Win The Ultimate GANGS OF BALLET Experience With Tsogo Sun & MyCityByNight


Tsogo Sun and MyCitybyNight are giving one lucky reader the chance to win the ultimate Gangs of Ballet rockstar experience! The prize includes two tickets to this Sunday’s Gangs of Ballet Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concert, a night’s stay at the Southern Sun Newlands hotel and a meet & greet with the band at the hotel after the show.


To enter drop a comment on this post telling us why you’re the ultimate Gangs of Ballet fan.
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Competition closes on Friday 20 March at 12:00

Beatenberg & Gangs of Ballet perform live at Kirstenbosch Gardens on Sunday 22 March at 17:30.

Rumoured to have the blue-prints for Krang's TechnoDrome, stolen straight from Dimension X, he’s the type of guy who exudes so much coolness that he adds whole countries on Facebook at one time instead of just people. Always up for a party and a Tequila shot or two this is the guy who we always call first, both before and after a night out…

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  1. Love their style and their ambience! Would love to see them at Kbosch! Nudge nudge Kreggy!

  2. I’m the ultimate fan, because I had the time to think do a little poem that expresses the way I feel. So here it goes:

    Yes/No/Grey is an Album by Gangs of Ballet, That simply just makes me not want to listen to Dré!
    With Tsogo Sun, I’ll promise I will be big fun.
    Loving every moment at Kirstenbosch, I’m sure to feel like a boss!
    Listening to the sounds of Gangs of Ballet, I’m sure your day’s guaranteed to be gay!

  3. Love the Whole Gang, excuse the pun – Hardus de Beer, Brad Klynsmith, Jonathan Rich & Josh Klynsmith. Love there music a mix of electronic, alternative rock and dance. They won MTV MAMA & have 5 SAMA nominations. This would be super awesome 🙂 <3

  4. OMG I adore Gangs of ballet! I absolutely love their uniqueness in their singing & their music…the kind of music you can never get bored listening to over and over!!

  5. I’m not their ultimate fan. But I am a nice guy though and I like some of their music

  6. Saw these guys in action last year, and was immediately converted as a fan for life! Love their music, and their energy. And what better stage than the beautiful gardens!?

  7. Gangs of Ballet is very talented and oh so cool
    I must close my mouth not to drool
    To meet and greet the band members
    Will be a day in my life I will always remember
    To stay over I the Souther Sun Hotel
    Will end the day perfectly well

  8. My Bf and I first saw them at Kirstenbosch two years ago… fell inlove with them. Followed them to RTD, Synergy and any club event. I need this prize, it’s the perfect 3 year anniversary gift with our favourite band.

  9. To be able to say “Hello Sweet World” to “Warm Skies” and “Hurricane” free weather at Kirstenbosch as Gangs of Ballet begins “Breaking the Silence” at the Summer Sunset Concert. We’ll all praise their lyrical geniousness and musical brilliance thanks to My City By Night and Southern Sun. I love this band and knowing that we are able to breed talent like this makes it easy to be Proudly South African.

  10. These guys are amazing. I remember going to watch them in jhb and they arrived in a bakkie. All crammed in. Gear and all. Unknown. Now theyve quite literally taken over the south african music industry. I go see them every chance i get

  11. Love Gangs – really really good live – they are so talented and I enjoy their inspiring music – true musicians in every sense ! They rock!!

  12. I can literally dance to every one of their songs, even the slower ones and I can sing them in tune while I dance. And an added bonus, I can play some of their songs on the piano! Yes/No.Grey is my drive home after work music. Seems to do the trick after a long day of work. And this band – one of the best live bands around. #ultimatefan #nogroupievibes #gangsofballet #durbanite

  13. is the fact their music is rad not a good enough reason? okay. Love their original style of music and so good to sing with to, even if you can’t sing. Perfect way to end the weekend after a hectic study grind. I’d love to see them live!

  14. I am the biggest Gangs of Ballet fan. I’ve been to all of their Durban gigs and I own their EP and album and it plays in my house everyday on full blast. When I met them I totally freaked out at the fact that I got a signed CD and a T shirt and they remembered my name 10 minutes later. I cried during H’s last gig when he said farewell to the band. I would love to be at this concert and see the Gangs of Ballet three piece perform. It would be the best ever. They are my favourite band and I love them. Their music is NY happy place.

  15. My boyfriend is a DJ and his first love is music and he would love to go see this band live

  16. Pick us please! Originally from PMB now living in Jozi but going to be in Capetown to celebrate our anniversary on Sun! We love your stuff and it would be totally amazing. So pick us. Please

  17. I’m the biggest Gangs of Ballet fan because I absolutely adore their music and never miss an opportunity to tell people how great their music is. Now being a black person and to be into this kind of music is an act that causes many to shun me, but I don’t give a crap, I play yes/no/grey as loud as I can because I’ve honestly never heard more greater music come from a South African band even if it cause black people to look at me as if I’m crazy and think me strange. Ps…..”Love is on its way” is shear science!!! What a game changer!!! Gangs of Ballet even influences the music that I make now believe me when I say THE IS NO GREATER GANGS OF BALLET FAN THAN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Gangs of Ballet is the epitome of South African tallent and I love that they are an international standard band that has managed to maintaintheir own beginnings.

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