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For 21 years Sónar has explored the sonic spectrum and been a large part of the evolution of the electronic music scene by recognising, developing and showcasing the best talent from around the world. Sónar Cape Town will be no different. Having confirmed two heavyweights already, 2ManyDJs & The Bloody Beetroots, we can’t wait to hear who they announce next… Can you tell us who it is?

We’ve been given a DOUBLE ticket weekend pass for ONE lucky reader….


1.) Comment below with your full name
2) Let us know why yo deserve these tickets?
3) Tell us who you’d LOVE to see as the next announcement for Sonar Cape Town

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Winners announced on the 10 of September

These tickets could be yours!

Now then, lets Win Double Tickets To Sόnar Cape Town!

Rumoured to have the blue-prints for Krang's TechnoDrome, stolen straight from Dimension X, he’s the type of guy who exudes so much coolness that he adds whole countries on Facebook at one time instead of just people. Always up for a party and a Tequila shot or two this is the guy who we always call first, both before and after a night out…

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  1. I deserve these tickets because I have always and will always love EDM. The bloody beetroots were my first love and seeing them has always been a dream!

    If Richie Hawtin was announced I think I would die from over excitement!

  2. A couple weeks ago I was in LA, getting ready to fly to Chicago (a four hour flight) the next day when I realised that I’d lost the cable to charge my iPod. Carless, I set off on foot down Sunset Blvd to buy a new cable. I ended up walking 11km and getting blisters on my feet just so that I’d be able to listen to music on the plane. I think that kind of commitment to having the sounds I love in my ears deserves those tickets, especially since most of what I was listening to are the kinds of acts I would love to see at Sonar.

    Who do I hope their next announcement will be? GESAFFELSTEIN! That dude is smooth as.

  3. Because this is the first December my roommate and I won’t be heading back to our hometown (Plett) for Christmas – working life sucks – and we need some awesome activities to keep our gees levels high.

    I would have a heart palpitation if Passenger was announced.

  4. Guys, i’ll be honest, up until this point my life has been a disappointment. My parents don’t love me, my boss thinks I’m a loafer, i haven’t felt the soft, sensual touch of a woman in months and my dog even ran away. I stood in the street shouting “why Rufus, whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?” and he barked back over his shoulder “woof… woof woof…woof” which with my rudimentary grasp of the canine language i think means “later loser”. So you see it’s not so much deserving those tickets, it’s needing them. I need them to make life better. With those tickets in hand my parents will finally respect me, women will flock to me like the salmon of capistrano and maybe, just maybe, good ol’ Rufus will come home. Please help me MyCityByNight, you’re my only hope.

    PS. Nicholas Jaar for a line up addition without a doubt.

  5. I super deserve these tickets, because I am getting married on the 13th of December and this would be the greatest honeymoon I could ever ask for!

    I’d love to see Dillon Francis!!

  6. Reason: I like to party, partying is expensive.
    Announcement: I’m going local with Plagiarythm because we all know that 9 times out of 10 our local talent rise to any occasion better than an expensive import.

  7. Kieran Pearce
    I deserve these tickets because, Ive been dreaming about sonar in barcelona since forevs. And now its in the mother city.
    I hope the announce Moderat next..

  8. I deserve these tickets cause I have such an appreciation for Bloody Beetroots and have followed their movement in Italy by constantly stalking and excessively listening to their stuff. I believe the next act has GOT TO BE Disclosure. Those boys are probably dreaming of performing in SA and well SONAR would be the ultimate place

  9. Joe Davidson
    Big big fan of bloody beetroots since they came to Assembly in 2009! 2manydj’s (Soulwax)!!!! Justice would be the ultimate announcement! Or maybe something more underground like Tale of Us! Check them out if you haven’t heard of them! PS: I can’t go to daisies 🙁 so I need Sonar!!!

  10. Firstly, my second name is Cedric.. Electronic,is my favourite kind of music and i try to make some of my own, I appreciate the art!
    I missed Sónar Sao Paulo a couple years back:( And finally, I deserve to go because I’m a healthy handsome mix of most of South Africa’s races(Afrikaans, English, Indian/Malay, black etc. :))

    I would do LOVE to see ‘M83’, ‘Gigamesh’ or our favourite local boys, ‘Gateway Drugs’!

  11. My best friend and I have been planning to do the garden route drive to Cape Town since we were 14, this would be the perfect excuse to pack our bags and bust the rear-view, leaving Durban in the dust of our hasty departure. The Bloody Beetroots are amazing, and I’m sure any addition to the lineup will only complement their eclectic sound but Disclosure and/or Flume would be so dope!!

  12. Name: Myles Hornbuckle

    Reason: Because I have proof that the pope does shit in the woods.

    Act: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

  13. I would be eternally grateful to have the pleasure of winning these tickets for a friend and I who are specifically travelling to Cape Town to attend this event. We are both passionate music enthusiasts who would love to experience the pulse of electronic music culture courtesy of Sonar in the mother city.

    I’d be overjoyed to hear Bonobo being announced as the following announcement.

    1. Wow uhm what doesnt scream out
      ultimate rave like the bloody
      beetroots and 2manyDJs! the bass
      banging through your body and it’s
      right here in the mother city! this is
      why I need to go this is why I need
      this! I’m a peacock you gotta let
      me fly! And I would love to see Calvin Harris EDM for life!!!

  14. Wow uhm what doesnt scream out ultimate rave like the bloody beetroots and 2manyDJs! the bass banging through your body and it’s right here in the mother city! this is why I need to go this is why I need this! I’m a peacock you gotta let me fly!

  15. I know i deserve these tickets because as a upcoming Dj\Producer it would be my dream to one day perform on the Sonar Stage in hopefully SA but hopefully even Barcelona!! I am a art student and the struggle is real when it comes to funds, still hustling to try and get tickets!! I’ve been waiting since last year knowing that Skrillex Played at Sonar in Barcelona, that this music fest has to come to SA…and yes i hope you guys cant get Skrillex to play at this one!!! So c’mon…make a kid’s dreams come true and let him witness one of the biggest music fests this year. #SonarCapeTown #SonarFest #GetSkrillex

  16. James Oosterbaan.

    Watching Sir Bob Rifo perform on stage would make my year, and definitely go down as one of the highlights of my adult life!

    I would love to see Dirtyphonics announced as the next international act.

  17. Those tickets would be a God-send to me as I have been internally parched of good music – in my case I’m referring to Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo 😉
    The Bloody Beetroots are a banging act from what I’ve watched over the past few months. When I say that I’ve been ‘internally parched’, I mean my soul hasn’t heard and felt the goodness of a live performance since February 2014 (After Ultra SA & Mad Decent Block Party).

    Being a student drains my life’s funds therefore these tickets would be perfect for me 😉
    I have never attended a Sonar event as yet and this would be without a doubt the best way to start off the tradition!

    Some artists I would hyperventilate at the thought of include: Rudimental, Boys Noize, Flux Pavilion, DJ SNAKE, Diplo, T.E.E.D and Tchami.

  18. Wow uhm what doesnt scream out
    ultimate rave like the bloody
    beetroots and 2manyDJs! the bass
    banging through your body and it’s
    right here in the mother city! this is
    why I need to go this is why I need
    this! I’m a peacock you gotta let
    me fly! And I would love to see Calvin Harris EDM for life!!!

  19. I would like be at the Sόnar Cape Town because it’s the first time this famous international electronic music and arts festival is in Africa!
    It’s a world class event, that will help to develop the South African Electronic music scene and ultimately help put our country on the map by developing local talent and showing them off to the world!
    Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?! So please help me experience Sόnar Cape Town!

    I am really in Pursuit of seeing Gesaffelstein live and would love to see him at #sonarcapetown #sonar2014!

  20. Really really really want to see bloody beetroots! I will be forever grateful to see one of my favourite artists live!


  21. Why do I love music festivals? Is it an escape from harsh academics? From the stressors of becoming an adult? Pure hedonistic revelling in music that satisfies the senses? For the freedom of youth? Yes to all of those and more!

    I love music festivals because they are the reason I live – they are life themselves! Bliss, enjoyment, ecstasy, experiences, evolution, growth and being apart of something bigger than me – that is why I deserve tickets to Sonar 2014 Cape Town. It will allow all these feelings back and allow me to do my part in strengthening the South African Music Landscape.

    The next announcement should be Kaytranada – surely!?

  22. I don’t really think that I deserve these tickets, rather that I have already earned them. Earlier this year I went to Sonar in Barcelona and I partied so fucking hard that I honestly don’t know how I survived. I don’t think Cape Town is even nearly ready for the onslaught of amazing acts that will perform at Sonar in December. Jon Hopkins blew my mind.

    Moderat or Gesaffelstein would be my dream artists for Sonar CT because they were the best acts I saw at Sonar BCN.

  23. Reason : Iv been wanting to see The Bloody Beetroots for years and i think if i do win these tickets ill have a full on heart attack as i finally get to make my dream a reality .

    I’d like to see Camo & Krooked being announced next as that would just add to the madness . If they are added i might just end up in hospital that night .

  24. Name:
    Georgie Cole

    I am a huge fan of Sonar – the music, the people, the technology and the culture. Last year as an early 21st birthday present, I got to attend Sonar Barcelona and saw some of my favourite acts like Richie Hawtin, Maya Jane Coles, Hot Natured, Maceo Plex and more! I turn 21 in 3 days time and having spent my birthday budget with the early birthday present, I’d love some help to make sure that I get to Sonar CT to join in the fun in our hometown!

    Next Announcement:
    Bonobo, Four Tet or Octave One!

    Here’s a collage of me at Sonar!


  25. I have missed way too many events over the years, if I’m gonna start watching mad talents again it all starts here, Bloody Beetroots!? Come one! I refuse to be a bum and miss this one!

  26. I deserve these tickets because I’m literally driving down from Joburg strapped to luggage on top of a taxi with R5 in my pocket just to hear Jon Hopkins play Abandon Window.

    Artists I’m hoping will be announced have to be Moderat, Machinedrum, Gesaffelstein or SBTRKT.

    – Eugene Carolus

  27. This is the most educated music festival, with some of the world most educated artists i would love to see dj’s like richie hawtin and dubfire perform LIVE and as well as looking dj’s like sibot The educated and mature sound is my calling to come Dance.

  28. I’d love to see Four Tet announced as the next act simply because it would simply be the highlight of my year. I would literally give every organ and limb for tickets but after the show because EDM is my life, would be a good way to go after experiencing two days epic fun.

  29. I don’t know what to say, so I made this poem.

    My name is Chipo and I like to party
    And a week after Sonar I will no longer be 20
    I love music, I’m an absolute fanatic
    I spend so much time on SoundCloud, its kinda tragic
    Minutes to hours and hours to days
    Each new track moves me in different ways
    Discovering new artists, I relish in resolving the mystery
    I do this when I should be studying organic chemistry
    This Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art
    Is an experience like no other, I must be a part
    In these few words reasons why I deserve the tickets have been shared
    So give them to me or rufus will not be spared.
    Seriously 😐

  30. What a line up!
    And it’s during My Boyfriends birthday. Bloody beetroots and Jon Hopkins are his favourite not to mention some of the incredibly talented local acts. Please help me make a it the best birthday weekend!!

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