Win a Samsung LED LM301H 120w Grow Light worth R4,800 from The Online Growshop

Online Grow Shop

Online Grow Shop is a hydroponics and indoor grow shop that caters for everyone from the home grower growing one or two plants to the commercial licensed customer looking to set up an international quality facility. The Online Grow Shop started off specializing in grow lights, specifically led quantum boards and have since branched out to cover all growing essentials such as hydro systems, nutes and growing mediums. They’re always searching for the next step in technology specifically in the LED grow light field and aim to bring more new cutting edge grow lights and systems to the SA market soon! They are a grow shop, run by growers, for growers and they’re passionate about their plants and love helping others get set up to be able to enjoy the fruits, and flowers of this awesome hobby! 

MCBN: Let’s get straight to it, talk us through the latest LED Light you’re building at The Online Grow Shop. You’ve clearly spent time speccing out a product that suits the local market.

Our latest offering is the new LED quantum bar grow lights. These lights are a step up from our old quantum boards as they both have better coverage as well as they run cooler and are more efficient. 

MCBN: What are the specs of the light and fitting? What makes it a step ahead of the rest of its competitors? 

Our quantum bar lights are running Samsung lm301h diodes with Cree XPE2 red diodes. They are 3500k which we have found to be the best all-round option. They are driven by Meanwell drivers and are dimmable. The driver is installed remotely allowing you to keep the driver and dimmer outside your grow tent for further heat reduction. The bars are moveable allowing you to slide them across for a more focused footprint or spread them further apart depending on your grow area. They are also cool in that you can add bars to your current frame if you wanted to upgrade after a harvest or two instead of getting new lights! Or disconnect bars depending on your output requirement. 

MCBN: With the current state of the cannabis industry, are you directing your market toward the corporate large scale industry or are these lights built for the everyday grower. 

We are directing our market to both sides of the scale. Our lights are built with both the small home grower in mind as well as the large commercial setups. We even have a new model coming out soon specifically for greenhouses which can replace 1000w de HPS lights, 1 for 1. Our bar lights are modular with their being 2 frame sizes and then 3 different bar lengths. 

This allows us to offer various wattages in different sizes based on the standard tent sizes. 

Our 600w 5 bar is commercial scale and it covers a 1,5mx1,5m with awesome uniformity but then we have our 120w 2 bar which is our hlg100 killer and perfect for your small tent set up as its only 560mmx560mm. 

MCBN: What is the most efficient tent size for the lights you’ve built? Do you have any advice for novice growers on how to get the most out of their lights for their space they’re using? 

Our lights cater for most tent sizes so my advice would be to try and rather stick to your budget and get a quality setup that you can then expand from later if you want to without having to give away or sell your cheap starter equipment. For example, I always suggest looking at a 1,2m x 1,2m tent to start as it offers enough space to move and work in, as well as you have enough area to get a decent yield out if you want to or even just test a couple of plants while you learn. Then I would suggest anything from the 120w 2 bar up, depending on your number and size of plants and expected yield required. These lights are super-efficient and customers are getting over 2g/watt yield so I guess the wattage is up to your expectations and skill levels. As I mentioned you can always go for a large frame and then just add bars later if you want to increase your setup later. I am also a huge fan of coco in fabric pots as for me this is the most cost-effective and best results for the price. It’s also great for new growers as they will battle to overwater the coco in smart pots. 

MCBN: From a growers perspective, would you hydroponically or organically under these lights and why? 

We have a lot of customers running our lights in hydro, soil, coco, mineral salt and organic setups.   As I mentioned earlier, my first choice is still a flood and drain system like the Gheebb and Grow and then fabric pots with Atami High Porosity Coco! The results are awesome, its hassle-free and beats hand watering any day! 

MCBN: A question we like to ask any grower: Seed or clones and why?

I prefer seed. Although I am not the most patient around, I believe the patience is worthwhile in getting your genetics from seed. Less chance of pests if you don’t know your clone source well and also I find they grow better possibly due to having a tap root. 



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Winners will be announced on 17th of August. Good luck everyone!



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  1. I need this beast for my new 1,2×1,2x2m tent. Currently only have 180w and slowly running out of light for my plants as they get bigger. The 120W will be a great addition before I flip to flower.

    1. Hey there .its really cool that you are making really good grow equipment to the public, I think led lighting are a very confusing subject due to the different spectrums…anyway I would really love to win as I cant afford this first of all and I’ve been growing outdoor for a long time and i use to grow indoor before hps became too expensive to operate. please let me win and i will show you how dank my buds can be with beautifull light yeaahh

    2. Because.. no wine or tobacco during lockdown.. guess what I’m growing;)

  2. Give thanks for the initiative, I think I deserve to win coz I’m a motherphunkin Dank SoulJah, I’ll grow some of the dankest dankness known to mankind with these lights and im just about to set up on a very tight budget, so this would big me up like you wont believe. Also, I always initiate competitions for the cannabis community on my group Stoners Guide To Cape Town, so I never get to enter🤣😂

  3. I would love this as I have recently starting growing my own and could use any equipment that will get me on my way.

  4. Wow, I would love this light, I grow for myself and make my own medicine. My current blurple LEDs have died and with COVID cash is tight to get a new light. I would love to win this light and continue growing amazing flowers and medicine for myself and my family.
    Stay blessed and stay lifted!

  5. As a seasonal outdoor grower i have always wanted to start an indoor set up but having a family to support financially it just wouldn’t be viable but getting this awesome light will definitely help me achieve my goal in starting my indoor set up.

    1. Ive got a nice indoor deep water culture hydroponics set up and a 120w fixture would perfectly round out my lighting situation in the tent. Cool light!

  6. Busy getting my outdoor setup going. In the not too distant future I’d like to have an indoor setup for the colder months to dovetail my alfresco grow 🙂 and the lights will do nicely.

  7. Being a fulll time chef that stays in a high rise building i love plants but they always die because im always at work and they lack sunlight, the Samsung LED grow light is a perfect solution to my problem, it will also allow me to grow my own herbs tomatos.

  8. I need the light so I can expand my grow knowledge and skills and cuz as a bartender I have nothing else to do for the foreseeable future and it would be the best way to keep busy!! 💚💚💚

  9. Oh man , I so deserve this light , I’m a passionate outdoor grower looking to go indoors an change my whole outlook on growing , indoor grow is daunting an hard but I’m willing to continue learning an develop my own strain that are proudly SA , to make world class genetics accessible an affordable for our very own.. having this light would surely jump start my dream an push me to make it work.. thank you city by night.. holding thumbs toes an blunts for this one

  10. Well tk start of the specs on the light and the design look beyond awesome. So the reason. I need the Samsung LED LM301H 120w Grow Light is that I bought a full spectrum light about 3 years ago and with all the usage it has started to melt from overheating. Winning such an awesome price will give my seedling the grow power they need. I’ve been an avid grower for a few years no and never have I used a proper growing light, currently saving up to buy something decent, but if I should win this amazi g prize I can spend my savings on buying more seeds, and once that’s done the light will be the perfect addition to my growing seasons.

  11. Ill be honest , 2020 been super shit ! This TV would make it all worth it …

  12. Guud Day I have been “Growing since 2018” I know not long hey but after a incident(involving a lot of pills) this really helped to get out of a tough place..only been doing outdoor and now this year I got a tent at least with some cheap cfl’s this Prize would really help me as i do need a Excellent light….Thank you for the opportunity

  13. I would love to win this for my incredible husband, he has built his own grow box with as much used materials as he can to save costs so that I don’t moan at him and I think he really deserves a break from a naggjng wife 😂 he is sooo passionate about his beautiful plants and I know he’d utterly appreciate this light as he has put so much effort into growing and nurturing his plants. Please please pick me so I can actually give him an amazing gift!!!!!

  14. Time for an upgrade and need to start saving on electricity !!!

  15. For the love of growing and for the live if education I would like to use this light to show peeps how to test and buy LEDs for agriculture.

  16. Why do I deserve to win… Well firstly this is Beautiful! I was looking at this just the other day and thinking to myself how I would really love to own one of these and dabble further into my green fingers and love of plants indoors 🌱 Bonus would be giving a small finger to Eskom and their electricity bills while still growing some dank dense buds 😁

  17. Firstly Greeting my brother and Sister give thanks unto the most high for the new day and all the good that comes with it. I would love to have one of these lights would be a blessing from above truley I’ve been growing outdoors for the last two years it would be great to move indoors and gain more experience and knowledge growing this beautiful medicinal plant has provided a peaceful and calm mindset as I use it as a way to meditate and focus on positivity. This is a great opportunity for all of us ,best of luck to all Jah guide and protect you where ever you may be most high leads the way Haile Imperial Majesty Jah Raaas Tafari

  18. I would like to win this so that I can extend my grow setup, I grow for the love of growing weed and growing dank weed. I also voluntarily teach new growers how to grow their own weed the right way, so the light could also benefit new growers. On the flip, the light is tops

  19. I would love to win this grow light so that I can start my own little garden at home. I believe in all the wonderful healing properties of cannabis and can’t wait to start on this project. There’s so much to learn and buy so this will definitely help me to achieve my dream!

  20. I would appreciate this gift for my new grewnhouse. It is the perfect size for my new babies. In times like today it is hard to have a gardening hobby because pf the cost of the equipment. To win this would help me to kick off the new growing season <3

  21. I deserve to win this light because Dobby broke my lights and then ran away with my plants, after some twit friend gave him a sock… His ego exploded and he suddenly felt like he could do whatever he wanted and steal my stuff. Now I have no lights, no house elf and no doob.. It’s very sad. Please help me to grow some more doob soon so I can become high and acquire another Dobby to do my bidding? Dobby was my closest being. The one I could take all my frustrations out on. My whipping elf… I’m so sad…

  22. Because 2020 and you’d be lot cooler if you let me win. Also fritz are expensive and getting retrenched on my birthday sucked

  23. I got retrenched on my birthday this year. And need the light to complete my rocketbin grow box! Help me help myself

  24. I would love this light to up my game. With the new world economy things have become tough and cannabis helps one deal with the daily stress. A good quality grow light cpuld make life a lot easier with being able to grow indoors which means grow anytime. No more added stress of paying for my medicine. I can grow my own anytime of the year. Thank you for the opportunity. Much respect😁

  25. I would love to start an indoor grow, it’s an aspiration that began when I started growing outdoor.

    My friends all have indoor grows and I know with this quality set up I would blow them all away.

  26. all my friends grow indoor and the best I can afford is greenhouse, I’d love to be able to start growing indoor

  27. Give thanks to the Online Growshop for sponsoring this great prize. I’m a new grower who just started out with a cheap Chinese grow light which hasn’t really given me the yied I need to have for a good time of consumption. I definitely think I deserve the light as I will put it to great use and promo you okes everywhere 😅. Hope everyone stays safe 🙏

  28. I am busy converting a space 5m x 5m & setting this up has drained all my cash – by winning this it’ll help me speed up my setup & have a 120W light will help tremendously! Especially in times like these.

  29. The next step in my evolution of growing, is to grow out some males for pollen collection. Doing that outdoors is a real dick move as you might screw up other grows out thete. So I need this light to keep my males isolated inside for the best results.

  30. It’s actually the craziest thing that I’m seeing this competition!! Today is my first day of my indoor grow and I am so excited!! The cherry on top of everything would be if my next grow would be even better with this beautiful light. 😍

  31. I would love this light because I’m trying to grow some medical Marijuana for my gran that has chronic pains and for some of the other elderly people in my neighborhood but I can’t afford decent lights and if I get this light I could really help them out

  32. This will be just perfect as I’ve just bought a 1m x 1m grow tent and plan on putting clones in September.

    This would be perfect for a newbie like me

  33. I’d like to see what I grow, so this light would come in handy 😂 also, I’d like to show off the flower grown because of it.

  34. I would love to win this sexy ass light. I’ve been frowing outdoors for a while and slowly saving up for a indoor setup. But then BOOM, 2020, and there goes my indoor kitty. So back to the great outdoors it is. Unless…..this bad boy come lives with me 🤞🤞

  35. Hi there, why would i need this light… well… at the moment im flowering under 2 x twenty watt spots lights.. which do absolutely nothing really.. i have discovered a new passion and that is growing, however i used to work in the hospitality..which means since march i have been unemployed.. i would love to commit myself to growing professionally, but it seems the finances will not be coming for a while.. i know how important a good l8
    Iight is for growing.. i also know that they are very expensive… but i wont give up on my dream though…
    Hopefully one day i will get there.. with your help… that day could be closer than i thought.
    Happy growing out there.

  36. You guys are amazing.
    I need this beauty of a light for me autos, have 8 growing under a 100w light. And it’s too little, would love to see what your beast would do to my grow.

  37. I am a first time grower and have never grown before. I am building my own grow tent and I don’t have the funds to buy a proper light. I would be ever so grateful to win this light to start my home grow.

  38. I currently have an indoor grow setup and am looking to expand on my current setup. These quantum boards would be the perfect fit!!! Please help a brother out xx

  39. I am currently running a small indoor grow and am really wanting to upgrade my lights for bigger bud and better yields! Please hook a brother up! I’ll spot you a gram or two 😉

  40. 2 friends and myself are starting a small business from home. Due to covid we all lost about 60% of all earnings. A light is the final missing piece of the puzzle. With no taboco we want to promote healthy canabis.

  41. This would be a great addition for my grow as I need a grow light for clones and this would be perfect.

  42. well to be honest I need to grow some dry herb so I could converted into oil also way to expensive I have a few family members that need it for medicinal purposes I found myself out of options when it comes to medication so I have no choice but to make this work and I struggled trying to get the decent light to have a good outcome but if anyone else needs it more than me then so be it so yeah it is for me but technically it’s for more important purpose than myself I wish you all the best sending all my love to all you growers

  43. I have 3 gg4 babies growing and has just gone into flower but my one 100watt quantum panel is not enough powa for the plants.
    I have a 80x80x160 tent so light is enough for veg.

  44. I bought a grow tent for my husband as his 30th birthday present and the three beautiful GG4 plants are sadly being stunted by the inequality of his current light. The light you’re gifting is the perfect one to make our flowers bloom to perfection and I so wish to make my husband of 1 years (we just celebrated our 1 year anniversery last week) the happiest man on earth. Please help me to do this as my husband has such a passion for growing and spends more time with his plants than with his family 😉

  45. I recently started growing a outdoor plant for my mom too cut cost on the price of cbd oil for her spinal arthritis winning this light will save so much cash as we will be able too produce cbd all year … Really need this light in my life.

  46. Meowzit MCBN, firstly thank you for this informative article, I’m still a newbie when it comes to growing my own, but no newbie to the wonders of the beautiful plant. I started growing on a super tight budget and now my one small LED is starting to bomb out. I’ve been researching for the past month on which light to start saving for and this along with the philzon LED are the two I’ve been leaning towards. It’s now a matter of saving but with my little one money is tight and this new light isn’t gonna come easy. Please make me a chicken dinner MCBN. But if not I’m sure who wins will deserve it just as much. All that is good to you and your family’s

  47. With this new normal I will be creating my own indoor jungle, all my tropical high light loving plants will thrive!!!!

  48. Winning the LED grow lamp would make it easier for me to start my medicinal experiment to treat my elder who has Alzheimer.. indoor grow would give me the medicinal quality I’m looking to grow to help the sick in and outside my family.

  49. My boyfriend and I have founded a hydroponic startup in our local community and we believe this addition would greatly upscale our smart agricultural system.
    This would facilitate our value creation process through efficient internal production which translates to cost savings to our community coupled with high quality yields.
    We’re both passionate about the agritech industry and aspire to partner with local companies such as the Online Grow Shop and mycitybynight as we continue to grow.

  50. I will use it to grow all year long and be able to help others when they need it! I am a long time grower have always used a hps for bloom. Just recently I help a medical cannabis user get there grow set up with a older box style led light, I have to say I was quite impressed with the how the flower turned out! If I won I would promise to help others and also share my experience with a light I am sure I will fall in love with!

  51. Oops I just seen I spelled “there” wrong it should be “their” in the comment I just previoulys submitted. If possible can you please correct? and please dont submit this comment. Ty! ..Just recently I help a medical cannabis user get “there” please change to “their”

  52. Love this competition! I need it because I have all the other spectrum lights but missing this one. Now that we can grow 8 plants this light will make all the difference to make sure my plants recieve proper light cycles. Very excited to grow the best buds this season!

  53. I don’t think I’m more deserving than anyone else but I would very much like to win this. As a newbie first time grower, this is exciting.

  54. I would like to win this to optimize my growing. I make a lot of medicinal products which use a lot of product and this would make life easier for me. Such a wonderful comp! Thanks for the opportunity!

  55. I bought a second hand grow op about a year ago and been on a super tight budget since. About 3 months ago I noticed that my one LED is starting to bomb out. Been looking at this range of lights as well as the Philzon and tbh can’t afford this right now, finances are tight but I need a light to keep growing. Please make me a chicken dinner MCBN

  56. I need this beast, cause I am currently relying on the sun and with this cape town weather my plants are going purple!

  57. This has to be one of the coolest competitions you guys have ever run. Thanks for continually pushing the cannabis and medicinal market. This prize would honestly save our grow and allow our babies the right amount of light, unfortunately they’re not receiving the best treatment this prize would truly help us become the green finger cultivators we have always wanted to be.

    Thanks again for being on the forefront of the Cannabis movement, keep doing what you do.

  58. Wanna start my first Indoor grow and this would really help to extend my budget… Thanks for the chance guys 👍 Good luck everyone

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