Win Tickets To Easter Vortex – Parallel Universe

4 day Psychedelic Trance Adventure

✧ 1994 ~ 2014 ✧✧ 20 YEARS INTO THE VORTEX ✧

We are in our 20th year of creating parties and invite all beings of light, star travelers, truth seekers and rainbow explorers to fling open the doors of perception and to join us in a colourful psychedelic paradise… 3 nights and 4 daysof music and magic…. A journey to a paradigm of connectedness, boundlessness and limitlessness.
Become entranced and experience an alternative reality where we connect through play, love and dance.


Traveling through the psychedelic galaxy of our minds we enter a parallel universe.

✫Laughing Buddha (Nano~UK)
✫ K.i.M (GrasshopperRec~UK)
✫ D_Maniac (OneFootGroove~PT)
✫ Lost and Found (Hadra~DE)
✫ Flooting Grooves (Peak Records)
✫ Space Byrd (PsynOpticz~PT)
✫ Anestetic (OneFootGroove~PT)
✫ Headroom
✫ Broken Toy
✫ The Commercial Hippies
✫ Regan
✫ Shift
✫ Rabdom L
✫ Skragg
✫ Deliriant
✫ Dave Mac
✫ Technicolor
✫ Zezia
✫ Mark
✫ Bruce
✫ Rubix Qube
✫ Lester
✫ Biorhythm
✫ Plusminus
✫ Connecto
✫ Sonic
✫ Dala
✫ Silo
✫ Humerous
✫ Disco Volante
✫ Contra
✫ Skarab
✫ Sway
✫ Archain
✫ Absynth
✫ Portal
✫ Hysteria
✫ Soundproof
✫ Jamal Cader
✫ Josh Mac

~ The universe is infinite. In infinity we all become one ~

A magical new venue 120km from CT with 100 year old oak trees, green grass and a river flowing alongside the dance-floor. Join us in this natural wonderland and dance with the sky and the earth.

DIRECTIONS: From CT – Take N2 to Caledon. Turn right at the 2nd turnoff to Caledon into Hope St. Go through the town and travel for 20 km from the end of town on the R316 towards Bredasdorp. The venue is on your right. LOOK FOR SIGNS

GPS: 34°19’2.74″S 19°36’27.46″E


PRESALE AT OUTLETS: R 370 includes booking fee

GARDENS: Ashanti Travel Centre…Hof St…0214238721
CAPE TOWN: Ska …161 Long St…0214265025
KALK BAY: Ska…Main Rd…0217887437
CLAREMONT: Ska…Cavendish Link…0216711367
TABLEVIEW: Ska… Bayside Malll…0839543391
STELLENBOSCH: Gypsy……147 Dorp St…021 8867157
SEA POINT: Call-A-Pizza (after 5pm) + Extra Booking Fee…0214340818
CANAL WALK; Wild Fire Body Piercing Clinic…0215528929
HOUT BAY: TaDa Creperie @ The Boardroom…37 Victoria Rd…0217908132
NOORDHOEK: Namaste…The Milking Shed, Farm Village…0217891396
SOMERSET WEST: Old Skool Tattoos…Main Rd…0713455096
KNYSNA: Other World Tattoo…Oude Fabriek…0825147648


The gate price will drop on Sunday and Monday. Prices and times will be published just before the party.

Offering dome tents and luxury bell tents. Price range from R900 for 2 persons for the whole weekend. Contact Philippe at 0768803806 or email

A Donation Box for any items that you would like to donate will be at the gate.

INFO-LINE: (021) 531 2173



We have got two single tickets to give away to Easter Vortex.

Simply comment below and tell us which artist you are most excited for!

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Winners announced on the 8th of April


Rumoured to have the blue-prints for Krang's TechnoDrome, stolen straight from Dimension X, he’s the type of guy who exudes so much coolness that he adds whole countries on Facebook at one time instead of just people. Always up for a party and a Tequila shot or two this is the guy who we always call first, both before and after a night out…

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  1. Headroom for sure!!

    Hope one last party for before exams kicks in 😉

    EAT, SLEEP, STOMP Repeat (Joke no need to sleep and eat =P)

  2. It’s impossible to pick just one. I’d say it’s a toss up between Technicolour, Plusminus and Headroom!

  3. The person I am most excited to see is contra! I miss him as EMP, and haven’t seen him in ages. But will always love his music! His beats make me so happy, and I always find myself at the front of the dance floor during his set. I am obviously blown away by the line up, and excited to see all the internationals play! I have been on crutches for five months now due to an accident at rocking the daisies and my 21st birthday is on the 23rd of April. This means no big party for me, so I’m taking my birthday to vortex. I have finally mastered the art of stomping on crutches and would really love this ticket to make the experience ten times better! Easter vortex is my favourite party of the year and too stoked to be celebrating my birthday there and getting my ears spoilt with the best line up 🙂

  4. Well.. for me this is a very easy question.. after missing d_maniac twice before i would so very dearly like to see him smash killer tracks like thora stara and (es)CapeTown and obivously ..big black bird

  5. Super keen for Humerous cause he’s always got those funky beats and met him once after his set at Fiction and he told my sister and I that we had the best vibe while stomping to his set, also super keen for Commercial Hippies they were probably the first trance music I listened to and fell head over heels for trance from then on.

  6. Definitely has to to be Deliriant!, Technicolor (Mad Piper Vs Deliriant), Disco Volante & Broken Toy 🙂

  7. Broken toy defiantly, been soooo long since I last enjoyed stomping to good Trance.

  8. Looking forward to seeing K.i.M down for the 1st time in SA.
    D_Maniac is also on the top of my list.
    But I know all the sets will be kiff, 3 hour musical journey, Vortex parties are the best because of this.

  9. I declare the meaningful truth *:) the is so many so many of that I will not be able to choice one hars its truly unfair to the artists !!*♡♥ they all absolutly amazing if it was for them there wouldnt of beee an event like this ever !!!!#*) I salute and stand up for every artists that made this event possible!!!###:)* coming to the hard part decision making _***lost and found and of course technicolour ..I really want to be the choosen one!! MAKE ME THE CHOOSEN ONEE!! I NEED THIS EVENT LIFE!!

  10. I can’t wait for laughing buddy and headroom!!!! They’re going to be so freaking awesome!!!!

  11. Coooommmmentiing!!!!♥♥ #:)* technicolour and headroom they just fucken awesomeness !!!!*:)

    Give aome love to my people out there man!!!

    ***fucken awesome! !!!**

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