Win Big With Buddy’s Burgers & Lighthouse Festival, Exclusive to Uber Eats

One of Cape Town’s most intimate and beloved parties has teamed up with the CBD’s latest burger kid on the block – Buddy’s Burgers to giveaway 10 tickets on Uber Eats to this weekend’s LightHouse Festival. All you have to do in order to stand a chance of winning 2 free passes to this special party is order the unique Lighthouse Festival special on Uber Eats – 2 cheeseburgers & 2 fries for an insane R100 and you could win.

LightHouse festival will play host to yet another stellar lineup of local and international DJ’s at the stunning Soetwater Resort in Kommetjie. Soetwater Resort is a tiny, yet pristine coastal resort located on a narrow strip of land between the sea and the Slangkop Lighthouse which towers above LightHouse Festival’s dance -floor. Not only are you surrounded by the beauty of Kommetjie’s flora and fauna but should it get hot, you’ll be able to splash about in the lekker yskoud tidal pool. 

Headlining the festival this year, is none other than the talented house producer Jazzeulle with support from the venerable likes of DJ Buhle, FKA Mash, Lichterloh, Vicmari Live and more! It’s no secret that Lighthouse Festival opts for keeping their jols being relatively intimate so tickets are usually sold out long before festival day. That being said, if you still haven’t got one yet, give Buddy’s an order for 2 cheeseburgers + 2 fries (The LIGHTHOUSE SPECIAL on the app) and who knows you could be jamming into Saturday night at Sweetwater Resort!

So basically, you’re scoring an insane meal for 2 for R100 and could also win tickets to an intimate jol at a picturesque location. 

Haven’t heard of Buddy’s Burgers yet? Have you been hiding under a bun?  

Check them out on Instagram: @buddysburgers_sa and salivate with us. To score this lekker dinner special check out Buddy’s Burgers on Uber Eats. It’s that simple…

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