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What’s better than a night out with the oaks? Yup, we thought so, not much and let’s be honest, nothing beats an epic Oaks’ night out – especially if you’re rolling with BACARDI Oakheart, your best mates and R8500 to do it with!

So then, want that chance?

Well here is what you okes need to do:

In the comments section below, tell us how you and your Oaks would paint the town all kinds of red and we could make it happen. We’re talking about going big, going all out, going where no Oak has gone before!

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Don’t forget to check out all the T&C’s and competition rules below!

Terms & Conditions:

• This competition is only open to South African citizens over the age of 18 years.
• An entry, containing a South African location and planned activity, needs to be submitted as comment on the relevant blog post on MyCityByNight and @TheBacardiBat followed on Twitter.
• Your entry (i.e. the proposed night out activity) may not promote drinking and driving or any other irresponsible or negligent behaviour. Keep it clean.
• A maximum of one entry per reader may be submitted.
• The starting date for the competition is Monday, 17 February 2014. The closing date is 2 March 2014. No entries outside of this timeframe will be considered.
• Official representatives of MyCityByNight and BACARDI Oakheart will select finalists and winners. Their decision is final.
• The R8 500 prize money will be applied by BACARDI or their appointed agency, Cow Africa, to pay for accommodation, transport, food, drinks and other fees required for the activity specified in the winning entry.
• A maximum of R8 500 is available. Should the activity specified be more expensive, the winner will be liable for the extra costs.
• The prize is not transferable for cash.
• BACARDI Oakheart and MyCityByNight will not be held responsible for any health and/or safety issues resulting from the winner’s planned activity. If any harm is incurred, BACARDI Oakheart and MyCityByNight share no responsibility. Have fun, but please be responsible.
• If you win, you agree to take photos of the sponsored activity and to send these to BACARDI Oakheart to be used for promotional purposes.
• BACARDI Oakheart reserves the right to cancel the competition at any time, should there be reasonable circumstances beyond their control.

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  1. Considering this heat wave we’ve been having, a yacht party would be in order! R8500 means a spend of just over R700 per person if you were 12 people. Friends would gather at the V&A (dropped off by a cab or friend). The yacht would leave the harbour just before sunset so that we could view the sunset from the ocean. Snacks would be available and drinks by Oakheart flowing!! Good music, good friends, good food, good wine – A recipe for a night to remember!!

  2. I’d have to say since I’ve never been… To start the day off abit of shark cage diving in the a.m includes breakfast and lunch 😉 thereafter I’m guessing a nice freshen up and off to mavericks for a nice laid back supper and a few drinks, not too much painting of the town, but we’ll get to see sharks and beautiful babes all in the same day! What more could you ask for!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Firstly it would have to be beach vibes so dinner and a few drink in camps bay would be suffice and then the oaks and I go bar hopping in long street not leaving a club without having a shot! That’s not all! The oaks are going to be a looking for a little fun for the eyes so we will end up at Mavericks awww yeaaaah after the oaks and I have enough drool to make a swimming pool we head off to shimmy beach club just go utterly crazy!! Make our way to table mountain up the cable car 😉 get the oaks to check the view of the beautiful mother city..are we allowed to paraglide down there? That’s in pipeline maybe then the oaks and I will go paragliding of signal hill 8) when the night time kicks in and the oaks are going to look for food again we stop at V&A waterfront get the oaks awake and ready to take on the night..head off too loop night club just party like it was all just a dream..:)

  4. What’s more South African then having a braai?

    But not just any braai, 10 of your best oaks braaing at a Clifton penthouse while overlooking the sea.

    That’s how you kuier with your oaks. Braai, good tunes, a drink and the smell of cooking meat.

    Its not about what you do, is about the oaks you spending with.

  5. Well rugby season is starting now, so what better way to spend the day with the lads that in a box at Newlands. After the game our hired van and driver will be waiting to take us to a party venue out near Cape Garden Centre where our tents will be set-up with the skottel braai going for our dinner. We can all have a dip in the pool before the DJ kicks off to take us through to collapse time. Breakfast at the venue in the morning before we’re all collected to head home or a final Bacardi at a beach venue. Perfect recovery!!

  6. Will start off by making sure none of the Oakes will have to drink and drive avoiding any broken Oakharts in the Mother city. Once that is settled all the Oakes will head to Waterfront for a sunset cruise Pirate style sailing the seven seas in search of long lost treasure with sails falpping the in the wind.
    Once back on dry land and full of songs filled with plunder and pleasure the Oakes will head to Carne to satisfy their manly appetites for the best steaks on offer. Now that all the Oakhearts are content it is time to head over to The House of Machines for some swashbuckling and beers. With all the Oakes now well versed in art of bravado and pockets filled with treasure is time to head over to Mercury Live for ear bleeding live music celebrating local talent and breaking down all the Oakes dance moves.

  7. Being from JHB, i feel like the guy who came to a party dressed formally – only to find out we were partying on the beach, with a bonfire, and Bacardi Oakheart. Sigh.

    So although I don’t have a Clifton Penthouse, the Camps Bay Strip or a Super Yacht with 360′ degree views at my disposal, my idea will hopefully knock the steel woolen texture off your back hair…

    Ok – 10 buddies taking a hike through the Magaliesberg. (Tea Break) Said buddies, camping there over night (tea break) Feasting on the fruits of our labour i.e. catering. (tea break) Smoking hubbly over a bonfire (tea break) maybe going for a late night skinny dip (tea break) ending the night off in a cabin made from Indonesian bamboo. Although some may end up sleeping on the grass. Whatev’s.

    This will be repeated the following day..perhaps with a hangover but GEES nonetheless. Also, a spot of fishing! We may also confess to each other (after a few bottles) the undying love we have for one another.

    You get the point.

    P.S. tea breaks are a code word for Oakheart sessions, shhhhh.
    Over and out.

  8. Me and few mates would use the cash to mosey on down the the Alien Safari – Masqued Ball near Gordons Bay, seeing as we are located in Eastern Cape, the money would go towards tickets and transport. Get super messy and have a blast on the beach to the sweet sweet sounds of EDM bliss. Quite simply i need the money so me and my mates can EAT, SLEEP, RAVE, REPEAT!!!Bacardi & MyCityByNight, this is one Brotrip you need to finance!

  9. Right, you ready for this. R8500, let’s go: 2pm: Lunch on a private yacht in Camps Bay with a couple cold bezzas. 5.30pm: After being transported by limo, take the Cable car up Table Mountain with sundowners and snack platters at the top. 8.30pm: descend Table Mountain in the cable car again and travel via limo again to Seargent Pepper in Long street for dinner. 10.30pm: get chauffeured by our awesome limo driver, Ranjeed, to Caprice where we party the night away. Awesome.

  10. Suns out guns out, so we’ll start the day off with a bit of paintball. Get the adrenaline going, let off some steam with a couple of man size battle wounds. Then take a yacht out to Clifton to anchor, play some tunes, catch a vest tan, have a dip. Then off to dinner and drinks at Shimmy Beach Club to keep the party going. This would be a treat.

  11. Ok Chaps – Tally ho!

    Most importantly – and before setting out explaining the ultimate painting the town red session: The meaning of the phrase ‘to paint the town red’ ought to be considered: To ‘engage in a riotous spree’.

    One of the original stories behind the phrase is pretty cool, check it out:

    So, in going big, going all out, and going where no oak has gone before, we propose the following:

    Firstly, one does not simply paint the down red or embark on a riotous spree.

    One has to be properly dressed in fitting attire. In this case, ‘dapper’ and ‘distinguished gentleman’s dress’ in red would be suitable. We are talking red bowties. Red suspenders. Red bowler hats. Red tweed. Red belts, and the like.

    Secondly, the scene is the mother of all places to paint red: Cape Town.

    Thirdly, this momentous spree will take the following form:

    1. 9 Holes of Pub golf (dressed as above), using 9 selected pubs in Long Street as our golf course. The oaks will have one designated drink per pub/hole, and each hole/pub has a distinct drinking rule which, if not obeyed, will result in a penalty drink for the offender. The rules will be made available to the oaks for 5 minutes to study before we start. The winner of the pub golf will receive a generous prize: A T-shirt painted/spray painted by the oaks of course!

    2. After completing our round of pub golf in proper form (and this will be organised and booked in advance), the oaks will board their awaiting carriage: A red double decker party bus which will then allow them 3 hours of driving around and painting the city a wonderfully party-ish red colour.

    3. After this, the bus will drop the oaks at their designated hotel/lodging in Sea Point where two rooms have been booked for them. After washing off the afternoon’s “paint” and freshening up, who knows what might happen (or be painted!) either in the hotel rooms or further out and about in town on foot….

    However, it might be along the following lines, and follows the original ‘paint the town red’ story:

    Coming it strong with a Spree and a spread,
    Milling the day-lights, or cracking the head;
    Go it ye cripples! come tip us your mauleys,
    Up with the lanterns, and down with the Charleys:

    If lagg’d we should get, we can gammon the Beak,
    Tip the slavies a Billy to stifle their squeak.
    Come the bounce with the snobs, and a [blank] for their betters,
    And prove all the Statutes so many dead letters.

    Thanks for a great competition idea guys, we hope we get it for it will truly be a “painting” session with the oaks of epic proportions!

  12. My Oaks and I would paint the town red by first going to the rugby at the Stadium, watching the Sharks beat whoever they are playing on that day, then off to a divine dinner at Moyos Ushaka followed by virgin cocktails at Piatto and then a nice drive home stopping at our local pub for a nightcap of non-alcoholic beer. No drinking and driving, that is taboo in our circle. We have more fun without alcohol.

  13. First we will hit Shimmy Beach Club before sunset with some Barcadi of course for sundowners Then we hit Mavericks because boys will be boys and finally we hit the club 31 with the best view of Table Mountain while to savour our Barcadi.

  14. A yacht party with my close friends would be awesome, from V&A to Camps Bay and have a party while sipping on some Bacardi. Food, drinks, music and don’t forget good company! this party will be the best in Cape Town as there will be no driving around. So pick me as the winner and let’s party in the Mother City like Royal Oaks!

  15. Can anyone say ROADTRIP!!!!! Time to head off to an amazing place in the transkei!!! Maybe coffee bay ….. Leave early in the morning, motorbikes, surfboards in tow! Have a mad weekend away with a little bacardi arouns the braai every night, sounds like the perfect weekend, outdoors in the day and a little party in the night time!!!

  16. Aaahhh, start the afternoon of on a yacht with some snack & wine. By late afternoon we’re off getting some supper on Clifton beach (prepared by Cafe Caprice) with all the trimmings. Before hitting The Grand, mates & I turn it up by attending a massive street party – music, live well known local acts, food & drink… aahh yeah. All this done in style.

  17. R3000.00-Accomodation at the Dolphin Centre in Mozambique.
    R3000.00-Transportation from beautiful Durban to stunning Mozambique.
    R2500.00-For jolling on Ponta do Oura’s coast.

    Look on everyone’s face when the see the pic’s from my epic holiday compliments of BACARDI Oakheart ***FREAKN PRICELESS***
    Boyaaa thats how you paint another country red

  18. Have a wicked party paint the town red but first supper on a yacht with my mates then take a cab to long street hit the clubs and get wicked.

  19. Kick off by checking into a suite at Lagoon Beach Hotel. Best views in Cape Town. Drinks turn’t up….. Our limo arrives to whisk us off to The V&A Waterfront to board a yacht which is where we will braai as the sun goes down. Yacht docks, we’ve changed into our party gear, and we spend the night making appearances at all of Cape Towns A-list clubs…. Bacardi on tap hahaha!! Limo takes us back to our suite to end off the most epic night ever with the oaks!!!! THAT… how you paint Cape Town red. Bacardi style babay….

  20. will kick of the night by checking in to a suite in Sandton with my gals, a hired party bus will arrive to drive us around Joburg as we will attend various parties and clubs, go crazy and paint the town red, enjoying Bacardi cocktails all around and just basically enjoying life. YOLO

  21. This one is easy

    1stly this would def have to be a boys night so lets make it 4 max. So lets start off with a limo ride in and round the mother city, with the car obv stocked with bacardi and mix then we would get dropped off at HQ for a mans steak dinner. Then end the night off at a club with bottle service (bacardi of course) where we would invite a lovely bunch of ladies to indulge in the smoothness that is bacardi oakheart. Hopefully making it all the way through the night and watching the sunrise with our beautiful dates on camps bay beach maybe even run over to caprice for a little breakfast if the night allows us!!

  22. I rate starting off with a pub lunch at either Forries or the Waterfront, then depending on the time of the gaem, mozzy on down to Newlands for a Stormers game with the lads. After the game, head back to town, where we will hit some clubs in the area. Little bit of Fiction, maybe Coco, etc.

    If there is no game at the Newlands, hit up a cruise with a braai, head back to the harbour, slip into Ferrymans or Mitchell’s to watch some rugga or football, THEN go large in one of our awesome clubs in the City.

    Typical SA vibe, braai, sea, sports, clubs and Bacardi Oakheart.
    In it to win it

  23. Whats better than a roadtrip with your best friends? My friends and I love doing roadtrips to random places and party with the locals and meet new people! how awesome will it be to get a vintage mini van and do an insane roadtrip with lots of Bacardi and having the best time of your lifes! This experiences are much better than a normal night out in cape town! Getting the best memories from a roadtrip! and i know you guys wont disagree.

    Peace and Love


  24. Just because I’m a girl, doesn’t mean that I can’t party as hard as the boys. That’s pretty much what makes myself and my crew of friends so awesome…we’re diverse and all the same amount of crazy party animals.
    Since we’re in Cape Town, it’s only natural to take advantage of the sun and our beautiful city…and what better way than to spend it at Waterfront (It’s a huge tourist attraction for a reason). We’d start at Mitchell’s with a couple of Old Wobblys, before catching our boat that takes us out to the water, where we will have some drinks and a table of all kinds of fingerfoods and some music to get the party going. Party on a boat, yes! Living the high life!…we’d end off the evening (after heading back during the sunset) at Shimmy Beach Club for some great food, drinks, dancing and fun.

    Perfect full day with lots of sea, sun and good friends.

    1. Well, being that I live in the greatest city in SA, Durban. We’d start off with a delicious lunch at Moyo uShaka with some of my mates, after that we take a trip to the harbour and board a late afternoon yacht (a nice one fit for a great party) load the yacht with some snacks, booze good music and my best mates and set off for a party night out at sea. On board the yacht would be a photographer to take all those great pictures of us living up to our R8500’s worth.
      To end it all off, once we’re safely back on land, we’ll take an Uber to a BP garage, fill up on pies and coffee and head home.
      Memories definitely not to be forgotten!

  25. Two words.. Pub Golf!

    Here’s how it goes, you choose between 9 – 18 clubs/bars(Holes) within walking distance of each other.
    Each club/bar(Hole) is given a Par number (ie. The number of sips you have to finish your drink.)

    Add to this good mates, an official ‘kit’ to be worn by everyone and a prize-giving at the last club/pub(Hole) with a trophy and blazer (Because this will be the drinking equivalent of the Masters) for the winner and you have one unforgettable night!

  26. As any boys night should begin… playing poker and sippin’ on that Oakheart and coke.
    (Only way to play poker like a boss, is to suit up!)

    Keeping it classy – head over to a fancy restaurant chauffeured in a limo (or real nice ride) to lace the stomach up with some of that fancy food.

    Before losing our human aliases, heading into a telephone booth and changing into superhero costumes. (This is where things get messy.) Walking down long street bar hoppin’ and “impressing” people with our superhuman drinking abilities (or lack thereof).
    The last superhero standing will finally settle the age old debate of which superhero is the best!

  27. I don’t have much to say as I don’t know what boys likes as “having a good time” all I know is that they likes to get f…. Up drunk and “breaking the place down” soooo.. I would like Bacardi and MyCityByNight to give my boyfriend’s brother in law a helluva big Bachelor’s party that he and his friends will never ever forget either on a boat with lotz of booze and fun or maverick’s and lots and lots and lots of madness 🙂 🙂 either way I just want them to have an absolutely awesome time, cause they really do deserve to have a memorable night that they will never forget.

    Fingers cross 🙂 🙂

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