Electric Vines is a live music festival taking place at Arabella in the beautiful Robertson Valley in Western Cape taking place on 30 and 31 December 2014. This can’t-miss two-day party provides the perfect setting to celebrate 2014 and bring in the New Year, all while enjoying the awesome local and international artist line-up under the stars and amongst the vines.

With some of the hottest South African and International acts secured for Electric Vines, the entertainment line-up over the two-day festival is rivaled only by the perfection of the location.

Band line-up to date:

Prime Circle

Matthew Mole

Sun City (Australia)



Pascal and Pearce

Just Jinjer

Cath Grenfel

Gangs of Ballet

Jeremy Loops

Jesse Clegg


Ticket line:

Weekend Passes for standard tickets:

  • Early Bird (1-30 Aug): R400
  • 1-30 Sept: R500
  • 1 Oct-30 Nov: R600
  • 1 Dec – 28 Dec: R700

Weekend Passes for the VIP experience:

  • Early Bird (1 Aug – 30 Nov): R1500
  • 1 Dec – 31 Dec: R2000

Single Day Passes:

1 Aug – 30 Nov: R300

1 Dec – 31 Dec: R500

Door price: R800

Bus Ticket: R300

The Electric Vines bus will shuttle you in style from Cape Town to Arabella Wines. The bus departs from Cape Town (TBC): 30 Dec 2014 at 08:00 and then Departs Arabella Wines: 01 Jan 2015 at 13:00. No single journey may be purchased.

Buy tickets:



For those looking to festival in style, the Harambee Tented Camp provides the perfect accomodation for the two day event.

Included in the price of your two night stay:

  • A bed complete with mattress and bedding. Can be booked double or twin
  • Bedside table and lamp
  • Towels
  • Power connection for charging purposes
  • Hot and cold showers (exclusively for Harambee)
  • Flush toilets (exclusively for Harambee)
  • Breakfast and coffee on the morning of 31 Dec and 1 Jan
  • At an additional cost, guests can eat lunch and dinner at the Harambee restaurant
  • Guests will also have their own bar located inside the Harambee camp

Alternatively, festival goers can book into one of Robertson’s hotels, B&B’s or guest houses, all of which can be found on the website.





Ticket line:

Instagram: ElectricVines



We have got the following prize to offer you, our lovely MyCityByNight followers… A prize worth R5,600!!

ASSORTED FESTIVAL MERCHANDISE (Festival Clothing/Survival Packs) Valued at R1000


1)  Click attending on the Electric Vine NYE event page on Facebook: (click here)
2) Comment below and let us know why you deserve this excellent prize from MyCityByNight and Electric Vine?
3) Share this post on Facebook & Twitter

winner announced on the 17th of September!

Bob finds stuff, reads stuff, laughs at stuff and then hopes you do the same. He is like a digital dog playing digital fetch for you, only better.

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  1. Firstly I have never won a competition. ..and I have entered many! So for me to win this prize as my first competition will cause for a great story! I need this. I have had the tough year…no lies and could do with this break!! To be honest I know probably don’t deserve it more than the next person but to me personally it will mean a hole lot!
    Ps: thanks in advance

  2. Well I’ve spent every New Years either alone at home or just chilling with the family and it would be cool to party hard this time around 😀

  3. Sooo…I would really, REALLY like this prize. It would be great to actually have a raucous NYE for a change, I usually spend my NYE working (bartending for 16hrs) or housesitting or babysitting or having a very tame time at someone’s house. If I can’t do Daisies, I NEED to do Vines. I have yet to go out on the jol this year, yes seriously, so if I’m gonna spend the rest of my year deprived of such outings at the expense of my sanity, a massive NYE partytjie is detrimental to saving that sanity. I think that’s reason enough 🙂

  4. This concert is the best gathering of musos that i will love to part of….From …”As long as I am here” to “Girl Lost In The City” , this is a concert that i don”t wanna miss…Rock on guys !!

  5. So I can think of about 12 reasons MyCityByNight and Electric Vines

    1. The line-Up, Holy mother Toreza Prime Circle, matt mole, J-loops to mention a few and Damn Straight we’re going to party till the sun rises on the 1st of January

    2. The Venue, Arabella Wine Estate, probably the most breath taking place i can picture a NYe festival to be held, with the beautiful wines “which i promote for my wine promotions company- Beautiful stuff!!!” definitely the scenic place I can’t wait to wake up to every morning (in my leeeeeeka VIP tent with my gorgeous girlfriend 😉 )

    3. Although the farm is a little distance from Cape Town, The drive will be thrilling and so adventurous for the avid festival go’er like myself – Sit back relax to some local jams on my ipod and sip some lager 😀 – most leeeeeka

    4. The people, I can see from the clever people whom say they are attending on facebook and they already look like the beautiful kind of people I wish to celebrate the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 with (Y)

    5. My tenting and festival gear is below par, so the package and merchandise is greatly needed and well otherwise id be sleeping on the floor “probably where Ill end up anyway XD but you know maybe if i have a sick option as this already setup tent included in the package ill follow my heart to my tent :D”

    6. You’ve got me started on this now :/ too excited 😮 all i can think of is myself and mates who I’ve been raving to about this festival since i heard about it not too long ago. ill end up convincing the whole of the western cape to attend with this list of things that makes it fucking amazing

    7. I’m a little bored of all the trance NYE festivals and now that there’s an alternative that’s just as big, i’m taking it with arms wide open! I’m so stoked theres such a kief music festival for new years this year and hopefully it sticks around for many more years to come 🙂

    8. i have Rocking the daisies on my list and that kinda set me back quite some moola… being completely honest, I’m fucking broke in this student recession I’m having 🙁 hence why the effort to win this comp is max priority, because a festival of this nature may not be missed!

    9. I’f your’e a south African and are considering attending, just shut up and buy ur ticket already, dont be a fool, play it cool and wrap your tool…nah just buy a ticket.

    10. what is new years without some sort of alcoholic beverage? Thats right its not. If i do so manage to conjure up some cash, or rob a bank or take out a student loan to pay for this extraordinary event, then ill be cool as a cucumber… but this is unlikely… so winning this ridiculously amazing prize will give me a solution to my problem (Y) and I’m a problem solver

    11. I could go on for days, but at some point the reader will get tired of hearing how sick this is going to be and have major FOMO and lead to a great depression, I don’t want that as we need as many cool, happy people to attend this festival and throw a party that SA has not seen or heard of before.

    12. all of these reasons, are my reason for not wanting to miss out on this prize or event. Please MyCitybyNight and Electric Vines, help this brother out

    Your #1 fan
    Brandon Cooper

  6. I just really want to take my best friend to this epic NYE festival because I’m moving away next year – new job! And I want to spend some time partying with my bestie, as I won’t be seeing her often enough.

  7. This will be the first time camping and festival in style at the Electric Vines welcoming the new year with the different gear far from home.I really need this awesome getaway 🙂

  8. I entered this competition last week but no post showing – please tell me those entries haven’t been discounted because of your website upgrade???

    1. Hi Andrea, Yes, sorry, some of the database did not copy when people commented, but we took screenshots of the posts/comments, so we do have them, but feel free to comment again.

  9. Hey! I commented before, but it aint showing? But I really want to win this awesome prize, so here I go again! It’s been the craziest funnest year of life and winning tickets to attend this amazing event on NYE will just be the cherry on top of a year where I proved to myself that hard work and dedication combined with a lot of passion really does make your dreams come true 🙂

  10. All the above comments are really good and it seems that errrbody has a bloody good reason why they should get the tickets and I don’t think that I deserve them more or less than anybody else on here. I just want them. BECAUSE IT’S A FRIKKEN AWESOME PRIZE MAAAAN!!!

  11. I would love to attend this but mostly I would like to give this to my Nephew who is studying in Cape Town and who has embraced everything that Cape Town has to offer. I cannot imagine anything more perfect for him and his girlfriend and what a awesome way to bring in New Year. He has had the most awesome year at UNI and achieved so much in medical robotics that this would be the perfect way for him to relax, enjoy and celebrate his achievements.

  12. I wasn’t aware of the hype surrounding this event at first, but after seeing my crazy boyfriend, Brandon Cooper’s posts on Facebook and Twitter, every single day, I got to learn more about Electric Vines and the line-up they’re hosting this New Years Eve. After this I just knew I had to be a part of this amazing experience, because it’s a great, new (for us) way to end the year. Winning this epic competition for, by the sounds of it, a leeekka jol, would end this tough, but rewarding first year as a Stellenbosch, #Maties, student in the best way. Now that I am aware of this sick New Years Eve party, I will spread it around campus, tell my friends- convincing them to come- and invite all the leeekka people of the Western cape. What you are offering in this competition package would be a great Getaway for a student/ festival go’er like myself, and for me, this is the only way to end off 2014. #EV2014 #NewYearsEveFestival #PleaseHelp #CompetitionTime #MyCityByNight #NeedThis #Getaway #ArabellaWineEstate #2014 #NYE #2015 #LEEEKKA

  13. I just moved to Cape Town and as a result will be very poor for a long time.
    So much so that I will not be able to attend anything fun…

    Also, winning 2 tickets will force people to want to befriend me, thus helping me make friends in this new city.

    However, I do feel that “deserve” is a strong, perhaps slightly rude word. No one really deserves anything. I would rather like to say that this is why I think I would best suit this give away.


  14. I think I ‘deserve’ this prize as I haven’t done something this exciting for New Years in my life. I would love to go to this music festival and to do in style (hot showers, yes please) would be amazing. I haven’t heard most of these bands live but enjoy their music and to listen to them in such a stunning setting would be such a great way to end the year.

  15. last New years was spent at a house-party where a fight broke out, a couple broke up and two people landed up crying. My boyfriend and I grabbed a bottle of champers found a “safe” corner and promised that next new year we would be at an awesome festival with good vibes and fantastic music – please help us make this happen!! Give us a new year to remember for all the right reasons!

  16. I think I deserve to win the competition because I would have just turned 21 and this would be the ultimate 21st gift and celebration. Also, I am ADDICTED to SA music festivals and am a huge advocate for SA music ( partly why I am studying journalism, so that I can write articles about how amazing SA music is). And my last new years was VERY average, so I think I need to make up for that. It will also be the best way to see in my last year of university.

    So help a sister out! 🙂

  17. AMAZING LINE-UP :D!! This festival sounds like the place to be on New Years and an event not to be missed!! Beautiful music, beautiful setting and beautiful people in the summer can only be a good time!!

    I would love to win these tickets to Electric Vines for myself and my partner!! Can’t think of a better way to celebrate 2014 and party it up at Arabella into the new year 😀

  18. Winning this prize would most assuredly make my girlfriend say yes to marry me. I would ask her at the festival, during Matthew Mole’s set cos she’s absolutely CRAZY about his music.

  19. Reasons why I would love to win? Where to even START!? The lineup, the vibe, the venue, the party. Who doesn’t love a good two-day party JAM!? Keen like a bean to get my ass from dull old JHB to the beautiful Western Cape for some kickass talent, sunshine, beautiful people and gooooood tiiiimes

  20. AMAZING LINE- UP :D!! This festival sounds like the place to be on New Years and an event not to be missed!! Beautiful music, beautiful setting and beautiful people in the summer can only be a good time!!

    I would love to win these tickets to Electric Vines for myself and my partner!!

    Can’t think of a better way to celebrate 2014 and party it up at Arabella into the new year 😀

    Jaco x

  21. If I do not win this, I will be chilling at home this NYE, watching my dad’s Michael Jackson dance moves, before heading off to Church, and thereafter heading back home for karaoke until early hours of the morning. Yes, this is how I have celebrated every year. C’mon MyCityByNight and Electric Vines! HELP ME :’)
    Entering into a new year with amazing music, people and vibes, is the ebst recipe for an amazing year. Help a sister out! Best line-up and best party to be at by far over NYE!
    Love love love!

  22. I REALLY wanna ask my girl to marry me, and we’re both music festival junkies! This prize would be the ultimate opportunity to NEVER forget my proposal!!

  23. I could eb in Brazil wearing white clothing and jumping over 7 waves and thrpowing flowers into the sea. I could be Chileeating a spoonful of lentil (Ew) and putting money at the bottom of my shoe. I could be in China watching the fireworks inventors set off their biggest and brightest, dressed in red. I could be in Cuba circling my house with a suitcase for more travelling oppurtunities. I could be in Denmark smashing plates and glasses against my house, or even Ecudor burning effigies on politicians or others i don’t like. Maybe even Germany and melt some lead and then throw it into water to determine its shape. Greece sounds good with its new years carols, eating cake with a coin and singing for money (whichh i need). BUT because I’m too broke to travel during the peak season, and because ELECTRIC VINES is too legit to quit, thats where I cant to be! Partying it up, drinking it down and most of all with the best kind of music!
    There is no better way to enter the new year than with a music festival, tent, dancing and on a wine estate! Pleaseeee pick me! So excited can feel the electricity in my veins! (see what I did there ;D) #ElectricVines #MCBN #NYE #Leeekkkkaaa #MoskLegit #TooLegit ToQuit #Winning

  24. I’ve Really done everything in my efforts to get this out there 🙂 Via Twitter “daily” for a month” , Facebook, Instagram and even Google+ for anyone that actually uses it ^_^. Acting like a crazy person across all social networks for a month…I’ts been tiring work, really has 😮 but I’ve made it my mission with the little time in my student life to Convince you guys & “show” you why I deserve this rather than just saying why I think I deserve this Amazing prize 🙂 Hope you like my profile picture I created XD #NYE #EV2014 #MCBN #ILoveThisCity

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