[WIN] Cape Town International Jazz Festival

Scat Your Way to the Cape Town Jazz Festival

If Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon’s epic lip sync battle had you in stitches, you’re in for a treat. The Heineken®’s Star Club activation this year will have Cape Town International Jazz Festival goers scatting the night away.

Friday 27th March & Saturday 28th March 2015.

CTICC – Cape Town International Convention Centre.

The festival line-up, both the local and international performers includes the talent of the likes of Hugh Masekela and Oliver Mtukudzi, Beatenberg, Ringo Madlingozi, Naima Kay, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Sipho Hotstix Mabuse and many more to be gracing the stage this year.

For your chance to win 2 tickets to the Cape Town International Jazz Festival this weekend, just do the following: – Comment below as to why you want to get your jazz on with Heineken and MCBN.

Competitions closes Thursday 26 March at 11am. Winner announced on the post at 1pm the same day.

Heineken®, ongoing sponsors of the world class festival, will be challenging the 30 000 plus jazz fest attendees to a scat-off that will earn one lucky Bop–Bop Beep Doo’er VIP tickets to the Montreal International Jazz Festival 2015. Scat is vocal jazz. It’s the art of singing with wordless, nonsense syllables or without words at all. It’s a difficult technique where you use your voice as an instrument, so practise your Bee di bap do wah and head on down to the Heineken® scat booth.

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  1. My fiance now loves jazz after I intro’d her 2 it just over a year ago, it would be the ideal birthday present

  2. Even though I would love to experience all the acts this year.. my reasons to go would be simple. Cannibal Ox is my mf jam!! Def Jux was my goto label since day and after listening to Cold Vein, CanOx had me all ears! Thundercat is gold fire too!!! And my mf ringtone!! I too love to slappa’ da bass and this guy is my mf hero!! He also has my favorite track on the GTA5 soundtrack (my ringtone) and enjoy nothing more than running people over and causing complete mf mayhem to his funky sounds!!… And then there’s Jake “Jakobsnake” Lipman. He is playing between all my heros at CTIJF and as much as I wish it was me, I couldn’t be happier… and in the case he faints from pure bliss playing for his heros, im bringing a flashstick of music to jump up and take over… haha.
    Give me tickets and all that jazz please!! Respect.

  3. I was literally born with jazz in my blood. My dad’s uncles are all jazz musicians. I would love to win as I need a break from campus, an opportunity to let my hair down and enjoy some real good, soul-moving music!

  4. This is such an awesome event. The pure talent that will be displayed with the likes of Al Jerreau, Hugh Masekela and Beatenberg too name just a few. It is a night of wearing flat shoes and getting a groove on:)

  5. I just wanna see Amel Larrieux performing live, not forgetting Naima Kay, Sipho ‘Hotstix’ Mabuse and of-course Bra’Hugh Masekela. And give scatting a try 😉

  6. When my mom was pregnant with me my dad used to play Basia’s albums on vinyl and once I was born it was the only thing that would get me to stop crying as an infant. I still love Basia and it would be a dream to see her *basically my life would be complete*

  7. I promised my girlfirend tickets, only to find out they’re sold out..I don’t know how to break it to her. 🙁
    I need this in my life please!!

  8. Since there is no better music than jazz and no better than Heinken and no better medicine than laughter. It would be the place to be, Just what the doctor orded

  9. Still waiting on my comment to be moderated? 🙁
    My favorite beers are all in green bottles! ;D
    My bursting joy hinges on MCBN competition. :s

  10. I haven’t been to a jazz fest in the 7 years that I’ve been in Cape Town. And Trully speaking, when Lauren Hill was here, I felt a great deal of devastation because the reason I missed it was because I was writing exams. I’m done with varsity now and didn’t have money to get the tickets this year. I thought of contriving a story but I opted to tell the truth. I hope I get picked.

  11. I am a sucker of music and jazz I love Louis Armstrong lover of instruments clarinets and my instrument flute the trumpet the trombone I can go on and on. Swing of the saxophone

  12. The spirit of Charlie Parker lives inside me Bob! With no bread to get my jitterbug going this weekend – it makes me feel like a cat swinging on a rusty gate. A rusty gate severely out of tune. Please allow me to get groovy Daddy-o.

  13. Jazz has been a constant in my life since I was a young boy. It has added life and happiness in the good times and consoled us in the bad times. Jazz is a soundtrack of life, fun and enthusiasm. I have longingly wanted to see the artists live at the Jazz festival but never been able to. Please fulfil my dream!

  14. I haven’t been to any of the previous Jazz festivals held in CPT. I would love to take part in this experience and seeing that my partner and I are always out and about wanting to experience a bit of everything life can offer…being able to attend this event would be another life changing experience. #bucketlist

  15. I would love to be apart of the Jazz Festival because it would be my first Plus I’m always ready for a party!

  16. I never been to Jazz festival it will be my happiest moment if I can win the ticket

  17. I have never been before and this is definitely one of those tick off events to attend whilst in Cape Town. The year so far has been meehh so I definitely need something as a highlight for the 1st quarter and this should be it!

  18. As a Jazz lover and missed the Cape Town Jazz for the past seven years, this would be my best present ever as i will be celebrating by 50yrs birthday in October.

  19. My fiance and I love having a good time with great drinks like Heineken and amazing music .

  20. i would like to get my jazz on this wekend with heineken and MCBN because i have’nt had a good time in a long time. i have been a good girl, working and studying hard. i would love to go to the show, listen to good music and associate with people. i love jazz music and would love to experience the jazz festival.

  21. I have never attended the Cape Town Jazz festival ever since it started not because I don’t love it but because of financial constraints, the funny part is that my aunt from Port Elizabeth has never missed one concert as she drives all the way and stays at my house when she goes to this concert with her husband, it would be an honour and a dream come true to join them for once and celebrate in the name of Heineken and MCBN, Please make my dream come true I would love to be there dancing and singing to the tunes of Beatenberg ! I

  22. The jazz festival is the place to be as a jazz lover and one of the important dates on my calendar.

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