Win A R2000 Hamper From Cotton On Active Range (COAR)


Fancy winning a Win A R2000 Hamper From Cotton On Active Range?

Well then, we’d like to introduce to you Cotton On’s first dedicated venture into the world of Men’s athletic fashion, COAR. Engineered to fit and utilising the latest in tech fabrics, COAR has been designed for every man, from the high performance athlete to the everyday fitness junkie. COAR is all about fitness, health and fashion.

The COAR range is available in selected Cotton On stores which include: The Pavillion; Canal Walk; Sandton City; Cavendish; Rosebank Mall; Mill Square; Cradlestone and Hemingways.

We have put together a COAR hamper containing various products from the active range such as performance and active tees, a pair of performance sprint shorts, performance jogger, an active tank and a COAR backpack, valued at approximately R2,000.

 Competition Time:

If you think you have what it takes to win this, then simply comment below and tell us why you deserve this hamper worth R2,000.


Winners will be announced on the 20th of March


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  1. I am a very active person and am always looking for cool active gear so yes please I deserve this 🙂

  2. I deserve to win simply because I’m in ultimate lazy bum mode and If i were to win this amazing gear i would absolutely never be able to resist wearing it and working these rolly-pollies off 🙂

  3. Would really dig this as most of my training stuff is pretty dilapidated and apparently these days you need to look fresh when you train! 🙂 FTW!!!

  4. I think I need to take my training gear more seriously and not just the old football shirt and shorts that accompany me on my routines…so hook me up with the upgrade so I can look the part as well.

  5. i need some serious motivation to get back into gym and fitness, and i rate some new threads will give me some motivation to get my ass back into gear lol

  6. Entered… Help a brother look styling while pounding those pavements please…

  7. I love running, walking, and hiking, and I’d really love to win this hamper. My workout clothes mostly consist of old t-shirts. How sad!

  8. Well…
    I am still running in the same shirt(s) I wore to my Gr8-12 cycle tour (2003-2007)…with holes and everything. So some new gear would be great.

  9. I changed my whole life around last year! After 13 years of obesity I decided to start eating balanced and healthy and started to live an active life! I gym 5 times a week, I do official walks and swim and play squash and zumba and hike and now also want to start cycling! I already lost 51kg and now im working hard to lose the last bit! I work very hard and now love to be healthy, active and strong! And I finally have my life back again and I LOVE myself and I LOVE life and that is why I deserve this

  10. I used to run all the time, but holding down two jobs and studying took it’s toll and I let myself slip for 2 years. This December I dusted off my trainers and got back into the swing of things, committing to 3 21km races in 3 months, starting with this month’s West Coast Half marathon.

    I’m fit, I’m feeling great and I’ve beaten my previous 5km goal, getting it down to 22 minutes.

    This prize will be perfect reward for getting back into fighting fit form.

  11. I don’t need to win this, but my boyfriend CERTAINLY does! He is convinced all his clothes have SHRUNK in the wash- but i know it’s because he needs to start training!! #noexcuses

  12. I am just starting out my fitness regime. I am new to the game and would use the hamper with gratitude as it will get the ball rolling.

  13. Im the stellenbosch university first team rowing captain. I train 3 times a day in the second most energy expensive sport in the world. 5 hours of sleep is all you need.

  14. I would really like to win this prize for my wife because she has not bought clothes for herself for a while now. She only spoils our kids. I would really like this prize as agift to her.thanks

  15. Over the last year and a half I have lost weight I never thought I would be able to lose by being active and eating correctly. I have also dropped jeans sizes, fitting into a 32, something I have never been able to do. Most of my clothes active clothes are too big for me so I kind of need this hamper!

  16. I deserve this hamper because all my gym clothes are very old and in bad condition and prices these days make it very difficult to replace or renew items so please let me have this awesome hamper.

  17. I really want to start getting into shape but exercising in jeans and hoodies isn’t exactly the best way of doing things, winning this would help a lot as I wouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable working out:D

  18. My Daily Routine:


    And to be honest I’m really tired of breaking my clothes doing these sports, If I win this, I’ll at least know my clothing would last a lifetime! 🙂


  19. Why I really really need this amazing Cotton On Active Range hamper because… I’m committed to fitness, performance and style. The world is my gym and the Cotton On Active Range would put me on the best dressed list 🙂

  20. Loved and shared on facebook, I would love to be able to buy new gear for myself as I head into a new journey this year

  21. I am an everyday athlete! It’s not about applause or competition, it’s about winning against the odds, it’s about little victories agains the barriers life builds against you.
    I am an everyday athlete!

  22. This would be an awesome gift to give my man, he has put his mind to getting fit and has been gyming and running, I so impressed at his dedication. Most of his current gym and excercise kit is worn out and doesnt fit anymore, this would be such a welcomed gift!

  23. I love to exercise and i do so everyday.. This would be the ultimate way to step up my game in the gear department, as being a student and all there’s few opportunities to grab some new workout gear. I love cotton on and would love the threads even more. Hook me up please 😀

  24. The reason I should win this hamper is because why would you want any of these other people to be seen wearing the clothes.

  25. I absolutely love cotton on’s wide variety of clothing, from sports to sleeping gear! my new years resolution is to lose about 10kg before june so I’m constantly at the gym, getting back into shape. A brand new wardrobe would be PERFECT to make my goal become a reality 😀

  26. Hello, I believe i need to win this hamper as it will greatly improve my success rate on finding treasures. You see i am constantly on the hunt for treasures, ever since i was a child. I have recently saved up enough money to buy the weapon of choice – See image here – there is no doubt now that i have the tools the only thing holding me back is my clothing. Just last weekend i was on a treasure hunting mission in the hills of sir louries pass – checking old ancient pathways for things that may have been dropped thousands of years ago – The baggy clothing i was wearing got caught on a incredibly sharp thorn tree – Both my shirt and pants were stuck and would not move. i literally had to take the shirt off and the pants off and walk all the way to my car in my underpants s and socks and shoes, which i can confidently say is not really a good look. 2 separate groups of people saw me, 1st group thought i was a Homeless person and gave me R10 second group was a group of girls that saw me from afar and just ran away – so i assume they thought i was a treasure hunting rapist or somethings. So please MCBN give me new threads so i can find my treasureâ�¦ i need it.

  27. My best mate lives in CT and all he talks about is the amazing outdoor lifestyle and culture… he kite surfs, runs, plays cricket on the beach and is forever looking to promote his image and look the part… please give me the voucher so he can look as well as feel great whilst being active in and around CT

    Thanks for the comp

  28. I would really love to win this. This would make my day if I won something like this. I recently lost weight and would love to stock up on a fitting closet. I see so many gorgeous things at cotton on. I could get lost in their shop for a lifetime if I had the money I would buy their whole shop. Their quality of clothes is amazing.

  29. I would like to win this for my husband, who is going to be a daddy soon. I think that he needs to gear up for the occasion and look good, instead of looking run down with the lack of sleep that baby will be causing.
    If the man looks good, he will feel good and I will have great support from him then.

  30. Then again, I could do with new workout gear, for when I get my body back into shape after baby is born… my current gear, doesn’t fit anymore!

  31. Well first of all I’ve been following mycitybynight for awhile now so I think im pretty eligible for the prize haha, Im a pretty active person, I study and gym in the CBD (CPUT/VA wembley square represent) living the urban lifestyle, would be great to win the voucher so I can upgrade my wardrobe to fit the part as well.

  32. I deserve this hamper because I don’t want to look like Jonah Hill pre ‘Get Him to the Greek’. That would be Superbad. *grabs jacket and walks out*

  33. I deserve to win because I’ve always loved the Cotton On brand but haven’t been able to try the Active Range yet. I think I need a new sport wardrobe because I have just taken up doing action netball so will definitely need new sport clothes for that! 🙂

  34. Because WHY? Because why not…DUH! R2000 worth of C.O’s new active range to get my lazy but off the couch and onto the mountain! Hell Yeah!!!

  35. I am obssessed with Cotton On :):) I have recently rediscovered my love for working out and my clothes are pretty much leftovers from PE class in highschool so would love to have some nice looking and comfy stuff to workout in! 🙂

  36. I gym 6 days a week, play action cricket during the week and on Saturdays I play either cricket or rugby depending on the season. This however means that I do not always have enough clothes to where to gym each day. I would be proud to win the hamper and will tell EVERYBODY about it. Please Cotton on help me with some fresh new clothes and a awesome new style.. I’ll be sure to make you proud 🙂

  37. SEX!!!

    Thats right. Sex. The best reason of all reasons ever to be reasoned.
    The core of why any person would ever want workout gear.

    So be a nice guy/girl and provide me with some.

    Thanx 😉

  38. Phwoar…..would really like to win this coar cotton active range hamper for my brother Mickey. It will make for a gr8 birthday present for him for 2014.

  39. Having good breathable gear can really take an awesome workout session to an amazing session, no restitutions.

  40. I recently started jogging, and am now up to 5km every day, after work. Loving it, but don’t have all the right gear…this would be fanfreakintadtic!!!

  41. I’m not a gym junkie. I simply try my best to be as committed and disciplined in life as I can be. A healthy body maintains a healthy mind, and I believe your new clothing range suits my lifestyle and freshness

  42. I believe I deserve to win this as I am a fitness junkie and there would be nothing that will make me happier than having extra top gear to make my life easier. Its a great opportunity and I am a great candidate

  43. I’m a fitness bunny. Running is far more exciting than walking and the mountain makes me more comfortable than the couch. Some people adore heels, others feel better in dresses whereas if I could, I woulr spend my days in my gym clothes. I feel healthy, active and looking my best. If I could, I would go to Fiction in a sick pair of Sport Nikes. People say it’s boyish but it’s not, especially with brands like Cotton On which are stylish and feminine and can make even getting down and sweaty look edgy and pretty. If I had an unlimited budget I would be the raddest dressed runner, but unfortunately I don’t so this would be the ultimate prezzie ever. I’d be the ideal rep for COAR- It wouldn’t go to waste

  44. I am an aspiring Iron Man and would love the gear to get me there! Cotton On gear will keep me fresh and motivated! Plus there’s no harm in looking awesome whilst doing so! 😉

  45. I am trying to get back into shape and I will be 43 on Monday 10th March. As we get older is it harder to train and keep in shape but I am determined to try.

  46. I am a student and am an avid athlete, I like to keep fit by working out everyday but unfortunately my equipment is quite old and worn, it would mean so much to me if I won this! Cant afford that on these darn student budgets!

  47. Would love to win this for my hubby..he has been wanting to start getting fit again and this really would be the boost he needs. He had a health scare a couple months back with being told that he is a ticking tomb bomb for having a heart attack..he has had to change his entire eating habits, etc.. next step is training to get fit.. this would really be an awesome gift for him. We could start training together 🙂 he won’t ever spend money on himself, so he deserves this..fingers crossed

  48. After having 2 awesome babies over the past 2 years, my body is in need of some focus and TLC. Some great active gear will help me get there…. All while making me feel good and helping me staying motivated. Tubby mummy to yummy mummy 🙂

  49. My current gym gear coms from planet Bullshit, in the galaxy of This Sucks Camel Dicks. A change would be good.

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