough not having to budget tickets) I would LOVE to maybe even get a little work done. I will like all the pages spam all the shares. Please oh pretty pleeaaase ♡

  10. Hoping to get ideas cause since my first tattoo in 2008 i haven’t been able to set my mind on anything & really want another one, two three…addictive 🙂

  11. I deserve to win as I am tattoo crazy. I’m also an artist and I love getting tattoos done. I have 5 tattoos thus far. I’d just love to be at the expo because its something I’m interested in doing for a living one day. It will be an experience of a lifetime

  12. I deserve to go coz I’ve never been to a tattoo expo and I’m a great admirer of tattoos, blah blah blah…

  13. For the love of art…I really would love to be part of this exciting event filled with loads of fun and beautiful people,Please give me the chance to be part

  14. Tattoos are all about planning and meaning. I have three, been planning my fourth for 2 years, and really want to compare my thinking to international standard

  15. I got a half-sleeve.

    After this I realised I had to keep gyming, even though I want to get fat and eat pies and cakes. I suffer daily, gulping protein shakes and making protein farts in mor small car whilst stuck in traffic.

    I suffer for this artform. Everyday.

    I deserve these tickets, ‘cos of the above.

  16. I got a half-sleeve.

    After this I realised I had to keep gyming, even though I want to get fat and eat pies and cakes. I suffer daily, gulping protein shakes and making protein farts in my small car whilst stuck in traffic.

    I suffer for this artform. Everyday.

    I deserve these tickets, ‘cos of the above.

  17. I got a new tat for my birthday last year October. It’ s sorta only half done and I would loooove to get one of these awesome artist to finish the second half of my tat.

  18. I got my first tattoo last year, and i really love it! Getting inked , is the best feeling ever and it’s putting art on your body which has meaning and it’s nice to be inspired by what tattoo artist in Cape Town can do! I definitely want to get another one, with a design that has a beautiful meaning and that is unique. By going to this event i will be super duper happy! Def, spread the word! 😉

  19. Heres the deal. I really want to attend the Tattoo Expo, but I am not working at the moment. I love attending the Tattoo Expo , its different but totally awesome. Its also my girlfriends Birthday on Friday and I would like to take her, since she has not been . It will be GREAT to go together since both of us want tattoos. Its also a great opportunity to network with different artist and see their work(tattoos are permanent and having the right artist is essential). Please make my wish come true.

  20. Each year the Expo gets better & better… I haven’t missed one tattoo expo since its been in southern hemisphere #SIX 6th year running 🙂 cumon give it to me 😀

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