Win A Sir Juice Slush Maker & 3l Of Sir Juice!

 After our last competition we ran for the awesome Sir Juice, we decided that one competition and one winner wasn’t enough. So we organised a competition for 3 winners and 3 awesome prizes.

We’ve been given 3 Slush Makers as well as 3l’s of Sir Juice to go with this Slush Makers.

What you need to do:

1.) Like Sir Juice on Facebook (click here) & follow them on Twitter (click here)
2.) Like & Share this post to your Facebook wall
3.) Comment below and let us know why you should get this hamper?
4.) Let us know which CITY you live in?

Winners announced on the 14th of July.


Rumoured to have the blue-prints for Krang's TechnoDrome, stolen straight from Dimension X, he’s the type of guy who exudes so much coolness that he adds whole countries on Facebook at one time instead of just people. Always up for a party and a Tequila shot or two this is the guy who we always call first, both before and after a night out…

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  1. Because the Tim Noakes diet is just lame! And drinking Sir Juices Slushies seems a lot more exciting to keep healthy.

    Stay in Gauteng!

  2. This hamper will be great and after the workout at Gym, it will be so refreshing!!

  3. I think I should win because I love Sir Juice products, especially the pink lemonade! Fresh, and always delicious.
    Cape Town

  4. To keep myself hydrated, refreshed, on the go this awesome prize will make me a even better super mum, I can run around with my toddler for endless hours and the we can sip on our yummy sir juice slushpuppies 🙂 shared on twitter as denise_tf and on Facebook as denise francis. I live in jhb

  5. I should win this hamper because I love juice and I love slush – Sir Juice plus a Zoku slush maker = happiness!!! I can only imagine all the yummy slushy combo’s I could make with 3L of Sir Juice and a Zoku!!
    I live in JHB. Have liked and shared on Facebook.

  6. I would love to win this because I live in Durban and we have the most terrible humidity so this would be able to get us through those balmy summer days PLUS none of the stores where I live stocks Sir Juice and I would love to have a supply of it.
    Shared on Twitter and Facebook
    From Durban

  7. Waaaaaadup.

    Ain’t nobody make a better strawberry daquiri then me & Sir Juice. C’mon – help a sister out. New slush maker needed.

    2me – my – boy

  8. I’ve just started a 100 day weight loss challenge and this hamper would help me emmensely to reach my health goal! I live in Cape Town.

  9. I would love this for my diet, to keep things fresh and healthy. And sir juice just tastes super awesome.

  10. I would DIE to win this hamper.
    Boyfriend and I are moving in together at the end of the year, and we both try and keep healthy and fit – what better way than having this rad slush maker on our kitchen counter?! Post gym shake sorted 😛
    This would literally make my year- Birthday vibes for me on the 8th July so that’s a bonus! 😉
    I’m in CT!

  11. Sir Juice is the absolute best juice EVER and my entire family love it! If we were to win this hamper then I would have a few moments of peace and quiet as my family would stop nagging me to buy them each their favourite Sir Juice for a while! (Or at least until the hamper is finished!!!)
    I am situated in Kempton Park – Gauteng

  12. I probably spend about R300+ a month on Sir Juice juices. This will obviously save me a lil’ cash. Asseblief. No fruit juice like this out there

    Shared – check
    Liked – check
    Followed – check
    Commented – check
    Winning – holding thumbs

  13. My baby is due 21st of July…. and you know what this means…
    Breastfeeding time! Need all the nutrients I can get my hands on to make sure my beautiful princess grows up to be the president one day!

    Whoop Whoop

    I am in Centurion, Pretoria… hope I can enter!

  14. I’d love the slush make simply because I love slush and I love sir juice. 1 day my sister brought home a few bottles of Sir juice and the moment I took my 1st sip I fell in love. I immediately started to spread the word about sir juice because it was still in the early stages of the company. My sister was a promoter for the juice. So as I was saying I love it soo much and I’d live to actually give it to my mother seeing as she lives it more than me. Infact I’m actually buying more sir juice for tonight…perfect beverage to have on the table while breaking ones fast. I’d really love to have that slush maker. Imagine!! Slush Sir Juice! That’s out of this world…inter galactic stuff. I Live in Cape Town, The best City on earth

  15. This prize would keep me entertained for hours i absolutely love Sir Juice Juices and this would tickle my tastbuds to try different slush mixtures yummy…….

  16. I live in JHB and let’s be honest, what’s better than coming home after a day at work / a night on the town / a workout of sorts and cracking a bottle of Sir Juice Mangoes and drinking in the pure fruit goodness – Nothing I tell you! Nothing!

  17. I would really really love to win this awsum hamper. My daughter and I are both huge slushy fans and how awsum would it be to be able to make our own slushies. I can almost taste the deliciousness. Please pick us to win. ♥

  18. Who doesn’t love Sir Juice 🙂 if I win this I’d have a Sir Juice everydayof the week 😀 because Sir Juice is that awesome 🙂 A Sir Juice in the morning on my way to varsity and when I get home 🙂 I’m actually addicted to Sir Juice (blushing face) SIR JUICE for president 😀 yeeeeeees please :)…. PICK ME 🙂 😀 for the love of Sir Juice

    I stay in Cape Town 🙂

  19. I would really really love to win this awsum hamper. My daughter and I are both huge slushy fans and how awsum would it be to be able to make our own slushies. I can almost taste the deliciousness. Please pick us to win. ♥ I stay in East London

  20. it would be awesome because I enter EVERY competition and never win! please make my day

  21. I want that slushy maker so badly! Looks amaze. And you should pick me because I am pretty much obsessed with Sir Juice. I always have their Lemonade on hand and keep big bottles at work and at home so I can always have my fix.

  22. Because Sir Juice is just the best and slushy’s are just to die for.

  23. Cause I have a thirst that only Sir Juice can quench. So c’mon! (Cape Town)

  24. Because I’m a student and I think we can all recognize how much a student budget limits your good food and drink intake

  25. Done 1,2,3 & 4 🙂 I would love to win this prize because I would love to make my kids healthy slushies with Sir Juice & real fruit & stop buying expensive, chemically-induced products from the shops! We live in Cape Town <3

  26. I absolutely love SIR JUICE! I am the ultimate SIR JUICE fanatic! I love all the SIR JUICE flavours, but my favourite ones are: Mango, Orange, Fruit Cocktail, Pineapple and Pink Lemonade. YUM YUM YUM!

    I’d give almost anything for SIR JUICE! 🙂 I’m a student who is always on the move, and there’s nothing more tasty or refreshing than SIR JUICE! 🙂 I CRAVE SIR JUICE! I do not drink alcohol so my first option is always juice, more specifically Sir Juice! 🙂

    Please #SirJuiceMe

    I live in Cape Town. 🙂

  27. I want to win because I feel like an idiot for thinking that Facebook status you put up last week about this competition WAS the actual competition. I worked so hard on my comments. Sigh!

    Also, I want to fill up a bath with Sir Juice slushy. I’ll take photos!

    Cape Town

  28. Would love to win this just recently tried Sir juice after my toddler kept asking me to by the Harrismith apple I was hooked. I’m in Durban please pick me 🙂

  29. I absolutely love Sir Juice. Nothing quenches your thirst quite like a Sir Juice. Strawberry and Mango has got to be my favourites. I’ll love to win and share the slush maker with my family and friends #SirJuiceMe <3 i love mycitybynight 😉 holding thumbs and toes

  30. My whole family loves sir juice and it’s a great juice with great flavour! Live in Durban and want to make awesome slushies!

  31. Sir Juice is heavenly nectar from the Gods. There is no drink more refreshing, more healthy, delicious and pure as Sir Juice. The first time I drank Sir Juice it was Love at first sip! I am addicted to the Mango flavour. 🙂

    I have never had a Sir Juice slushy before but I am sure that it will taste just as great. Slushies remind me of summer and I long for summer to come. Sir Juice slushies will be a little bit of summer in winter. Please pick me so that I can have my little bit of summer, Sir Juice Slushy, in winter. 🙂

    I live in Cape Town #TheMooinessCity

  32. I am such a big fan of Sir Juice ,we live in a area where we cant get any so when I go to PTA I always stock up ,love the strawberry the most!

  33. All im gonna say is this hamper is PURE WIN!
    I need it in my life for waking up in the morning, after gym and just generally when you want something awesome to drink!

  34. I’ve started a weight-loss exercise programme and Sir Juice will be soooo refreshing after a long brisk workout. Although we are in Winter, Durban’s heat still persists and SIR JUICE will certainly help alleviate those heat spells.
    Im in DURBAN, please pick me! :o)

  35. I love Sir Juice, it’s fresh, it’s delicious, it’s healthy! My favourite is the Strawberry #yum!

  36. I definitely believe that I should win this hamper..
    because, at 53, my life is pretty darn hectic – hectic business/social life and want to keeeeeeep on going!!
    To help me on my path of ‘foreverness’, I need health to be of vital importance and SIR JUICE is a definite when it comes to health.. helping the fans to put pure freshness where it belongs. Inside!
    Thank you Sir Juice and MyCityByNight for the opportunity 🙂

  37. Hi, I am from Durban and I would love to win because nothing else quenches my thirst and leaves me feeling great other than Sir Juice! I can hear the Mango calling my name already! Yummmm! (All above steps have been completed too!)

  38. I would love to win this hamper because I am a mom of 3 children under the age of 7 and they keep me on my toes all day, having something healthy to drink will keep my energy levels up to keep up with my extremely active children. We are from Gauteng east rand

  39. Hi I’m Layla and I’m a Capetonian which means I’m like totes into this healthy lifestyle craze that has hit the mother city. Help me Help my body with this Juicer , then I will finally be able to fit into my super awesome HIPSTER high waisted jean pant ;)cuumaaaan!

  40. Hi i’m from Johannesburg i love strawberry flavour,my first time drinking this juice i was at Piatto and order a strawberry juice just to taste it and it was a blust i order about 4 glasses and asked the waiter the brand of this juice he did’nt tell and i went there verytime when i crave it untill i went to food lovers in Diepkloof square i just saw that marron colour and i knew that i found what i’ve been looking for for all this years,i could’nt wait i drank it in the shop oooh i nearly dropped on my feet the relief, i was very happy i took 4 more just for incase i dont find them again,since i found the store i’m a happy women.

  41. Sir Juice is one of the better juices out there and I love that they include a little story on the back of the bottle. It makes for interesting reading when you drink it. I drink too much water ;-)so this will add some variety (and nutrients) to my diet!

  42. I should win this prize because i Love Sir Juice and now i can experience the awesomeness of a Sir Juice Slushi!!!!! That sjust amazing!

    Plus i didnt get to wint the fridge and i really wanted it!

    I live in Cape Town 🙂

  43. There is juice…and then there is SIR JUICE!
    It’s the best. And sluhies are the best.
    Combined it would be heaven!
    I’m from Cape Town and this is the only diet I would want to be on.

  44. I literally don’t drink any other fruit juice and having a slush maker sounds absolutely incredible! Sir Juice Slush Puppies for the win!

  45. There is nothing more refreshing than a ice cold glass of the best juice in the world, Sir Juice. With a name like that, one would assume that even the queen drinks it and has since knighted the creator! This hamper will be a great addition for my man cave during the FIFA World Cup and more upcoming sporting events!

    I stay in Pretoria!

  46. Why I should win, I absolutely Love Sir Juice. My name pretty much spell’s out sir. I feel the need to move onto a more healthy alternative to drinking, and Id love to drink more juice but as a student expensive living isn’t really an option. So I usually go for your general Black label as a drinking alternative 🙂 Please help this brother move in the right direction and give my body the replenishment it deserves 🙂 I cannot promise you I wont be blending some alcoholic beverages with this prize, stirring up some juicy mixes. obviously with sir juice as the mix and probably some bottom shelf vodka XD My mates will love the new edition to the family, and it will be used more often than for a morning drink with some expensive breakfast. We will be churning up some flavoursome brews, maybe even make some craft beer with a sir juice extract 🙂 make something new, make something healthier, make something refreshing. Maybe even discover a new hangover remedy with sir juice…who knows the possibilities are endless 😀

  47. I absolutely love SIR JUICE! I am the ultimate SIR JUICE fanatic! I love all the SIR JUICE flavours, but my favourite ones are: Fruit Cocktail, Pineapple and Pink Lemonade. Refreshing, delicious, irresistable!! I’d give almost anything for SIR JUICE! 🙂 With my present job I am constantly on the go and there’s nothing more tasty or refreshing than indulging SIR JUICE. I a muslim & we are presently observing our one month fast(Ramadaan). I would be so greatful if I won some Sir Juice to quench my thirst after a long day of fasting.

  48. I Would Really Like To Win This Because..
    Simply Put..
    All 27 Varieties!
    Help Me Turn All My Friends Into Fans With This Amazing Slush Maker.


  49. Because it’s a SLUSHY machine!! And the 5 year old inside me is giddy to have one.. Plus I live on orange juice so having some extra around the house is always welcome.. Om nom nom

  50. I am a juice fanatic., especially Sir juice. I remember when Sir juice first came on the market. I had bought it because I wanted to try something new. And boy oh boy I did not regret that decision. Since that day I have been religiously buy Sir juice for my household and drinking it with every meal. I jist cannot get enough of its amazing taste. One of my favourite things to do is to start my mornings off with a big glass of sir juice especially orange. Mmm that’s my favourite but its hard to choose just one as a favourite as I love all your flavours. I add it to my smoothies and my fruit salads. I drink it plain and mix it with champaign. I just cannot get enough of Sir Juice!!! This little madam wants her Sir juice everyday and nothing can stand in the way of that. It has even replaced my coffee fix because it is so yummy and healthy why would I not what to start my mornig and end off day with that amazing taste? Winning these 3 liters of liquid goodness would be an adsolute dreamand to be able to make a sir juice slow slushy whenever I please? Now that is just fantastic. What more could a girl possibly want? I cannot wait to drink that first glass of freshly made sir juice slushie. Hear from you soon XX

  51. Why Me? Well…

    There can only be ONE!

    And that is @SirJuice_; @MyCityByNight and ME Of course! (^^,? #SirJuiceBiggestFan #LocalIsLekker

  52. Would love this for my Sir Juice addict family 🙂 and iam form Pretoria

  53. I love all the products, and am sure the slush machine would be put to great use for both Sir Juice slushies and Sir Juice inspired cocktails.
    Cape Town

  54. Well firstly, it is my 21st birthday that week if draw, so it would be AWESOME to win a SIR JUICE hamper. Secondly I absolutely love SIR JUICE and I am not just saying this. You can and must ask any of my friends and family about how I crave SIR JUICE 🙂 It literally is the start up of my day. Thirdly I am a student so I obviously have a tight allowance which restricts me to buy a nice fresh cranberry SIR JUICE every now and then, so this competition would be the absolute best 21st prize ever. I really really really hope I win this and if not, whoever does is one lucky person :):):)

  55. Sorry about my terrible spelling in my post – I was a little bit too excited

  56. Hi mycitybynight 🙂 i absolutely love Sir Juice. It’s my heaven on earth. Please make me a winner. Come on, make my year 🙂

  57. I’m totally addicted to sir juices, love the orange & pink lemonade flavors. Also have slushy addicts in my family would love to whip up slushes for them:)!!

  58. I would love to win for my mum because it is our fasting month and it is easier for her to make juice for us then doing it by hand and I live in durban

  59. can’t get enough of both Sir Juice and slushies! totally love both and enjoy them very much! would really want to win this amazing prize so I can always get to have the best whenever I want and combining the two would be so tasty and really satisfy and quench my thirst.

  60. I absolutely love Sir Juice Mango Juice! If I go out I always order the Mango Juice, as it is the best. I love how thick it is and how taste it is. If the straw doesn’t stand up, it isn’t Sir Juice Mango Juice. I stay in Roodepoort.

  61. 1.) I have Liked Sir Juice on Facebook & Following them on Twitter
    2.) I have Liked & Shared the above post to my Facebook wall
    3.) I should get this hamper because I love the feeling I get when I get brain freeze after slurping a Slushie too quickly and I just want to experience it over and over again
    4.) I live in Cape Town.



  63. I live in the friendly city Port Elizabeth and I should win this amazing Sir Juice hamper to cool down on these scorching hot days that are fast approaching and other better reason than because I love Sir Juice 🙂 Liked on Facebook and followed on twitter @XhosaCliqs 😀

  64. The Fruit Cocktail is so delicious and nothing tastes so fantastic. It is just the best. LOVE IT!!!

    1. The Fruit Cocktail is so delicious and nothing tastes so fantastic. It is just the best. LOVE IT!!! Kimberley Northern Cape

  65. Because if DiCaprio had had Sir Juice on that floating wooden plank when the Titanic sunk he would probably be alive today.

    Also, I know nothing about the titanic… but I know would really enjoy some Sir Juice.

  66. (Cape Town) I simply love @SirJuice — Strawberry is my absolute favourite! I used to do promotions for these juices last year so I got to taste every flavour! This juice is jam-packed with real pulp, affordable, super fruity && very healthy! I always reach for a SirJuice when I’m at the shops. Winning this hamper would be om nom nom!

  67. East London. Great prize, looks great, sure it tastes great, healthy living, why complain when u can only gain. <3

  68. Well first of all I live in Johannesburg and why should I win this hamper. Well…simply because if not Sir Juice what then? There is no other… 🙂

  69. I should win because can you guys say “HELLO!!” to vodka-lemonade slushies made with super fresh Sir Juice Lemonade? Or the Pink Lemonade with fresh mint and Gin? Waddup! Help me be creative with my booze!

    Hails from Heat City (Durban).

  70. OMW I love Sir Juice and I make sure to stock up weekly at my local Food Lovers Market. The Pink Lemonade is my favourite especially for summer and it is absolutely delish when I use it to make ice lollies and slushies for my little nephew and niece.

    City – Amanzimtoti

  71. Oh hell yes, this is awesome to win as I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Sir Juice. Great fresh taste and afforable too, even on a varsity student budget 🙂 Love the lemonade, apple and pink lemonade. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease make me a winner.

    City is Amanzimtoti

  72. We have announced the winners: Layla Wallace, Dominique Rollino and Brandon Cooper.

    Please check your mails 🙂

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