Win DOUBLE Tickets To Organik ~ Gaian Dream ~ 2014

Find the peace to free your mind. Find the balance in nature’s garden. Come together as one. Our history is a Gaian Dream. Our future, what we make of it.


● Freedom Fighters (Fanpage)
● Headroom
● Connecto
● Deliriant
● Portal
● Disco Volante
● Gokon Rave
● Rubix Qube
● The Fogshow
● DJ Mark
● Killawatt
● Silo vs Humerous
● Shockwave
● Wobblz
● Bernz
● Ivan Turanjanin


A lush new space, hidden amongst rolling hills with large open fields, dams and a forest. Lose yourself in nature’s playground. 90km from Cape Town and 40km from Somerset West.


● Take the N2 out of Cape Town and go over Sir Lowries Pass.
● About 5km after Botrivier turn right on Swart rivier road (be careful this turn is sharp).
● Carry on straight for about 4.3km and turn left towards Paardenkloof.
● Travel for about 3.5km. Venue entrance on right – Paardenkloof estate.
● Look for signs!
● Google maps:


● Psymedia – 2 sets of double tickets – click here:


● Early bird Phase 1 – R200 – SOLD OUT
● Early bird Phase 2 – R250 – SOLD OUT
● Online – R285 – click here:
● Outlets – R280
● At the gate – R300


● Canal Walk | Wild Fire Piercing | 021 552 8929
● Cape Town CBD | Global Girl, Gardens Center | 021 461 1756
● Cape Town CBD | SKA Clothing, Long Street | 021 426 5025
● Cavendish Link | SKA Clothing | 021 671 1367
● Kalk Bay | SKA Clothing | 021 788 7437
● Sea Point | Call-a-Pizza | 021 434 0818
● Somerset West | Old Skool Tattoos | 071 345 5096
● Stellenbosch | Gypsy | 021 886 7157
● Plumstead | Earth DNA | 083 783 6742.
● Tableview – Bayside center | SKA Clothing | 021 557 4350
● Observatory | Zion Head Shop | 078 929 2153


Please bring any spare blankets and clothing you may have. These will be donated to the less fortunate. There will be a collection box at the gate.



✿ WEB ✿

No Glass bottles (decant your drinks into plastic bottles). No under 18’s (ID on request). No Fires. No Fireworks. No Weapons. No Domestic Animals. No Independent sound systems. No Graffiti. No Bad Attitudes. No Illegal substances. The organizers accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, death, loss or damage of any nature to persons, vehicles or belongings. This applies even to negligence of any kind by the promoters, venue and contractors. Due care has been taken to make this event safe and secure. All rights reserved. Right of admission reserved! Do not drink and drive.


We’ve been given two sets of double tickets for two lucky readers… Here’s what you’ve got to do:

2 – Like Organik Page –
3 – Follow Organik on Twitter –
4 – Leave a comment on the blog post and tell us your dream for the Cape Town psychedelic scene!
Winners announced on the 14th of October!


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  1. dream is easy, a scene with absolutely no negative vibes from anyone. unrealistic but still the obvious choice of dream

  2. My dream for the psychedelic scene is for it to never end, never stop because people like me, natural troopers who do not belong on this universe can only access our universe of peace and hope through the power of the psychedelics and the nature

  3. My dream for the Cape Town psychedelic scene? It’s pretty Simple. Peace love and Happiness all around (:

  4. I would love to see everyone release all their worries and dance with their mind, body and soul. Everyone should find happiness.

  5. “My dream for the Cape Town psychedelic scene is that it could travel back to the time where parties were purely for bringing like-minded people together, to get away from reality, to let loose and dance to music. The time where the message of peace, love, unity and respect was spread around instead of negative vibes and complaints. Where people could get high on life and not on chemical drugs. I have a dream that the amazing talent of Cape Town DJs continues to grow and gives the dance floor the energy that keeps it alive. I have a dream that the trance scene continues to blossom and brings happiness to people everywhere. I have a dream that I will win these tickets to Gaian Dream because its one of my favourite parties and I would love to spend it with my best friends” – The Psychedelic Martin Luther King

  6. Once again enjoying a music enduced state of euphoric happiness. Being in one with the flow of sound and nature.

  7. The last party of this year due to work *bleak* had to fight to get leave for this party I have to go! Winning these tickets for me and my boyfriend will make my life! Xx

  8. I dream that the Cape Town psychedelic scene grows everyday and that people just become one with the great beats and positive vibes and get lost in the moment and that they can release all their negative energy and become one with themselves and others… All love and no hate and just good clear and pure positive vibrations that can get sent out to the universe 🙂 what we put out the universe we get back in abundance 🙂 🙂 so peace, love and positive vibrations to all 🙂

  9. You guys will literally make my year! It would be a great birthday present to win these tickets so I can see my favorites Freedom Fighters, Headroom <3 Please help me win! 😀

  10. I wish for everything to be FLUFFY and full of BUBBLES! BUBBLES Everywhere!

    Otherwise happy, bouncing faces and lively, energetic, perky, jaunty,frisky, sparkly, effervescent, vibrant, breezy, bright, peppy, zingy, zippy, zesty music will do just fine!

  11. You guys will literally make my year! It would be a great birthday present to win these tickets so I can see my favorites Freedom Fighters and Headroom <3 Please help me win! 😀

  12. Dream to get all my friends back together the way it were before we all started working in our own directions.

  13. Production quality like Earthdance 2014 at every event! And good vibes and smiles without the negative energy! 🙂

  14. It would be so dreamy if everything at a party, from tickets to alcohol was done on a barter/trading system. I could trade delicious homebaked brownies or cookies for a ticket, a drink at the bar or a tasty gram of Fire’s cheese. Aaah one can dream hey 😉 ♥

  15. Hmmm, my dream for the scene? Definitely something trippy but also something that gives off positive vibes only. Nothing too dark. We all like a little mystery too. But, my dream is ultimately to be there. To have the ultimate Organik experience. And to feel the music in my heart like I feel the earth below my feet.

    Goodluck to everyone entering! x

  16. The Cape Town psychedelic scene among many things represents unity and family and my dream is that this image of love and epitome of endless joy continues to grow through it.  I dream that the respect that is shown at these diverse and colorful gatherings continue and prosper; and that as always smiles and laughs are surrounded by us in abundance. I dream that the free spirit and magical personality of the psychedelic scene never ends. The positive energy enjoyed by all, the music that creates shock waves through the ground, the vibrant decor and scenic venues are but a few attributes that leave me feeling uplifted and care free. I dream that in years to come younger generations will be able to enjoy what we are so privileged to experience today. 

    I dream and wish that I win these tickets to Gaian Dream. Last year’s was something to remember – and I’m so grateful I got to experience it which is why I wouldn’t want to miss this year’s for the world <3  

  17. My dream for the CT psy scene is that all the merry little stompers stomp safely. Have a jol of a time, and get wild, but knowing their limits. Too many precious lives are lost at these parties because people don’t know when enough is enough.
    Everyone should experience the psychedelic dream that is a trace party 🙂

  18. Organik!!! Helll yeeeaaaah, my dream is to be there stomping my face off!!!!:D need to garner the positive energy in order to spread it forth!;)

  19. It’s pretty much a pipe dream, but yooooh, trance party on top of table mountain!! overlooking our city by night 🙂

  20. My dream for the cape Town psy scene is that it will never end and that my future children can also experience it. I hope that it teaches many people vital principles that are often forgotten in life-to love others, to always show respect to everyone no matter how different they may be and strive to reach a place of love and happiness in life. Instead of pursing money (an illusion of love and happiness). But mostly that the psy scene won’t end here in cpt ♡

  21. Cape Town psychedelic scene I would dream to be everyday 😀 #neverending I would want the scene to be more wide spread and for everybody in cape town to feel the love for the music n dance n be free and to let their inner outdoorsy side out we know everyone has it in them and a outdoor on Robben Island that wud be crazy a true capetonian psychedelic party ..and well on a heavier note I feel those involved or on the scene at the moment are also portraying a image that u need narcotics to feel the music which I do not agree is associated wit the music but u dnt need it u shud let the music put u on a high #loveforpsy..I really want to win this tickets and take my sister to this Amazing party as its her 20th birthday and I cant afford to get her anything and for the love of the music she will really be psyched to go and I can’t take her without winning this tickets 🙁 this will make our year ..

  22. I have a dream

    That one day

    Our scene will be the world trance capital

    Based on love and known for it’s unity and it’s respect, a scene lead by individual forces building ONE!

    A scene the rest of the trance world will want to follow

    And live up to

  23. My dream for the Cape Town Psychedelic scene, really the worlds psychedelic scene, is to see it become one of the most influential cultural shifts of this century. I believe we are way overdue for a shift in governing values, we need to move from the archaic fear driven values of competition, conquest and destruction and move to values of love such as collaboration, discovery and creativity. These values are, after all, the only forces that can drive real positive change. I dream that the world’s psychedelic scene is able to increase their reach and influence to open the minds of the masses to an alternative way of being, a collective way of being.

  24. My dream for the Cape Town Psychedelic Scene, which hopefully reflects the dreams of many other like-minded trance-lovers, such as myself, is for it to become one of the world’s most influential cultural shifts of this century (which it is already fast approaching – in my opinion).
    I hope that one day Cape Town will be the world trance capital to which the rest of the world will want to live up to, as we enjoy music-enduced states of euphoric happiness, being one with the flow of sound and nature, feeling the music in our hearts, as we feel the earth below our feet, leaving us feeling uplifted and care free, purely for bringing like-minded people together, to get away from reality and dance to music.
    A scene that portrays a positive message of peace, love and unity, where people can get high on life and not necessarily on chemical drugs.
    I dream that the trance scene will continue to blossom and bring happiness to people everywhere, as it has been doing here
    I dream that this free spirited, magical scene never ends and that in years to come younger generations will be able to enjoy what we are so privileged to experience now.

  25. My dream for the Cape Town psychedelic scene is for everyone to not just listen to the music, but to feel it running through your veins, to appreciate our surroundings. Realize that there is a lot more to life than just living and most of all, to not take anything for granted and for people to see how privileged we all are to live in a beautiful place <3

  26. The Cape Town scene is a dream in itself, but if we are going to go Inception here and find a further dream inside the psychedelic scene would be a system where everyone brought something with them to contribute, so no tickets, no money needed, just giving to everyone around you, sharing love, food, drinks, treats, anything and everything you want to contribute to the already incredible vibe pulsating down through our feet into the earth and up the legs and into the minds of the gorgeous people around you. That’s my dream 🙂

  27. I once dreamed about a secret place to find peace to free your mind, find the balance in nature’s garden and come together as one.






  28. My dream. To fulfill the prophecy handed down by the mama goddess goat princess, to complete my manifestation and ultimate transformation into what the gods designed, the ultimate Psychedelic Space Goat of the Multiverse. In order to complete this glorious transformation, my goat skin needs sun. Extreme psy weathering is needed. My skin needs to be stretched over my goat like form like a 50 year old Goodwood special. My shapes need to be cut from the cookie dough of Deliriant, and the milk of my udders pasteurised by the beats of Disco Volante. I have travelled approximately three million light years to bring hipsters of Ape Town my psychotropic goats milk and restore the pride of PSG’s everywhere. If I acquire entry coupons I promise to tote my udders like inflatable pap-sak pillows and douse the dancefloor with the purest craft goats milk, untainted and artisanal indulgences only enjoyed by member of the high PSG council.

  29. dream a lil dream for me….
    a full seven day festival along the lines of Boom! where all the organisers work together with no bullshit. and all our psy-jockeys can get their thang on!

  30. my dream is to dance to beautiful people surrounded by beautiful music.. My friend and I met at organik 2013, we’ve been best friends ever since !!.. My dream is to open my consciousness and become one with the universe <3 .. I always dreamed of a party with the most bright colroful set up and visuals.. I want to see rainbows, unicorns, flowers bright lights pretty things .. make it happen I know you can 🙂 organik 2014 xxx

  31. I dream to play and stomp amongst the lush green grass, to the best sounds, under the summer sun in my bikini after going for a refreshing swim in the dam, with my a smile on my face with my favourite people ❤️

  32. That venue looks so green and fresh with a dance floor surrounded by trees and some sick bouncy beats with the best people to RAVE all day/night long till that last set,will be a banger of a party:)

  33. My dream is to have litter free festivals, volunteers cleaning up and everyone making an effort to be more conscious about our waste.

  34. What I dream to see in Cape Town Psychedelic scene is something I experience each time I attend one. I see people dancing like it’s all they can do, I see people smiling from ear to ear, sharing love, happiness and water for those crazy, happy dancers. People love when we are out in nature and for all of us it’s where we are the best humans we could be because there is no sense of the outside world where everyone is tired and run down by societies laws and constant need to be on time haha 🙂 there is no time when at a place like Gaian Dream, just the time of our lives. I dream to see everyone having a massive reunion in the nature of beauty, music and colours of the land. I dream to see everyone clean up after themselves because we always have those very few who get too carried away and leave rubbish. This is nature, and this is freedom, we need to look after this because we are what makes Gaian Dream too. <3 I hope to see you all there.

  35. More focus on the music and interaction, less focus on the drugs and the solo trip.
    You don’t spread love and harmony through keeping to yourself, smile at me and tell me your story!
    Let’s enlighten each other through the music scene!! yay for integration!
    That’s what we all what, but struggle to do,
    and what I’d like to do 🙂


    My ultimate dream For Cape Town’s Psychedelic Scene is for the producers of the outdoors to make most events more exclusive and intimate, and not too commercial, that way there will be less robberies and as a result securities will be able to do their job effectively. My dream should reflect an outdoor trance party that literally looks like another world enhancing the experience of a parallel universe and the feeling of not being on earth but trancing in cosmic space, with the help of psychedelic decor companies. I dream of attending an outdoor where our soul feels safe as well as our belongings and the energy of the location is that of euphoria and positivity.

    i hope my dream would be realised, considered and hopefully implemented. One Love. Peace, happiness and safety. #iloveorganik

  37. My dream for the Cape Town music scene is for those fourth dimension dick holes to never ever ever ever ever ever FUCKING ever get the opportunity to host another festival as long as they exist on this planet. For the safety and peace of mind for anyone who has and will ever go to an outdoor. sorry for the rant byyeeeee!!!!!

  38. My dream for Cape Town psycadelic scene is to have live event feed that can be accessed online be it through sound or video, so that those who are unable to attend the event can still view it and engage with it in real time from their homes or locations as if they were they! #partofthemovement #iloveorganik

  39. To be honest my dream had already been filled with the magical experiences in the forest with strangers whom turned to best friends, dancing with people who leaves all there problems and reality at the checkpoint gate. MCBN help me make this dream another reality

  40. I love Cape Town, it’s trance scene and its beautiful hidden treasure venues. We are so lucky to be surrounded by these beautiful mountains, hills, farms, forests, dams, rivers. We can literally drive for 45 minutes and be totally secluded from the big city life, noise & pollution – how awesome is that?

    To me, being outdoors with among that beautiful scenery on an amazingly hot day, in the mud BAREFOOT, with some insane beats going, that is the perfect day. Add all the friendly faces, positive energy, carefree child-like minds, FREEDOM, love, respect, kindness, caring for each other and you have the epitome of paradise.

    My Gaian Dream: Is that everyone doesn’t forget that PLUR is still very much in the trance scene, and they continue to treat each other with love & respect. Keep looking out for yourselves and one another.

  41. I love Cape Town, it’s trance scene and its beautiful hidden treasure venues. We are so lucky to be surrounded by these beautiful mountains, hills, farms, forests, dams, rivers. We can literally drive for 45 minutes and be totally secluded from the big city life, noise & pollution – how awesome is that?

    To me, being outdoors with among that beautiful scenery on an amazingly hot day, in the mud BAREFOOT, with some insane beats going, that is the perfect day. Add all the friendly faces, positive energy, carefree child-like minds, FREEDOM, love, respect, kindness, caring for each other and you have the epitome of paradise.

    My Gaian Dream is that everyone doesn’t forget that PLUR is still very much in the trance scene, and they continue to treat each other with love & respect. Keep looking out for yourselves and one another.

    #mygaiandream #peace #love #unity #respect

  42. My dream for the Cape Town psychedelic scene is short and sweet!
    I would hope that it can only get better, my ultimate dream is no crime, no hate, good vibes and all around good time!

  43. Its my biiiirthday weekend and I would really love to win these tickets. It would be so amazing. This lineup is absolutely wonderful. Can’t miss this <3 Goodluck to all.

  44. This is why I love the Psytrance culture!
    Before I was introduced into this culture I was at an all-time low, I had no hope in humanity, I hated life. Then I decided to give it a shot and I am mind-blown! This culture has completely transformed me into a better human being and lightened up my soul, it has opened my mind to universal energy and oneness. It has taught me many things like Love, unity, respect. It has restored my faith in humanity by showing me that there are so many loving and caring people in this world. I love the community, I love the togetherness, I love the spirit, I love the love, I love the positivity and I love the compassion. As soon as I arrive at a festival I kick off my shoes and feel the positive healing of the earth through the soles of my bare feet. Then every person I walk past whether I know them or not give you a big welcoming feeling that makes me feel like I am “home”. I’ve completely left the outside world behind me for a weekend, I become a carefree kid again. All I see is laughter, smiles and just overall oneness. It gives me instant positive loving energy that instantly puts me in a good mood. I love how carefree it makes me feel and how non-judgemental the vibe is. These gatherings create a love, tolerance, respect and care for your fellow neighbour and mother earth. It brings together like-minded souls that want to escape the harsh realities of the real world and become one with nature and your fellow human beings. When I stop and look around I see such a diverse group of souls coming together, loving each other, sharing with each other and respecting each other, all judgements completely vanish. I have become a spiritual being able to give off positive energy through what I have been shown by this amazing culture. If it was not for this culture I would still be drowning in my own negativity. I thank the universe for showing me this and transforming me into a positive being.
    And the music….Well… The artists/Dj’s take you on a happy emotional journey through their music. I find it to be some of the most technically involved and intricately produced dance music. The transition from hard, twisted night-time beats into more uplifting psy during the day.
    The music and the lights bounce off the trees and I see the stompers feeling the positive vibrations transmitted by the music. It takes you to another dimension where there are no worries or stress just a feeling of pure peace and love. I feel like I merge entirely with the rest of the people and it’s like we’ve all known each other forever. The way the artists just lift your spirit and you become one with the music and the beautiful people dancing around you. Your mind is opened taking you to places never been before.
    I also absolutely love the creativity and effort that goes into the décor. The organisers transform the world into a magical village of pure beauty. These festivals allow me to bond with different types of people and friends by camping together, partying together and pretty much living together for a weekend. We get a weekend off to live life differently.
    We learn from each other and take the positive vibes home with us spreading the love with the rest of the world.
    I could ramble on forever about the joys of it; all I can say to sum it up is that this culture has saved me.
    That is why I love the Psytrance Culture! <3 P.L.U.R Always <3

    1. Sorry I posted my comment for SA music scene competition here by mistake, you can delete my comment. 🙂

  45. My dream for the scene is honestly for it to go back a few years… i find the whole concepts of outdoors has been lost, i go to these now seeing people use it as an excuse to just get fucked! … before there was so much love, happiness and unity , it was a true community, every one you met was welcoming and responded with a warm and kind nature, it wasn’t just a jol before it was a whole soul connecting experience and my dream would be for the scene to revert back to that,… P.L.U.R.

  46. Dream for the Cape Town psychedelic scene… Is to be able to even go to any of these parties! All the parties i want to attend are always when i am out of the country. ill be back on the Saturday of the party from a long flight and hoping to go straight from the airport. I missed the party last year due to me being away and i am frothing to go. ill only be home for 3 weeks and its my only resort.
    This will make my dream come true so please pick meeeeeeeeeeeee!

  47. My dream for the Cape town scene is to create a Wonderland dream: a wonderland dream is literally a place of “wonders” or unusual characters (both people and animals), places and events. It has dream-like elements that are illogical, unpredictable,and magical. So these are the general guidelines you will want to aim for in creating your new hope and dream for the future of this party scene. to release all the negative stigma and redefine who and what we are as a culture…but my biggest dream is to be chosen as a winner so i can experience the beauty of the Gaian DREAM !!!!

  48. My dream for the psytrance community is unity, less judgement and more focus on the true essence of connecting without the use of narcotics x
    My dream is for everybody to encourage respect and acceptance, teach the new comers what its all about. Spread copious amounts of love so that people would feel no need to disrespect the environment x
    My dream is that everyone will rather be judged on the essence of their character than their attire x

  49. My wish is a simple one, but one I constantly have. For all the closest friends I have made throughout my life, whether being too broke or in a whole different country, could all be by my side in sharing in the most fun i know how to have!! Organik style!

  50. ~~ MY DREAM FOR THE PSY COMMUNITY is to recognise and appreciate the beauty and importance of unity.
    the parties are created for us all so we need to respect and acknowledge it all.
    my dream is nothing too extreme,
    Us beings just need to start really appreciating the scene
    let me spread my dream at this majestic, full of love & light Gaian Dream ♡ ☆ ♡ ☆ ♡ ~~

  51. Dream is for love and happiness for good vibes for everyone. Smiles all round 😀 xx

    Pick me, Pick Me!!!!

  52. My dream for the psy scene is having everyone free to express themselves to the max in a safe environment where we can just let go or let loose, emptying the mind – which is much needed when living in the city! ALSO I need more dark psy in my life so I dream of events that pushes the darker side of psy trance 😛


  53. My dream for the Cape Town psychedelic scene would be to bring more international artistes down to get more hype on the trance scene also if people did not to steal and break into cars and be more PLUR! Peace

  54. ” The best reason for having dreams is that in dreams no reasons are necessary.”
     (~Ashleigh Brilliant.)
    I agree with this quote in so many ways besides the most obvious. Yet if I were to give a reason for my dream it would be for everyone to realize we all have our own dreams and versions of reality. Things (or events) may not go as you planned or expected….
    ” The timeless in you is aware of life’s timelessness;
    and knows that yesterday is but today’s memory
    and tomorrow is today’s dream.”
    (-Kahlil Gibran)
    We should continue to grow from unexpected “bumps” of colliding realities in our roads. Ultimately my dream would be for all of us to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY and:
    “to go with no expectation and you’ll surely find you’ll leave with no disappointment”
    (~Hope Raubenheimer.)

  55. The best thing about dreams is that fleeting moment, when you are between asleep and awake, when you don’t know the difference between reality and fantasy, when for just that one moment you feel with your entire soul that the dream is reality, and it really happened.”
    (~James Arthur Baldwin)
    •Sincerely hoping i’ll get to wake up on Monday morning and say I lived my dream with MOTHER GAIA holding my hand. <3

  56. My dream is to go to a party, jol hard and have zero hangover on monday.
    thats it, thats all 🙂

  57. my dream… for the younger generation that are now coming into the scene– to respect the culture and what it stands for.. to educate themselves on how to properly take care of yourselves at these events, and to look out for one another at all times. This is the only way that we will be able to exclude the negative factors that occur and these amazing events. Remember what the trance culture is really all about– its the only way to keep this culture thriving.

  58. I dream for the days that the Cape Town psychedelic scene moves back to the notion of unity and oneness. There is far too much politics that is currently obstructing from the view of love and unity, which is initially why these gatherings initiated. I dream for the day that each person whom attends these gatherings attends with the right and pure intention, and only expands their consciousness to understand the beauty of all real and surreal life.
    My dream is that, if the scene cannot repress to what it was a couple of years ago, that it evolves into something more beautiful eventually.

    On that note, Gaian dream is possibly one of the only gatherings left that emits this energy, which is a blessing in itself.

  59. My dream for the psychedelic scene is to go to a place of no judgement. Where you are free to be whoever you want to be. A place where you receive warm smiles from everyone. Where people aren’t so f***** they can hardly walk, with their eyes black and faces lost. Where people don’t litter and ruin the beautiful surroundings. The environment is just as important as the music and beautiful people. I want good vibes and a great experience 🙂 and to win this comp! Hahaha

  60. My dream is that it just gets better and better (not necessarily meaning bigger)…
    But I would like it to go back to the vibe that you could leave all your stuff and not have to worry about it… I think that Organik and Village parties are the only ones that are left like this>…

    I hope that i am not too late 😀
    Please let me be able to go to this party!!
    I love you long time 😀

  61. I so dearly wish that even more peeps will develop their own unique spirits and be themselves , it creates respect and such a good vibe when the whole scene recognises each other as their brother and sister and just jol consciously in the now together as one ♡

  62. My dream for the for the psychedelic is to keep creating worlds out of our own realities with the beautiful decor that is always set up especially at parties like Organik!! This is the reason I go to parties to escape reality to let loose and enjoy new spectacular locations. For each creation of decor and dress up just to keep becoming more and more creative with each each theme at each party! From Alice in Wonderlands to the world of Oz to Narnia the decor creations are endless and I hope they just get bigger and better and more beautiful every year xxxx

  63. Trance parties are just the best!!!!

    The most beautiful people…

    The most incredible music…

    The venues are just a dream…

    And dancing with beautiful people, to the most incredible music under the stars its pure perfection…

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