Win tickets to Bangers & m*a*s*h w/ Shortstraw, Veladraco, Grassy Spark & Young Hands


From three distant corners of South Africa, four bands come together to start the greatest jol to be been had in recent history.

Nestled high above the Karaoke Kingdom, these four bands will be as one to moisten your ears with the aural stimulation leading you to a climactic gush of sensual dancing.

From the velvety virtues of Veladraco to the youthful caress of YOUNG HANDS, the skanky swing of Grassy Spark and the salacious sounds of Shortstraw, this is sure to be a banger of a jol. Bring tissues.

Limited Presale Tickets: R80 (
Door Tickets: R100

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We’ve got tickets for you and 3 friends to the event.

Simply head over to the event page (CLICK HERE) and tag your three friends and include #MCBN in your post.

Winners announced on Friday 29th of July!

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