Win DOUBLE Tickets To Love & Light Day Party – 20th of December 2014


Join us at the Love & Light day party on the 20th of December 2014!

We’re kicking off the holidays in style at the home of Love and Light – The Mountain Shadows Guest House. Featuring a line up of the absolute finest in international and local progressive psy-trance DJ’s, including Liquid Soul, Astrix, Ticon and Critical Choice, this installment of Love & Light promises to be bigger and better than ever.

Festivities begin at midday on Saturday; pull in, take in the beautiful mountain views, go for a swim in the crystal clear dam, grab an ice cold drink from our fully licenced bars or a bite to eat from one of the gourmet food stalls. The party ends at 11:45pm, giving you 12 hours of mind-blowing electronic music at one of the most breathtaking venues in the cape.


Liquid Soul (official)

Nicola Capobianco, based in Switzerland, started at early age getting addicted to the magic of electronic music.
He began playing progressive trance from the end of 1993. In 2001, after many years of producing in the studio and performing at big raves and festivals (with the likes Tiesto and Armin van Buuren) he decided to start a new project and Liquid Soul was born.

In 2006 he founded his own label Mikrokosmos records. Besides solo project Sleek, he also partners Martin Knecht in the duo “Earsugar”. Being behind the best selling albums on Iboga Records as Liquid Soul, “synthetic vibes“, “love in stereo“ and “cocktails“, over 100 releases on top labels and playing worldwide over a decade, made him one of the absolute top names in his genre, constantly sought after all around the globe. The success won him the Beatport award for the best psytrance track in 2009.

In 2010 he won the prices of the best Beatport artist, best Beatport track and the Dj Awards in Ibiza in psy trance categories.

Liquid Soul recently released a double CD compilation called “Groove Attack” on Iboga Records, as well as two big remixes on Poul Oakenfold´s Perfecto Flouro label.

Liquid Soul doesn’t intend to rest on the laurels as a new full-length album on Iboga Trance is in the pipeline.


One of the pioneering psy-trance artists of the millennium, Astrix (aka Avi Shmailov), undoubtedly rules the psy-trance roots. He has established himself as a Class A artist and it is clearly heard in his unique and melodic music style. Playing live and spinning his tunes around the world has helped him pave his way to the DJMAG top 100 DJ list and currently sitting at No. 41, Astrix is one of the few artists in the scene who really makes big waves throughout electronic dance music and gaining universal recognition.

Born in Russia in the early 80’s, he grew up in Tel-Aviv and began spinning 80’s and alternative music in 1995. Playing the European new-wave stuff and some electro, when he heard Goa trance for the first time, it seemed to him like the right combinations of both those sounds…It just made perfect sense and so ,in 1997, he started making music and in 2002, after releasing a lot of tracks on various compilations, he made his first solo psy-trance album, ‘Eye to Eye’ (HOM-mega Records), rated as one of the best albums to date for its superior music production which mirrored his unique approach of finding a fine balance between the chaos of a dance floor and the coolness of at-home listening.

In 2004 Astrix headlined a huge bash at London’s Alexandra Palace to mark the launch of his second production album, ‘Artcore’ (HOM-mega Records). Psy-trance fans turned up in droves for his huge party, stating that if one man has remained true to his style, it is Astrix! Unshaken by the popular music myths every track in his live set has that special ingredient to get your hands clapping and your body moving for a standing ovation. In his upcoming third album, ‘Red means distortion’, Astrix clearly reiterates his distinguished music production style as he leads the way forward with his soul-shaking anthems which have been instrumental in spreading his sound worldwide.

His live and DJ Sets in high profile gigs including Skol beats (Brazil), Brixton Academy and South West 4 (UK), Gathering (Japan), Pacha and Sessions (United States) and Love Parade in Israel, which have seen him play to over 200,000 people at once, taking them into full-on journeys of the most uplifting echelons of the psy-trance world, with a heavy focus on the feelings invoked by the more traditional strains of trance music while never losing site of the groovy element. He cites the likes of Royksopp, Coldpaly, Linkin Park, and Chemical Brothers as inspirations for the non-trance elements in his music, and it’s this combination of euphoria and funk, along with his faultless, crystal-clear production technique, that sits him head and shoulders above most producers – psy or otherwise. Astrix stands out amongst many because what he makes is by no means formulaic dancefloor fodder. It’s clear listening to his music that he is more of a musician and a rare talent indeed.

Ticon official fanpage

With a deep background in the technoscene they started playing around on their computer in 1995 and this step brought them along many paths they hadnt dreamed of. The experience aquired along the way has switched the scene from the amateur thing of the beginning to the standard of today; an acclaimed production with an exquisite feeling for sounds and percussion.

The project Ticon was started in 1999 as a natural progression towards something new and they soon got the attention deserved. Their unique style walks the thin line between progressive house and trance with crossover excursions on both sides. This gives their music a variation from the floorfilling to the hipswinging funky but they all emit the Ticon sound and the message to be happy and to be loosin it to the music.


Critical Choice

Critical Choice is the brainchild of Filip Mardberg, Fredrik Gilenholt and Mikael Dahlgaard, and represents a natural progression toward creating something new and unique for the psy-trance scene. Filip and Fredrik have been producing electronic music for years under the name Ticon, and Mikael under the name of DJ Emok and Phony Orphants. Mikael is also manager of the highly respected label Iboga Records. With their electronic music roots going all the way back to the early 90’s, the guys have helped pioneer the genres within Progressive Psy-Trance and Scandinavian Trance, with many releases over the years on their signed labels; Iboga Records and Digital Structures.

Quote: “We have worked together a lot before, and thought it was time to make something together, as all three of us enjoy the analogue sounds of old school Scandinavian trance.”

Emok comes from Copenhagen, Denmark, and Filip & Fredrik from Malmoe, Sweden. The two cities are very near one another so it was natural for them to get together in the studio. After some discussions, wild studio sessions, gigs and lots of beers, they came to the conclusion that they had something special and unique to give the scene and together they decided forming a new project, and so Critical Choice was born.

The Critical Choice sound incorporates that big old analogue sound which this trio knows and loves all too well. This foundation is blended with the emotion of the old Goa trance and techno that they grew up with, with a fresh new production incorporating unique musical ideas.
Critical Choice focuses on creating a magical live-act performance, employing an array ofkeyboards, controllers, effects, drum machines, and more. Expressing themselves live is always a great way to try out new ideas, while interacting with the crowd on the dance floor provides seeds for musical ideas that can be incorporated into future productions.


Rumoured to have the blue-prints for Krang's TechnoDrome, stolen straight from Dimension X, he’s the type of guy who exudes so much coolness that he adds whole countries on Facebook at one time instead of just people. Always up for a party and a Tequila shot or two this is the guy who we always call first, both before and after a night out…