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CTEMF 2015 Map

For over 15 years South Africa’s electronic music scene has lived in the shadow of its counterpart, the greater global scene at large. That is, until now.

From a genuinely ‘underground’ scene devoid of industry and support, it has been slowly growing and has finally caught up with the rest of the world to the point of being taken seriously (even if still not entirely understood) by more mainstream channels.

The Cape Town Electronic Music Festival (CTEMF) is the celebration of a scene coming of age. It marks the point at which the electronic music scene in South Africa has been recognized by itself and beyond as an industry that has reached the state of being self-sustainable.

The first edition of CTEMF in 2012 boasted a 100% South African line up over 3 days, creating awareness and confidence within the local scene about its own achievements.

In 2013 CTEMF presented one international guest – techno pioneer Richie Hawtin.  Globally recognized for his forward-thinking approach to making and playing electronic music, Richie Hawtin embodies relentless innovation and the development of the global electronic music movement.

The 2014 edition of CTEMF signaled the festival’s evolution from Cape Town’s electronic music festival into an internationally relevant music festival anchored in Cape Town.  With its fundamental principles still rooted in the unified growth of the South African scene, 2014 saw the line-up at CTEMF transform to reflect its global relevance.

The CTEMF is not about how many feet pass through the door, it’s not about booking the biggest acts to ensure radio play or getting as many ‘likes’ on Facebook as possible. It’s about communicating the ethos, passion and musical creativity that has driven the scene from its early days to its current position as a global player in the world of electronic music.

Cape Town Electronic Music Festival 2015:

We’re extremely blessed and fortunate to have such a festival of this magnitude and quality, with CTEMF bringing us world class underground acts, that will leave you feeling educated and inspired after leaving the festival, time and time again. This time round in 2015, the CTEMF team are holding nothing back and have announced their headliners and the first two days of their weekend line, with today being the Sunday line up announcements.

The CTEMF 2015 headliners are:

Anja Schneider
Loco Dice
Mr Carmack
DJ Spoko & Mujava
Four Tet
Culoe De Song

With the additional announcements of:


Cover Pic - HVOB
Cover Pic - Branko










18:00-19:00 BRYAN TRAVIS
19:00-20:30 METRO TICKET
20:30-21:30 HVOB
21:30-23:00 FOGSHOW
23:30-00:30 ANJA SCHNEIDER
00:30-02:30 LOCO DICE
02:30-04:30 MAELSTROM


16:00-17:30 DOUGLAS ØLSSON
17:30-18:30 AUDIOJERK
18:30-19:30 KANAN K7
20:30-21:30 KYLE WATSON



18:30-20:00 FLETCHER IN DUB
20:00-21:00 JOHN WIZARDS
21:00-22:00 ILL SKILLZ
22:00-23:00 MR CARMACK
23:00-00:00 SLUGABED
00:00-01:00 PH FAT
01:00-02:00 BRANKO
02:00-03:00 LAZERSHARKK


14:00-15:00 KIMON
15:00-16:00 WATERMARK HIGH
16:00-17:00 THOR RIXON
20:30-21:30 DJ SPOKO & MUJAVA
21:30-02:00 ROCKIT VS ROBOT




19:30-20:30 FELIX LA BAND
20:30-21:30 FOUR TET

21:30-22:30 CULOE DE SONG
22:30-00:00 OCTAVE ONE


13:00-14:00 LEEU
14:00-15:00 XEE
17:00-18:00 CUEBUR
18:00-19:00 PRIVATE LIFE
19:00-20:00 BURN TO TAPE
20:00-21:00 SOUND LANGUAGE


Full CTEMF Dates: 3rd – 8th February 2015
Workshop and Satellite Events: 3rd – 5th February 2015
CTEMF Festival: 6th – 8th February 2015

We’ll be adding all the workshop details soon!


Full weekend pass: R550
Day pass: R250
Tickets are available now through Webtickets

Competition Time:

We have been given 2x DOUBLE tickets to give away and a bottle of Viva Vodka for the first prize winner!

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Winners announced on the 25th of January.

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  1. As a Drum n Bass man, my favourite Headliner has to be Counterstrike for what they’ve done in the Cape Town scene for years when DnB was much smaller than it is now.

    P.H. Fat’s unique style is always a crowd pleaser and they know how to raise the roof at any jol.

    CTEMF has changed the game in electronic music by not focusing on one genre, instead bringing everything together in a mix of awesomeness. This has opened my eyes, and I’m sure the eyes of others, to artists and genres that were previously unexplored.

    Long live electronic music, and long live CTEMF!!

  2. Four Tet and the ever fun local Thor Rixon! I’ve been to CTEMF for three years running and seen it become the best electronic festival the country has to offer. Bringing down, perhaps not the most commercial acts, but certainly some of the best electronic acts the world has on offer. As well letting some of our best local acts shine amongst the worlds best. Truly an amazing festival, that lets South African’s get exposed to the best of the best.

  3. For headliner I would Counterstrike. That’s a obvious. For supporting act, Ph Fat.

    To me, CTEMF means we get to expose our style in the electronic genre. It is a big opportunity to put South Africans on the map in this genre and expose the unique style that we bring.

  4. PH Fat. MunniBrotherz. Ill Skillz. Ill be honest for the past 3 years have been hearing the rave about #CTEMF. I Have never had the chance to attend this music festival.

    I enjoy all genres of music but these three acts will have me!! I love local music and it is growing rapidly which makes me even more Proud to be a South African. I will feel honored to attend this event and explore and learn more about other genres. Im sure #CTEMF will inspire me even more as a person.

  5. Lazersharkk is number 1! Then I reckon Counterstrike… can see I like the heavier stuff!


  6. Headliner: Four Tet | Support Act: PH Fat.

    It’s been amazing to see the growth of CTEMF from its birth to now. It not only puts Cape Town, but our entire country on the map as an electronic hotspot. We have so much to offer the world, and it’s great to get this exposure! Raak wys, ons is opit.

  7. 1)done done -1-4

    2) Anja Schneider essential mix

    3) CTEMF means to you & South Africa as a whole Cape Town Electronic Music Festival – most interesting and innovative electronic artists and the growth of electronic music and the celebration of a scene coming of age I Have never had the chance to attend this music festival.

    4) Like the CTEMF (click here) & Viva Vodka (click here) pages: done

  8. 1)done

    2) Anja Schneider essential mix

    3) CTEMF means to you & South Africa as a whole Cape Town Electronic Music Festival – most interesting and innovative electronic artists and the growth of electronic music and the celebration of a scene coming of age I Have never had the chance to attend this music festival.


  9. Liked and Shared
    Four Tet and Ph Fat
    CTEMF gives exposure to so many great South African Artists and it is so far the best Electronic festival I’ve heard of so far. I’ve come to learn through CTEMF about genres I’ve never listened to and came to like it very much, so thank you CTEMF may this festivals only grow bigger and succeed. Keep up the good work in exposing and developing our Artists

  10. As a live of both soulection and homegrown drum n bass, my favorite acts would have to be Mr Carmack & Counterstrike.

    CTEMF to me is all about exposing local and international artist who we’d never had heard of otherwise. Thanks for the enlightenment and experiences.

  11. The most exciting Headliner for me is so hard to pick, all those names are legendary in their own right, However Charles Webster is my pick and supporting would will go to The LazarusMan & Jazzuelle. This will be my debut of the CTEMF and it is exciting just by looking at the last two installment’s lineups and word of mouth, 2015’s lineup has lived up to the hype and with the likes of such a Great House Music Pioneer as Charles Webster featuring in this festival, not only will it attract many music enthusiast across South Africa, It will give the platform for the likes of LazarusMan & Jazzuelle, who seem to be more internationally recognized than in our own backyard a chance to let their own brothers and sister here why these great musicians are internationally respected, future legends of electronic are these guy. Also great to see some unknown local acts who have worked hard to get such a fantastic platform to showcase what they have to offer to our very own electronic scene. Well done CTEMF!

  12. Octave one not a headliner ???? wow
    But then It would have to be Loco Dice for me. True legend in the House/Tech House
    Headlining all over the world and finally bracing SA at CTEMF is something myself and many die hard fans have been waiting for, and CTEMF is the perfect platform for such legends. Suppoting act would have to be Octave one as they were my initial choice as headliner. Pure, classic, dirty Detroit Techno to close the festival is only right for the legendary duo and for the Genre its self which is growing in SA.

    The exposure to the local people of SA is mind blowing in one weekend. Local and International artist in one set up like not seen anywhere else in the country, a truly unique event!

  13. Ctemf is, through hosting these events, endorsing Cape Town and South Africa as a destination for international electronic artists across the genres. Booking international artists that are amongst the most sought after in the underground scene worldwide, opens the possibility of more international producers recognising South Africa as an attractive prospect, as a touring destination and goes a long way to making it a staple on the roster of many more of the scene’s most renowned and genre shaping artists. Not to mention the exposure given to some of our own local talent, the oppertunity to collaborate, learn and further the landscape of electronic music in our own country and expose others to what we have to offer.

    My favourite headliner would then be Four Tet, because like dixon last year, he is one of the most consistent and currently trending artists in the underground scene worldwide. Just having him here does a huge amount for our recognition as a top destination for electronic artists across the globe.
    My favourite supporting act would have to be Ryan Murgatroyd for the fantastic year he has had, releasing on German duo M.A.N.D.Y and Booka Shade’s Get Physical label. That partnership is sure to bear fruits I am very keen on hearing at the festival. Always a fantastically composed set.
    Special mention must be made of Culoe de Song, also had a great year, releasing his Y.O.U.D. ep on Dixon’s innervisions label. His set will definitely be a head turner!

  14. Without question, Mr Carmaaaaack!!!!!!! MunniBrotherz on support! CTEMF Has graced Cape Town for the past few years, And each year They Completely and utterly demolish the sound waves! Best ecperiences of my life and have no doubt in my mind that CTEMF 2015 will be as crazy as the previous years. Sooooooo Excited for this. Could really use those tickets. My life may depend on it hahahah!

  15. 1)done
    2) Anja Schneider essential mix
    3) CTEMF means to you & South Africa as a whole Cape Town Electronic Music Festival – most interesting and innovative electronic artists and the growth of electronic music and the celebration of a scene coming of age I Have never had the chance to attend this music festival.

  16. I would love to see Culoe De Song and my favourite supporting act is Douglas Olsson. I missed out on last years CTEMF and would really love to go this year for a 3 day music extravaganza. Just thinking about the awesome beats that will be filtering through Town makes me smile. I hope I get to experience this amazing event. Deep house and techno is my everything. I just want to DANCE! I think it’s quite great that the local artists are making some crazy good quality music that should be recognised on an international level. We really do have amazing local artists that deserve the recognition. So more than anything I am keen to dance to some of the best South African DJs! Oh and I tweeted Patricia De Lille for a ticket for my birthday but she didn’t come thru, no love from my mayor. I hope I win 🙂

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