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Join Hello Techno as we say goodbye to 2015. It has been a fantatsic year and we are truly blessed for your support. Join us for one last throw down with none other than Egbert!!


It is warm, upbeat, energetic and most of all, irresistible: The Egbert-sound.Egbert VanderGugten is an ordinary Dutch guy, except for the fact that he is THE Dutchtechno-act at this moment.

In his loft in Rotterdam, Egbert produces one great dance floor track after another. However,no dance floor can hear it. The only witness to the magic he creates are the four walls of hisloft until the Dutch techno legend Secret Cinema (Jeroen Verheij) finds him online.

Verheij pulls Egbert out of his loft and gives him, at age 20, a stage to perform on and arecord label. It turned out to be the start of an international victory tour.

Having hardly recovered from his first two releases in the Netherlands, Sven Väth calls fromFrankfurt: ‘Can Egbert deliver a track for Cocoon, stat.’ Vreugdevuur becomes one of themost prominent releases of 2009 and after that things go fast. Really fast.

The loft quickly becomes history when Egbert closes the main stage of Time Warp, crushesAwakenings for no less than a dozen times in a couple years and graces Club Womb in Tokyo.Additionally, he is a frequent guest in Cape Town, Budapest, Ibiza, Melbourne and Singapore…Not bad for a guy who before his first release only flew in a plane once. But understand thatwherever Egbert comes, all (let me repeat: ALL) hands will go up, and they will stay there.

“Very proud of him to be the youngest Dutch techno-hero bringing quality music todance floors across the globe” – Rocco Veenboer, Awakenings

Egbert sets a new standard when he singlehandedly performs for 6 hours straight in a sold outclub Melkweg in Amsterdam. The question is: what is someone who achieved so much in sucha short period of time going to do next? No worries. Aside from the fact that he still has acountless amount of tracks waiting to see the world (thank you, loft), Egberts’ ambition andenergy are limitless.

The entire world is his next stop.




FLASH SALE: R80 (ENDS 9/12/15)
EARLY BIRD: R100 (END 19/12/15)


Who wants to win a VIP Table, entry for 6 and a bottle and mix at ERA for Egbert Live?

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Winners annaounced on Monday morning

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