WIN Tickets To December Streets ‘Wild Heart’ Secret Garden Party Listening Session

WIN Tickets To December Streets 'Wild Heart' Secret Garden Party Listening Session

We’ve got something pretty special in store for all you December Streets fans out there this week. As you may well be very aware, December Streets have finally finished their new EP, Wild Heart and are super excited to see how we’re all going to react to their latest musical offering. They’re so excited to share, that they’ll be holding a super exclusive listening session in the form of a Secret Garden Party at their studios this Thursday 12th October.

That’s right, thanks to the love that we have for the December Streets, they’ve been kind enough to open this up to a small select crew of MCBN Late Night Alumni, so that you’ll be able to relax around the pool, sip on some g&t’s, enjoy a bit of a braai and have the chance of mingling with the band, while you get to hear the new work.

If you’re keen to buy the brand new single to familiarise yourself with what is surely going to be a Summer hit check out the link below:

Wild Heart download link on iTunes:

Competition Time:

If you’d  like to win 3 tickets to this very special event, all you have to do is comment below, letting us know:

  1. What your favourite December Streets song is
  2. What December Streets should use as a theme (content idea) for writing their next song (try to be creative here, who knows, they could end up actually using the idea)

The winner will be announced on Wednesday 11 October – good luck!

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  1. 1. Stay by me
    2. A neighbour silent feud where everyone tries to one up the others by getting better garden ornaments. (although that may work better as a music video. But who knows)

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