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Felix La Band Deaf Safari
“Deaf Safari is an audio collage of subjects that interest me and speak of the world I live in.
It is an album composed of sampled recordings from the media landscape that has been the soundtrack to my life over the last ten years.

The most important development in my current music and as can be heard on Deaf Safari has been my understanding of the beauty and power of the spoken word. I have experienced severe indifference to contemporary pop and electronic music as a whole over the last many years, as I have felt that social comment of any relevance has been ignored by music in general.
Deaf Safari attempts to bring sociopolitical comment into my music without taking any specific stand.
Sampled outside of musical influence directly from the news; from preacher sermons or from contemporary African documentaries.
I have finally created a story with sound that I feel accurately conveys my personal experience with the African world I live in.

Felix Laband_Jono Ferreira_Lexar

My musical influences on this album lie mostly with local Kwaito house. Deaf Safari is an experiment within certain boundaries of the 4/4 genre, to create my own South African “house” album.
I am proud and inspired about the South African Kwaito house scene.
However, as with my first three albums, “Thin Shoes In June“ (2001) – “4/4 Down The Stairs“ (2002) and “Dark Days Exit“ (2005), I am still interested in making strange and evocative music.

American Roots music from the earlier periods of the 20th century has deeply resonated with me during the making of this album.
The incredible field recordings by Alan Lomax of Negro prison and chain gang work songs, and the
beautiful early recordings of artists such as Leadbelly have had a major influence on Deaf Safari.

I am truly excited to release this album and to start performing in the music world again. It has been ten years since I released “Dark Days Exit , and although I have been purposefully absent from the music world, I have none the less never stopped making music.
I feel that I have finally arrived at a mature and challenging stage in my pursuit of making emotional music of relevance.”


– Felix Laband, 2015

To inaugurate the long-awaited release of Deaf Safari, Felix Laband’s latest album released by Compost Records on 29 May 2015, Felix Laband will be performing two unique live renditions of the album. The performance will include live visuals in collaboration with artist Kerry Chaloner.

Deaf Safari Album Launch – Cape Town Dates:

Deaf Safari Album Launch (Live show)
Friday 10 July 2015 – 9PM
Venue: The Space Theatre

Deaf Safari Album Launch (Live show)
Saturday 11 July 2015 -9PM
Venue: The Space Theatre

Deaf Safari Afterparty w/ Felix and friends
Saturday 11 July 2015 – 12PM
Venue: TBA

Deaf Safari digital album is now available to purchase online. The CD and 2-LP will be launched at the event.

Tickets available here:

Please note tickets are limited as it is a seated event in a theatre.

Tickets are R150.00 each.

Listen to snippets of Deaf Safari on Compost’s Youtube page here:


Stand a chance of winning one of two sets of double tickets. Simply tell us your favourite track from the album above.

Winners announced Friday, the 10th of July.

Good luck

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  1. Felix is my god and biggest inspiration! Although every song is a masterpiece on it’s own and it is hard to choose a favourite, I have to say my favourite is the dark and dreamy chant “Squeeze The Trigger.” Yoh, puts me in the happiest trance. I’m frothing to experience this sit down launch. Please let me in for my praise and worship.

  2. respect to the beat and respect to the content of the dialogue – felix always seems to stir my soul but more so with “righteous red berets” than most of the tracks on this album. it’s a prophecy of our future and our current state. sharing this experience in an intimate environment would let me be closer than ever before.

  3. tough choice between the”Im so high I swear i could” with the “ding dong thing” running close second…ah man… seamless intuitive delights that i havnt even digested yet!!! cannot WAIT! its been so long and I am soooo excited to hear the integrety with which he handles his albums-live and fleshy…how he treats the story and legacy behind his tunes is very excited girl for friday!!

  4. RIGHTEOUS RED is great, currently listening to my 1st Album of his I bought 4/4 down the stairs

  5. squeeze the trigger – i bumped into felix on kloof street a couple months ago and introduced myself, i randomly recognised him while crossing the road. starstruck.

  6. “squeeze the trigger” although “ding dong thing” is a close second… me me please pick me 🙂

  7. Wowwee!
    I am determined to attend this album launch on Saturday night. I fly back to Cape Town tomorrow. Been in the motherland, that is Zambia, for the past couple of weeks, replenishing my soul and playing Deaf Safari on repeat. Completely appropriate for my retreat to the farm with bright stars above and limited battery life.
    For an African audiophile such as myself, this album is a celestial concoction of political rhetoric, film snippets and a technicolor dreamscape.
    Each song comes alive through the fading out of the previous track, how could I single one out?!
    I have shared some love for the track “Getting Old”
    But that was before I heard the rest of the album, and I have equal love for “Squeeze The Trigger”
    Why? Because the curious sample comes form a 70s cult horror film involving some potent LSD. The film is called Blue Sunshine, and in my humble opinion, “Squeeze The Trigger” would be the most fitting closing track for the film!
    I love the connection that films and music can share over decades and continents, and that Felix brought this to my attention (once again) through the immaculate production of this song.
    Bestow upon me the honour of experiencing this live!

  8. Ding Dong Thing!!!! Aw, help a sister out with some tickets to experience some intergalactic, crazy music from Felix. We’ve beeeeen waiting for YEARS…

  9. Waited 10 years- he is in a different space and a different space.. just can not miss this cause the tickets are sold out! Help a gurl out 😉 x

  10. Waited 10 years- he is in a different space and a different place.. just can not miss this cause the tickets are sold out! Help a gurl out 😉 x

  11. This competition is stupid. How do you expect me to choose just one song? Favourite album of the year contender

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