Win A Stocked Sir Juice Fridge For The Month Of July

Sir Juice 2

Toward the end of May, Sir Juice got hold of me and let me know they were launching two new flavours; Harrismith Apple and Pink Lemonade. I immediately asked them how we could organise a give-away surrounding these new flavours and they told me they were interested in running a competition and offering one of our readers a stocked Sir Juice fridge for A WHOLE month. Sounds good doesn’t it?


The premium juice made the down-to-earth way; Sir Juice uses only the best juicing fruit Southern Africa has to offer. Most of their fruit juice is made using whole fruit (fruit pulp), meaning that each flavour contains more of the original fruit.

With Sir Juice focused on sourcing the best quality ingredients available, there is no doubt that their new Pink Lemonade will be as premium as the already celebrated Sir Juice range. A juice with a difference, Pink Lemonade combines top-class lemon pulp with a touch of raspberry juice and a very special ingredient, Rose Water. Not only is Pink Lemonade delicious, but Sir Juice will be donating 25 cents from every bottle of Pink Lemonade sold to PinkDrive, the national breast cancer educational and fundraising NGO.

Their Harrismith Apple contains four apple variants from the Harrismith region, an area which is quickly establishing its reputation as a premium apple-growing region thanks to its favourable climate. “Our new Harrismith Apple is produced using traditional juicing means similar to how a traditional apple press works. This means it’s unfiltered – so it’s cloudy and delicious like apple juice should be,” adds Sir Juice Brand Manager, Liza du Plessis. To celebrate the launch, Sir Juice has built a rather unusual apple press that reminds consumers how apple juice was made traditionally, inspired by Sir Juices’ own production process.


As mentioned, we have been given a Sir Juice fridge, fully stocked for a whole month, to one lucky reader in South Africa.

In case you were wonder what a fully stocked fridge for the month is, check this out:

THE WINNER WILL RECEIVE 54 bottles of 350ml Sir Juice in the fridge that they get to keep for a month!

What you need to do:

1.) Like Sir Juice on Facebook (click here) & follow them on Twitter (click here)
2.) Like & Share this post to your Facebook wall
3.) Comment below and let us know why you should get this hamper?
4.) Let us know which CITY you live in?

Winners announced on the 23rd of June


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  1. I thoroughly enjoy Sir Juice! It is my BEST!

    I hung around the Sir Juice stall at the Good Food & Wine show because i couldnt get enough of all the sweet nectar- especially the Apple Pie one!

    Please pick me.

    I have
    1.) Liked Sir Juice on Facebook & followed them on Twitter
    2.) Liked & Shared this post to my Facebook wall

    I live in Cape Town 🙂

  2. I liked on FB and on Twitter. I didn’t share on my FB wall, because that’s a personal space. Is there a post I can Tweet? I live in Cape Town City Bowl. I should win this hamper because I am a thirsty person.

  3. Since SIR juice is amazing (no questions about that), i would share the prize with the Whole office 😀 This would spread the love and EVERYONE here could then try the crazy good juice, and obviously, feel like a SIR.

    Am from Sunny Cape Town.

  4. I simply love the unique flavours of Sir juice! I love that it’s locally made and the taste is out of this world.

    I’ve been following them on twitter for yonks as well as liked their page when it started!

    I love in Cape Town.

    Please pick me 🙂

  5. Why hello thar!

    I would like some Sir Juice in my bek for a month. Liked and shared and liked again. I’m really thirsty. I would probably drink the stock within 5 working days. And then dehydrate 🙁 That sweet pink nectar cures all.

    Pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Cape Town 🙂

  6. Sir Juice is soooo good!!
    Love the taste and flavors and it would be epic to win this as a birthday present as it is in July 😉


    All the way from Cape Town 🙂

  7. When I was flying my plane through the desert we crashed. We had one Sir Juice to ration between three people. We repaired the plane with the empty Sir Juice bottles and used the straws as propellers. So that’s why I deserve to win 😉

  8. This is seriously my ULTIMATE prize.

    I am an absolute juice fanatic, and since I discovered Sir Juice (having worked across the road from their shop in Woodstock), no other juice compares!!

    I am obsessed with the pomegranate and the cranberry juice…nom nom nom

    *please pick me*

    >> biggest Sir Juice fan 🙂

  9. Its winter, i’ve had enough of coffee and energy drinks keeping me awake. I bought the strawberry flavour bottle the other day and the refreshing feeling was delightful.
    Im at college everyday and the work load is non-stop. I am always busy so i dont have enough time to snack, and when i do its something unhealthy from the cafe’ across the road.
    So how nice would it be to grab a tasty Sir Juice out of my bag just to help through my work and to refresh my taste buds.
    Im certain my college mates would notice that i’m no longer drinking monster all the time, and instead maybe asking me for a sip of my Sir Juice.
    Cape Town represent 😉

  10. Have liked, shared, followed on Twitter & posted on FB. I need to win this because Sir Juice is my kryptonite. Pink lemonade and Harrismith apple make my world a better place, pure deliciousness.
    I live in JHB.

  11. Our house is the central party house for all friends. Winning this and having it in my house, means all my friends will also be able to benefit – more people, more marketing!

  12. I only drink juice and tea. Seriously. Water is lame. Sir Juice is one of the best brands of juice out there at the moment I Lauren needs her nutrients.

  13. I only drink juice and tea. Seriously. Water is lame. Sir Juice is one of the best brands of juice out there at the moment I Lauren needs her nutrients. Cape Town =)

  14. I really should win this prize because I’m a recently divorced dad with a 16 year-old daughter, and this would be a great way to ensure that both of us get our necessary vitamins every day. Also, I live in Germiston, which isn’t too far for Sir Juice to drive from Devland to deliver my prize. 😀

  15. Pick me because I was probably the only kid who used to get more excited about apple juice than Coke, and Sir Juice is my favourite of the aristocratic food brands (yes, even Burger King and Sandwich Baron).
    Plus I’ve already drunk enough pink lemonade to mammogram the population of Joburg.

    I call Johannesburg home.

  16. It’s pretty simple… Sir Juice #FTW

    The best fruit juice on the market. The perfect refreshment to take me through the World Cup!

    From Johannesburg!

  17. I should get this because Sir Juice is like extremely small space monkeys break dancing in my mouth!!! I’m in Joburg byy thee waaay 😉 you know you want to pick me :”D

  18. Because Juice.
    Because SIR Juice.
    Because extreme student-like poverty and malnutrition.
    Because awesome.

  19. I drink their guava juice like a Boss and Boss and Sir belong together!


  20. This is the only juice that actually tastes like it has been made from real fruit and not totally fake artificial ingredients.
    The flavours are amazing and delicious.
    It will allow me to introduce my friends and family to this juice.
    I will contribute to Cancer awareness by drinking my favourite juice, Pink Lemonade (Win win).
    I reaaaaaly want to win it – that’s another reason.
    I will be able to drink this juice like no one has everrrrrr drank juice before – like a real “sir” – in my case Lady.

  21. I’m actually entering this competition on behalf of my granny.

    She is in the late stages of Alzheimer’s and is unable to do anything for herself. The one thing in life that gives her real pleasure is eating and drinking. We give her orange juice every morning so she has all her required vitamins and they help keep the Winter bugs away.

    Having said this, we have tried most products but nothing seems to be made out of 100% fruit, until I discovered SIR JUICE. She loves it! Downs every drop in a few gulps.

    So I’m hoping granny gets lucky and wins the competition, It would be REFRESHING If she did 🙂

    1)Liked SIR JUICE on Facebook and Following on Twitter
    2)Liked and shared post on my Facebook wall

    I live in chilly Cape Town 😉

  22. I should because I am absolutely obsessed with Sir Juice and would really enjoy some healthy fruit juice this winter. And it is my 18th on the 1st of July and it would just be like the best present ever.
    PICK ME!!

    Cape Town

  23. OOh, such awesomeness! These guys have the BEST strawberry juice EVER! <3

    I live in Cape Town ~ and if I win I will share this with all my buddies <3

  24. My mouth waters for the pink lemonade. Mixture of my two favourite things. Lemonade and raspberries. Even the bits makes it sure. So delicious wish I owned sir juice. Would share a million times to win. Best juice I’ve tasted so far. Tell everyone to try it all the time. My treat during exams. Addictive. Please. I live in Cape Town.

  25. “Happiness is nothing until shared.” If I win this competition, I pledge to share the deliciousness of Sir Juice with all the Sirs and Dames I know <3 Because it's not a party without a little something to sip on! And if I could sip on anything for a WHOLE month, I would definitely sip on Pink Lemonade. Nevermind the taste, think about the cause, Breast Cancer Awareness. It's as good as the juice itself. For that, I take my hat off to you guys!


  26. I want to win this because having that Sir Juice fridge would fit perfectly with my apartment and I’d love to share the juice with everyone I love 🙂

    Cape Town.

  27. Considering July is my birthday month and Sir Juice is my all time favourite i think it’s destiny lol…..make my birthday month special by giving me my favourite juice for the whole month…Im in cape town

  28. Need Sir Juice to get me through winter…sir juice rocks and I’m hibernating this winter imagine a sir juice fully stocked fridge next to my bed….

  29. Sir Juice is quite literally my favourite ever! I would be STOKED! I’m also not above playing the sympathy card: I had my wisdoms out yesterday and solid food is out of the question for the next couple of weeks. Pretty pretty please! 😀

  30. Because the amount of Sir Juice I drink this month is directly proportional to the amount of Sir Juice I will drink next month 😛

    Cape Town!

  31. I LOVE SIR JUICE!!!!!!!
    After tasting the new flavours at the Good food and Wine festival in Cape Town,iv been buying it every second day. I love it that much. Especially the new Pink Lemonade. Truth be told,im a juice addict and what better juice to be addicted to that Sir Juice???? I wake up in the middle of the night craving for it,and when the crave speaks,i listen.
    Please pick me!!!!!
    I reside in Cape Town.

  32. I need to win this, because it would be awesome 😛 Healthy and delicious juices for me, my hubby and my kids to enjoy. Pick me 😛

  33. I love juice so much that I decided to try Sir Juice and I loved it so much that every day I buy different flavours of Sir Juice to get used to loving the flavours so much
    I live in Cape Town

  34. Hello MyCityByNight! 🙂 I’ve liked Sir Juice on Facebook ages ago! I am following them on Twitter too. I’ve liked and shared this post to my Facebook wall (Kelley Zoe RainChild Petersen).

    I absolutely love SIR JUICE! I am the ultimate SIR JUICE fanatic! I love all the SIR JUICE flavours, but my favourite ones are: Mango, Orange, Fruit Cocktail, Pineapple and Pink Lemonade. YUM YUM YUM! I’d give almost anything for SIR JUICE! 🙂 I’m a student whose always on the move, and there’s nothing more tasty or refreshing than SIR JUICE! 🙂 I CRAVE SIR JUICE! I’d love to try to make some slushies with SIR JUICE! 🙂 Please #SirJuiceMe MyCityByNight!

    And… I live in the BEST CITY in the WORLD, CAPE TOWN!<3

    Home is where Cape Town, Sir Juice, and my heart is! 🙂

  35. I don’t see the need for an essay…Sir Juice is the way forward!!! It would be way too wonderful, thats why 🙂 Livin in Stellenbosch

  36. Definitely the only juice that I can drink without feeling like my insides are being poisoned by artificial additives etc! Love SIR JUICE 🙂

    Live in Cape Town woop 🙂

  37. I’m a big fan of sir Juice and been drinking it the past 5 years when i started it…….Its fresh, its juicy, its Healthy and yummy 🙂

    Live in Cape Town

  38. Besides getting my hands on some yummy Sir Juice. I need a fridge asap, I’ve got a new place and it’s hardly got in anything in it. I need a fridge more urgently than anything as I have to eat take-aways and is costing a fortune. Pick me pick me please! 🙂

  39. I think I should get this prize because I need some fresh fruit juice to counteract all the alcohol that has accumulated in my system over the past few years!

  40. I think I should get this prize because I need some fresh fruit juice to counteract all the alcohol that has accumulated in my system over the past few years! I live in Cape Town.

  41. Besides getting my hands on some yummy Sir Juice. I need a fridge asap, I’ve got a new place and it’s hardly got in anything in it. I need a fridge more urgently than anything as I have to get take-aways and is costing a fortune. Pick me pick me please! I’m in JHb 🙂

  42. Cause I just blazed up the best 5 min ago and I have for the worst droegies, and I reckon one of those Sir Juice will go down just perfect

  43. Liked and shared on Facebook,also tweeted. I would be overjoyed to win this as we love Sir Juice and it’s all my 4 kids ask for!

  44. Liked and shared on Facebook,also tweeted. I would be overjoyed to win this as we love Sir Juice and it’s all my 4 kids ask for! I live in Cape Town.

  45. Being a flippen awesome oke is tiring some times. i get up in the morning and do up to fifty fist pumps before getting out of bed. I klap the gym at 5am and its bi’s and tri’s or pecks and decks (never legs boet). I get back from the gym to suck down a lekker fruit juice before climbing the corporate ladder to success.

    Im a party animal by night and a caring oke by day. Im the chaana who saves puppies and throws iron in the same day. An oke like me needs a drink to match my style, a Harrismith apple seems like that drink and my bint needs that pink lemonade to keep her from being parched. help a chaana out and i oath, youll never look back.

  46. My Family have been Juicers for years, My Dad, My Dads Dad and my Dads Dads Dad. all really strong 3 nay 4 times the size of me. when i was 5 they sold the Farm and i haven’t been able to have unlimited access to juice so i am now skinny and malnourished. when we go to family event s all my massive family members who had unlimited access to any fruit Juice they bloody wanted make fun off me. so much so that i have been wearing big hoodies to these events in summer which makes me sweat and has mede me lose even more weight, its like a spiral. Please help me. i need this juice so i can get in better shape and have all the nutrients so i can prove to my family i am not adopted and its actually their fault for selling the fruit farm. Im so so so fed up having my aunt come and give me Chinese bangles and cripple nipples. just so f@&*ing degrading. Please Help me Sir Juice ad MycitybyNight. Please end this nightmare.

    Its bad enough being a boy called Kelly

  47. I manage a Home for Abandoned Babies and Toddlers in Rosettenville, Gauteng and give my toddlers only 1005 fruit juice. I would love to win these juices for “my” children as it is the only healthy way to go.

  48. I’ve liked , follow , and share!

    Please let me win,
    so that I also can become a SIR

    I’m in Stellenbosch

    Fingers crossed

  49. I think i should win because im getting married next year and im trying to lose weight so i can look sexy in my suit. To do so im trying my best to stay away from gas drinks and having a fridge stocked with delicious Sir Juice would go a looooong way in helping me reach my goal.

    I hope i win. I’l even share with my fiance!

    1. i should win this because i have lost 51kg and work hard and try to only drink quality juice when i drink juice!
      I have been keeping away from juice for the most of a year and deserve some Delicious Juice 🙂 YUM I am in gauteng

  50. Its really simple….I love Sir juice…I would love to win this hamper
    I live in sunny Durban

  51. I have liked, shared, followed and tweeted! (Megan Kelly Botha and bb_blogza)

    I would really like this hamper as for one Sir Juice is amazeballs and two, refer back to point 1. They have the most divine tasting juice and I especially love that the pink lemonade is supporting breast cancer – it’s a very important cause to me.

    I live in little ol’Port Elizabeth

  52. Im not on twitter but i liked and shared and im the BIGGEST Sir JUICE Fan ever!!!! Even got my wife hooked! I work 2 jobs to make us have a good life and i drive between 200-500km a day so i deserve to have this treat and it would be so good to drink a Sir Juice everyday on the busy roads

  53. Because there the best juice around and there healthy Delicious and oh so refreshing pick me please :):) iam from the wonderful city Pretoria

  54. I love sipping on a juice on a hot summers day but now that I was sick with the flu sipping on Sir Juice kept my energy levels going and not just for me but for my son as well. He is 9 years old and loves Sir Juice for school. If I win a stock for a month it will be Super AWeSomE!

    I have
    1.) Liked Sir Juice on Facebook & followed them on Twitter
    2.) Liked & Shared this post to my Facebook wall

    I live in Cape Town 🙂

  55. Hi, I run a Pub and Restaurant, and have tried all types of fruit juices for Clients, the day I tried Sir Juice, I’ve never looked, back.The Taste is Awesome, The Pricing is Great !!! My Clients are satisfied, and my GP is doing very well…


  56. If I could I would put myself on a Sir Juice drip for life, so much I love it! Sir juice puts claim to its name, for sure!!!! @Feroza_56446 from Cape Town 😀

  57. So many Sir Juices will definitely l encourage me to have a healthy lifestyle.

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