Win tickets to Easter Vortex featuring Avalon, SINERIDER, Divination & Future Frequencies




 Easter Weekend
26 – 28 March 201



That magical time when your IMAGINATION can run wild with a true psychedelic family gathering.
This is our Parallel Universe, our time to stomp to the beat in unison as we hurtle through space… the future unknown, but the present certain.

Take a journey with us into a psychedelic realm where we are all one force of energy, where time for 3 magical days and 2 nights will stand still in a celebration of life.
If your IMAGINATION allows it, it will be…

Easter Vortex 2016 features a carefully selected lineup of South Africa’s finest psytrance DJs, each one cherry picked to fulfil a very specific role in creating a journey on nonstop music for 52 hours.

Adding their international flavour are four live acts all chosen to bring an extra level of feel good vibes to 3 magical days and 2 mystical nights.

About Avalon

Avalon burst onto the scene more than 10 years ago with a brand of fullon daytime psychedelic music that literally turned him into one of the most sought after live acts on the global psytrance circuit. Sharing a label (Nano Records) with some heavy hitters (Tristan, LOUD, Symbolic) and having remixed and collaborated with many of the globe’s biggest names (of which he is certainly one himself), Leon Avalon is a firm favourite for South African stompers, no surprise considering his two No.1 selling albums on Beatport and numerous No.1 singles.

This prolific producer promises to unleash a brand new set at Easter Vortex.

Having played all the biggest festivals the global psytrance scene has to offer, we’re in good hands when Avalon takes to the decks.

About Sinerider

Brighton based Sinerider is synonymous with a massive morning daytime sound. A 24/7 Records artist, this gifted producer is able to create sublimely layered liquid psytrance that makes one want to throw your hands in the air and stomp with joy. The gifted producer represents a new breed of full on psytrance artist whose sound harks back to the origins of psychedelic trance music but with a 21st century twist.

About Future Frequency

Future Frequency is the progressive psytrance project collaboration from Avalon and Sonic Species. Combining these two masters of full-on, daytime psy into a progressive package means just one thing – groovy, twisty music for the afternoon sessions.

About Divination

Divination is a very new and very fresh side project by the supremely talented Dan Sinerider and is just one of several aliases this prolific producer creates music under. His newest project, Divination is set to surprise South African trance floors with this phat, chunky new sound.

Come travel through the psychedelic galaxy of our minds as we enter a parallel universe. 

An arena for consciousness, expansion, positive vibrations, inspiration, fun, spiritual paths, geometric art, dancing, smiling, laughing, loving and sharing. ♥ 


Win two tickets to Easter Vortex for you and a mate.

Simply comment below with your favourite on the line up.
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Winners announced on the 21st of March.

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  1. Avaalooooooon son. Please can I win there tickets so I can get my fairy shoes dirty infront of a legend. Easter and tequila will be handed out during his set. Let’s get loco ???

  2. Come now SINERIDER is playing can I even contain myself! Dan is a legend so he needs me there to rave the sh!t out of his set .

  3. Avalon! Been waiting for him to come back since last year when he played at Origin, what a seamless and expertly mixed set he played then

  4. Avaaaaaloooooon son…. Can you just picture me handing out Easter eggs and a water gun filled with tequila while his playing.. Wearing my dirty fairy shoes with the sun on my face!!! Ahhh I gotta go lol

  5. LOOOOOOCAL ACTS! POWER POWER POWER, this is going to be one crazy Easter!! 😀

  6. It has defs gotta be Avalon even after hearing him so many times. I just cant get enough.

  7. My favourite definitely has to be Scilab!! Powerful tracks from this amazing person!!

  8. Divination, and locals Headroom, Rubix Qube and Deliriant never disappoint!! It’s been a tough month and want to surprise the significant other with a ticket XD

  9. Sinerider obvs… That dude is gonna make the dance floor crumble… And I want to be there when it goes down!

  10. Its definitely Avalon, the opportunity to see him for the 2nd time would be absolutely insane and at my first ever easter vortex, it will definitely make for one sick psychedelic party, hope to see all you rad people at the circle of dreams #MyCityByNight #EasterVortex #LetsHaveAjol 🙁 🙁 🙂

  11. SINERIDER by far my fave!!!! Please make my dreams come true to see SINERIDER at Easter Vortex!!!!!!!!!???

  12. Future frequency
    Super amped
    Please hook us up so my fiancée stops bothering me about buying tickets
    Thank you

  13. Avalon! Super amped for this one!!! My one friends last party before he leaves and it would be magical to win these tickets! ?

  14. Future frequency!!!❤❤❤❤????? please please! Dying to go to this jol spoil my boyfriend a lil bit!!

    😀 too keen, can’t wait.


  16. AVALON!!!!! All Day!! Please be so kind and consider me for these tickets!!!

  17. Dear Mycitybynight , man oh man this Vortex is gonna be filled with psy and sun light!
    I am exceptionally excited for AVALON , the way he avalanches his music while playing live is gonna be a set that gets everyone to thrive! Thrive on the power of tunes, thrive on the power of that magical place, be one with all the elements and enter the Parallel Universal state <3

  18. Future frequencies….. And avalon… And everyone. Please let me go to easter vortexxxx

  19. AVALOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNN In my faaaaaaaaace. Super keen to see him live for the first time ❤

  20. So amped for EVERYONE on this line-up.. but especially Avalon, Headroom and Scamantrix!! Would be such a pleasure to win these tickets, please! <3 This will be my 3rd vortex, but my 1st easter one!
    P.L.U.R. <3 <3

  21. So hard to pick a favorite! I’ll say Avalon. Followed closely by Divination 😉

  22. After December vortex there is no way I can possibly miss out on this incredible party? last festival before I leave S.A and what better way to celebrate than at the BEST trance party in cape town !!!

  23. AVALON!!! All the way! Been waiting in suspense for him to come back to Cape Town! So keen to hear what he has in store for us this time! What a talented DJ! Vortex you fukking nailed it! As always! Big ups to you and mycitybynight!

  24. Super psyked for Archive(MMD records) can’t wait for this psychedelic journey?

  25. Killawatt is going to be sick! Hope I win so I can enjoy this awesome weekend 😀

  26. Can’t wait to reconnect with fellow souls whilst killawatt plays his magic to us !!!!

  27. I really want to take my girl friend to this vortex for our anniversary this would be amazing but we don’t have a lot of cash and it would be an awesome experience to enjoy this festival, I’m a winner hehe 😀

  28. All time local favourite: Mad Science!!! ? cannot wait to get filthy groovy to their mad beats at the best place in the world!! #keenbean ????

  29. Vortex Parallel was my 1st trance party and the 1st dj that got my feet stomping was Tune Raider so my loyalty is the one and only Tune Raider. I’m super excited for this amazing event with thee most amazing people, the vibes and probably the best foods. It’s the place to be 26-28 march be there or miss out.Trooper for life
    This party changed my life entirely and I will always be grateful because I met great people and even have close djs as friends now so thanks Vortex for this life changer. All my love and hope to win this comp. Xx

    1. DAve maz, rubix cube, brice, deliriant , josh mac and more man I really need to win these tickets

  30. As excited as I am to hear the amazing internationals, having never heard any of them play before, it’s the local line up that is the deal-sealer for me. Disco Volante, Absynth, Bernz and Dave Mac 😀 😀 <3

  31. It’s a killer of a line-up. All are brilliant. My all-time fav and would LOVE to see live – A-V-A-L-O-N. Wooo hooo

  32. All all ALL of the djs!!! But definitely Avalon ❤???? All kinds of love.

  33. Deliriant woooohooooooo!!!! I would really love to win these double tickets to go to vortex with my boyfriend I’m a huge trance junky it would be my first time ever to attend a trance party in my whole life as I never had the opportunity to go and it would be a great birthday present to me as my 22 birthday is the 21 March 2016 please choose me so I can experience one of the best easter weekends that I’ll ever have in my life #VORTEX2016

  34. Avalon!
    this will be my first Vortex and i really would love to go!
    love&light x

  35. Definitely RubiX Qube!! Never disappoints and keeps those thundering basslines and drops going?. Word of advice… Have a stretcher on standby? . Keep it boosting; LETS DO THIS!!

  36. Deliriant!!! he really know how to get a crowed to stomp. Deliriant is one of the best Psychedelic DJ’s… Deliriant always know how to keep the Troopers at full boost Can’t wait for another crazy Event Called VORTEX!!!! always been a pleasure partying with you guys.You Rock!!!

  37. This is will be my first South Africa trance festival sense I’ve moved back home and can’t wait to vibe out to Rubix Qube! Along side my best friend and love of my life who’s shows me the way to live life to the fullest.. Including trance ???✌?️

  38. Dj Bruce, the real king of psy never disappoints, and I highly doubt he will not shred your socks off for easter vortex 🙂

  39. Future Frequencies!!!!!
    Discovered their music the other night, quite sick beats!

    I really hope I win, its my birthday weekend! 😀

  40. Avalon – no doubt!! Would absolutely love to win these tickets as I haven’t had a good wiggle in months! X

  41. Avalon – to be straight up, we cant afford tickets so i would be so grateful if we won!

  42. Avalon!!!!!!!!!!!! gonna stomp the biggest hole on the dancfloor!!! cant wait ! never seen you live and would be great if i had a ticket, to the wonderful place! LETS GO!!

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