Win Tickets To Shimmy Beach Club presents “All Hallows Eve “


Shimmy Beach Club, SA’s premier Beach Club, presents the biggest Halloween party in Cape Town on 31 October 2014.  The All Hallows Eve extravaganza will be a themed evening party of mystery and suspense at the glamorous lifestyle venue. Tickets are available for a four course meal including entrance to the club; or simply for the after party starting at 9pm.

For the evening, Shimmy takes a step back in time, into the dark era of London in the 1800’s. A mystery filled evening is planned in the elegant 220-seater restaurant.  Murder Mystery style-entertainment with special acts and spooky characters will keep you interested, while you enjoy a delicious four course meal off the new menu, launched on 1 October 2014. After dinner, top South African DJ’s Sox, Gareth Kenward, Branny B and several theatrical acts keep the party going until late.

Come dressed in the Neo-Victorian theme, for a chance to win an amazing prize – “Live the Shimmy Life” which includes a Mercedes Benz chauffeur pickup, a thrilling helicopter flight, dinner at Shimmy Beach Club and one night at an exclusive hotel nearby. For inspiration on dress code, look to Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd, or Sherlock Holmes.

Tickets are available at Computicket. Doors open at 7:00pm for the Murder Mystery meal which costs R450 per person (excluding drinks) with automatic entrance to the Hallows Party.

Computicket Sales for Hallows Party are R150 each, Doors open at 21h00. VIP Access for the Hallows Party costs R300 per person, including a VIP bar, welcome drink, an exclusive area to party and canapes.

Competition time:

What you can win:

The winner will receive:
– Free transportation to and from the event
– 2x VIP tickets to the Murder Mystery dinner (which also includes VIP entry to the Hallows Party)
What you need to do:

1) LIKE Shimmy Beach on Facebook: (Click here)
2) Follow them on Twitter: (click here)
3) Comment below with your full name and why you want this prize

Winners announced on the 27th of October

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Rumoured to have the blue-prints for Krang's TechnoDrome, stolen straight from Dimension X, he’s the type of guy who exudes so much coolness that he adds whole countries on Facebook at one time instead of just people. Always up for a party and a Tequila shot or two this is the guy who we always call first, both before and after a night out…


  1. I would LOVE to win VIP tickets to Hallows Eve at Shimmy Beach Club. I look forward to Halloween dress ups and festivities the entire year through and Shimmy is one of my most FAVOURITE summer party spots!!!

  2. Never have I experienced a VIP party and Shimmy Beach Club, what a place to take my “virginity”. Also because i haven’t had some pleasant fun in a while and being the elegant and stunning club Shimmy is,why not?!

  3. It’s my 23rd birthday TODAY (17th) and I’d like to celebrate that and Halloween in some serious style 😀 I love the Victorian era and style and being Sherlock Holmes’ apprentice/side-kick is my life’s ambition 🙂

  4. Aside from hitting a hard refresh thrice to find this link – my riddles are good and my party game is strong! There are also a few outfits waiting to be showcased. But i’ll leave you with this ( and take it to the party)…

    Riddle me this: A donkey behind another donkey
    I’m behind that second donkey
    But there is a whole nation behind me

    It is a murder you can describe in a word. What is it?

  5. ‘cos I am a frustrated CSI agent.. who desperately needs to get ‘her’ game on and to do this in an undercover way just makes the idea ROCK!!

  6. This is the most EPIC prize ever!!!!! I have always wanted to be apart of a murder mystery night so much so that for my birthday last year i wanted to plan a murder mystery themed party however i failed in following through with this and ended up having the worst birthday party of my life, I want this prize so badly that I would sell my boyfriend for it!! shhhhh don’t tell him.

  7. I’ve never done something like this and it has certainly been presented in an enticing manner. My partner will fall over!

  8. I want to win this prize coz I love partying and I love dressing up and coz I have never been to Shimmy Beach Club..I know!! I know!! where have I been all this time right?? lol…well after having a baby you turn your nights out for nights in lol

  9. I would love to win this prize and be part of this extravagant Halloween party and treat my love to an unforgettable evening

  10. My friend and I have never been to Shimmy beach club before and really want to go! The one time we were super amped and dressed to go, drove all the way there and it was closed for renovations :/ So this will be a great first! 😀 I might even do my happy dance 😉

  11. I finally landed an awesome new job after months and months of trials and tribulations! Think this would be the best possible way to celebrate it as well as all the good things that 2014 is still to bring!

  12. I would love to win this prize, a night of fun and adventure and dressing will be just what is needed and to be doing it at Shimmy Beach club will be mad, its been on the menu for so long that its overdue.

  13. Halloween is literally my favourite time of year! Dressing up is my things and I promise my partner and I will not disappoint. Cherry on top is that it’s at Shimmy which is amaze balls 🙂

  14. I would LOVE to win this…. it has been a really long year of ups and downs, and would love to go to my FIRST ever hallowween party… been living under a rock it seems!

    it will also be the perfect opportunity to party it up one last (and first in a long time) before my exams 🙂

  15. It’s my 23rd Birthday coming up 😀 (1st of November) and it would be a super awesome gift not to mension experience! I simply love going way out for such events! I love having loads of fun and meeting new people!

  16. Well just over two weeks and have already gotten all EXCITED for Halloween and deciding what to do the Friday evening!! (I’m already going to do some test runs on my make up this week coming up) I have been eyeing out this Shimmy’s event as have always wanted to do a Murder Mystery Dinner and even better get to dance the night away afterwards.

    Pretty much just bursting with excitement for Halloween to be here and want to have one amazing memorable night!

  17. I want to win the always brings it down, Shimmy is classy, elegant, fun and chilled. Last time I was there it was a HH party…it was macking afazing, I wanna feel that again. 🙂

  18. I am a grand duchess of Burlesque and this event will allow me to show off my spectactular outfit and to enjoy delectable delightful sins until the howling moon disappears behind the midnight clouds. To enjoy the tunes of the evening and to slide against some gorgeous morcels! XxX

  19. Its my Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! And I Absolutelly L.O.V.E SHIMMY BEACH CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Yonda Ndiki – As I was at the first official opening and then did J&B met after party and then Pop Bottles why not go all out and do the Halloween theme to start the summer festive that is to be and as Cape Town’s most graceful and talented entertained I will keep all knowing Shimmy Beach is best spot to relax and let be and let go and have a super time in the best city in the world with the best spot to party at in Africa.

  21. my Birthday is the 13th of Oct.. That’s halloween backwards..

    I’ve never been to Shimmy…

    I want to dress up like a prostitute and see if I can lure Jack the Ripper to expose him finally and reasure society that such gruesomeness shall never occur again

    Also, I love to dress up 🙂 and eat and play Cluedo

  22. I would love to win these tickets so I can spoil my amazing best friend for Halloween and because its our last year in Cape Town and what a place to spend Halloween but with shimmy beach club…. Please guys help me so that I can impress my friend who I hope one day of marrying…..

  23. win or not I will definitely be there. Shimmy beach epitomizes the definition of the Cape Town high life. Also the 31st is the official start to the #CoolKidsGuideToSurvingSummer and can’t think of a better way to kick it off

  24. I love flamboyancy and to rise through a state of avant garde is my calling indeed. I am most ardently intrigued by the dark era themed dinner and festivities to follow, hence my submission to the gate keepers of the “All Hallows location”.. Shimmy beach club…

  25. Winning these tickets would open up a new experience to a 1st time SHimmy Beacher and to show my JHB boyfriend that Cape Town has the most spectacular beach restaurants in the world……

  26. For the mistrey evening of dine and wining with the eves and Adams of this world…enjoying the ultimate beuty of cape town

  27. Shimmys is the Best club in CPT the experience I had there! Was royalty and I don’t mind doing it again

  28. Winning this prize would be ultimate awesome-ness
    Firstly I love shimmy
    Secondly I Love dressing up
    And lastly it’s my Birthday Month and I’m in party mode
    If I win it would be birthday month to remember forever helicopter ride, pick up, food, dress up, amazing people and venue, can I ask for anything more my life would be complete 🙂

  29. I want to win this prize because I AM HALLOWEEN!
    I’m notorious for going Over the top with dress ups on Hallows eve and I would just love to win some tickets to this event! Well done Shimmy for creating a big event for THE EVENT of the year! Looking forward to it!

  30. I came down to South Africa from America where Halloween is go big or go home! Im desperate to have a great time this halloween and have an awesome costume to prove it! This would be the best gift to me and my boyfriend to have a great dinner and great time at both of our FIRST TIME AT SHIIMMY BEACH CLUB! We were going to go the other night but the weather was too bad to sit outside! I need to win this prize and have never won anything in my life! It would literally make my day!

  31. I want to dress up. I want to wear a corset and have my titties made into a table. I want to get my murder mystery on. I want to act swanky and drink champagne. I want to channel Sherlock. I just want to have a freaking awesome Halloween at Shimmy!!

  32. I know shimmy beach club never disappoint so even this one is goin to be the bomb, i wanna be part of the bomb too

  33. My specialty is dress up 😉 and a little party never killed nobody 😉

  34. So I’ve never been to Shimmy’s yet and I’ve heard great things about it 🙂 and the theme is to die for 🙂 🙂 I’ve always wanted to go to an event with this kind of theme 🙂 the reason I’d love to win this competition is for a fun evening with cool people at the most hottest place around town and also I would like to surprise my bestfriend of 10 years for her birthday 🙂 :p if I won this would mean the world to me like seriously 🙂 and it would be a fun night and it would help get my mind off exam stress 🙂 a night to chill and enjoy myself and I loooooove dress up I mean who doesn’t 😉 a dress up party at the hottest place in town nothing could be better 🙂 <3

  35. Halloween will never be the same thanks to Shimmy Beach Club. I want to win this prize because not only will I come as the best Jack the Ripper ever, I’ll be dancing all night and Living the Shimmy LIFE! VIP style all the way!! There is nothing better than some murder mystery in the best club in Africa

  36. I would love to go to this event, because I know it is going to be amazing and Shimmy always makes their events stand out from the rest!

  37. I’d love to win tickets because I love costume parties and Shimmy has chosen an awesome theme for this year’s Halloween!

  38. I so badly want to celebrate Halloween, but it seems my friends aren’t too keen. I’m feeling all alone, afraid on the Eve of Hallows sitting at home with my own spooky shadows.

    My party mask lies in gloom, my solitary life, foreshadowing my doom. But lo and behold this Shimmy Competition, could surely become my new party mission?

    My enchanting mask fastened, dress and heels on, I lie in wait, hoping Shimmy Club will catch my bait…

  39. Imagine the scene: It’s a sunny/windy/rainy (who knows anymore) Monday afternoon, a young UCT student has just written an exam that went very badly because she decided to be intellectual and take a course named “the philosophy of art and literature” and couldn’t drop out when she realised it was a load of bullcripes because she had already boasted to her friends about how very intellectual she was.

    Her feet drag along the floor on the way to the bus as she realises that she has messed up her chances of getting on the Deans Merit List and her mother will throw her out, her boyfriend will break up with her and her friends will shun her.

    She opens up her phone to look if there is a single soul in the world who still loves her and, to her amazement, finds an email/text message/whatsapp/instagram tag/facebook message/tweet from you wonderful people saying that she had won tickets to this amazing event!

    Her boyfriend begs her to take him back, her friends realise she’s actually pretty fantastic, her mother sees that if she’s the kind of daughter who could win stuff then she must definitely still live at home (just in case she wins a kitchen makeover). And things are right in the universe.

    So, I want to win because Monday is really going to suck if I don’t 🙂

  40. I so want this prize as I missed my 40th Birthday, very disappointed as I was planning a MURDER MYSTERY DINNER for 50 guests. Finances did not work out according to plan, due to last minute strikes by the post office and moneys not being paid. I planned on having this DINNER on my birthday 13 September last month and as you are able to see I received my quote in July 2014. (Please see attachment below) Very disappointed that it never materialized. Was so heartbroken, I ended up not doing anything at all. Kids needed funds for school tour, + cricket tour, + school holidays and they wanted to go away with friends. The little money saved for my birthday was used on the kids. I would be the HAPPIEST LADY ON EARTH if I could still do a MURDER MYSTERY DINNER even if it is not with all my friends, but to experience such a mysterious, fun filled, adventures Dinner with my partner . . . . . THE 40th BIRTHDAY PRESENT I WOULD GIVE ANYTHING FOR!!!! “Please if there are any Guardian Angles out there, hear my prayer. I never ask for things like this, BUT really. . . WINNING THIS – 2x VIP tickets to the Murder Mystery dinner at the Shimmy Beach Club, for myself and my partner is – “A 40th BIRTHDAY WISH COME TRUE!”

    (proof of quote below)


    “Greed, envy, sloth, wrath, lust, gluttony & pride are each sufficient motive for the human predator to dive into the depths of depravity. To cure a victim of their life, centres the motive on the perpetrator. However mysterious or confusing the motive or modus operandi, it’s up to you to bring justice to this evil lot.”

    Welcome to the world of the “Murder Mystery”. This is NOT A FORCED SCRIPT READING SESSION OR BOARD GAME – this is DYNAMIC, LIVE, INTERACTIVE THEATRE.

    Standard Investment Estimates
    Murder Mystery for Private 40th Birthday Function
    Objective The session focuses on providing delegates with enhanced team awareness, and giving them energy, inspiration and focus for the future.
    Date & Time 13 September 2014
    Target Group Perfect for any team. Your expected team size is 50
    Venue a venue to be confirmed. We can recommend suitable venues for your event. Essentially any Restaurant or Venue with a private Dining area can be suitable for this event. We do also require a small private room where actors can change.
    Deposit Signature of the confirmation section below is required to confirm the booking. Transfer of 50% within 7 days of acceptance of this proposal is required to confirm the booking. No Cheques Accepted within 14 days of event.
    Cancellation Cancellation later than 21 days prior to event – Full deposit to be forfeited. Later than 14 days prior to event – Full fee to be paid.
    Payment Balance Make bank transfer 5 days prior to commencement of event. No Cheques Accepted within 14 days of event.
    Accommodation Client to cover costs beyond Johannesburg. R750 travel levy for actors.
    Travel Client to cover cost of any flights involved.
    Car Hire / Fuel / Tolls Client to cover cost beyond Johannesburg. AA rates to be charged.
    Murder Mystery (Live Actors) R16,500.00 excl VAT for up to 20 delegates, Thereafter R330pp. R750 Travel levy. Price includes Actors, Email Teasers, Newspaper release, Police Reports, Exhibits, Props & Materials, Special Effects Make up, Costumes & Booby Prize
    Requirements for venues out of Gauteng 5 return flights with a Kombi Hire for facilitators to get to & from the Airport. Accommodation for 1 night may be required. All of these can be arranged on your behalf at preferential rates.

    Confirmation of Booking

    Company Private Gauteng
    Name Tel:
    Position Fax
    E Mail Cell
    I agree in principle to the proposal and Costings set out above for the: (please √)
    Speaking presentation  Teambuilding  Coaching  Firewalk  Social 
    I hereby request that you invoice us for the above related services.
    VAT No. Required __________________________________

    Copyright is held on all conceptualisation and designs of activities and events detailed above.

    All Above Prices Exclude VAT & AA travel cost

    Travel costs only necessary if venue outside of 50km radius of Johannesburg. Accommodation for certain specialised facilitators may only be necessary depending on distance from Johannesburg and the lateness of their event.

    * some venues will not split weekends and require that both a Friday night & Saturday night are booked. Alternatively check in only on Sunday.

    these rates for venues are estimates only based on their current rates and are subject to increases unless a deposit has secured the reservation.

    No venues have been booked and venues are subject to availability. Bookings are only treated as confirmed when a deposit has been made.

    Bar estimates are based on a R45pp per meal estimate and extras would be charged if exceeded. However, Bar Bills can be limited on request and we recommend that certain drinks are restricted if budgets are constrained. Please allow us to assist you with suitable planning for this aspect of your event. The intention of a reserve is so that there are no unexpected costs that have not been budgeted for.

  41. I would love to go because shimmy has the greatest vibe and class. Plus I just love the neo-victorian theme.

  42. my reasons are pretty simply I have NEVER been to Shimmy yet and what better first time than “All Hallows Eve” would be AMAZING

    1. Like on Facebook as Candice Terblanche and on Twitter as @invisable_ct

  43. My name is Jacqui Cooks and I would absolutely adore to win tickets to the best dress up Halloween party in town at the hottest spot around! i love sundowners at Shimmys! Halloween is my most favourite holiday of the year and it also it coincides with my 1year anniversary with the handsomest man in the world. He loves dress up and theme parties as much as I do and this would be the greatest surprise I could give to him. Please pick me!! Thanks

  44. Shimmy is the best place to be and I will love to be there this Halloween, pls make it happen for me

  45. BECAUSE: “If human beings had genuine courage, they’d wear their costumes every day of the year, not just on Halloween.” Have never celebrated this holiday before but Shimmy never disappoints 😉

  46. We have randomly selected a winner:

    Well done to Sarah Armstrong.

    Please check your email.

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