WIN A Pair Of adidas Originals ZXFlux

ZXFlux MyCityByNight

The lovely folks over at adidas Originals decided that you are awesome (of course you are, you read MCBN), and want to give you a chance to win ANOTHER pair of #ZXflux!

With the payoff line ‘Infinite Possibilities’, the #ZXflux range has many an awesome design! So with that in mind, we want you to do the following to stand a chance of winning:

In the comments section below, tell us what design, patter, image etc. you would have on a pair of #ZXFlux!
Tweet us an image of what that design/pattern etc. would be. It could be a close up of your tweed jacket, toothbrush (please don’t) or anything! Your tweet must include #MCBNzxflux so that we can track it.


Comment e.g.: My pair of ZX Flux would be yellow on the toe, blue till the heel, have a red tongue and green laces, with a shadow overlay of a dolphin that has a skipping rope!

TWEET e.g.: Here is what I would have on my @adidasza #ZXFlux in the #MCBNzxflux competition! [Insert image of that sunset/tweed jacket toothbrush etc. here]

Be creative and have fun!

Comp closes Wednesday 20th August 2014 at 5pm! Winners announced Tuesday 26 August 2014 on this post.

Bob finds stuff, reads stuff, laughs at stuff and then hopes you do the same. He is like a digital dog playing digital fetch for you, only better.

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  1. My pair of ZX Flux would have the Ghanaian kente cloth – you know, the kind with all the geometrical shapes. The stripes would be black with back heels and a black tongue. FIRE!

  2. My pair of ZX Flux would be white on the toe, lumo green till the heel, have a orange tongue and black laces, with a shadow overlay of a tiger stalking it’s prey.

  3. My pair of ZX Flux would be light green with condensation drops all over, like an ice cold bottle of castle lite beer!

    Whats better than a beer in your hand, two on your feet!

  4. My pair of ZX Flux would be grey, white and black overlapping polka dots. with a white soul and black laces.

  5. My pair of ZX Flux would be completely white with black soles and black roses on them with hot pink laces laces and grey on the tips 😀 This vision is real guys!!

  6. My pair of ZX Flux would be rattan weave with a grey shade for the main color and a red Adidas logo on the side which looks like it was spray painted. A good touch will be a pitch black sole :D.

  7. My pair of ZX Flux would be hot pink on the toe, black till the heel, have a white tongue and white laces, with a shadow overlay of stars and skulls!

    Oooh I’d love these!

  8. My pair of ZX Flux would be the prettiest, with a black & white floral like pattern till the heel, white tip on the toe, white soles, black tongue, white laces with red rose floral overlay.


  9. My pair of #ZXFlux will have the South African flag as a base design with an overlay of Digi camo faded into the SA Flag(subtle but still visible. The soles will be white with a black #adidas #southafrica towards the back of the sole, a red tongue and black laces with #adidas #southafrica in white. The Adidas logo on the tongue will be base black with the the SA flag colours.
    The back ankle/heel support will be a reflective black.
    The underneath of the sole pattern will be engraved as the South African flag.

  10. My pair of ZX Flux would be Black and the Adi Bars would be True blue (RGB 0, 115, 197) and the back detailing on the heel would be Black. The tongue will be grey with True Blue laces and a red lace Eyelet at the beginning/bottom of the lace (Currently Yellow). Crisp and clean.

  11. My zxflux will have lumo orange toe with with navy blue to the back and a orange tongue with navy laces. No shadow overlay. Just clean and simple

  12. My pair of ZX Flux would be SOLAR PINK (like a watermelon colour) on the toe with WHITE Infinity signs , SOLAR YELLOW (like a lime colour) till the heel, BLACK heels, have a BLACK tongue and WHITE laces, with an inner that is SOLAR PINK and a with a shadow overlay of a WHITE Rain Cloud because I’m a lover of the rain (a pluviophile).

  13. My pair of ZX Flux? I would have them the colour of candy floss! Fluffy and soft like a pink cloud. Oh and they would be so light- of course! Like an air bubble on my foot! With #ZXFlux the POSSIBILITIES are INFINITE!

  14. My pair of ZX Flux would be yellow on the toe, blue till the heel, have a red tongue and green laces, with a shadow overlay of a dolphin that has a skipping rope!
    Adidas commitment to us is uncompromising, unwavering and forever. I’m ready to own a pair #ZXflux
    The Adidas customization and the imminent sequel, the three stripes continues to hit the shoe with a bevy of enticing options. #ZXFlux

  15. My pair of ZX Flux would be covered in a collage of old school comics with blue laces, cant wait to try them on ;P

  16. My pair of ZX Flux would be designed based on the first photo I took on my first iPhone [a milestone for me], It the dew drops that settled on the sunroof, pic taken from the inside of the car. Looks so rad! I’d then have the tongue, heel and laces in black.

    Check it out:

  17. My pair of ZX Flux would be designed to resemble an Aston Martin. The shoe itself would be blackish/grey with air vent design on the side. The tongue would be white to resemble the windscreen with a sleek spoiler image on the heel.

  18. My pair of ZX Flux would be the colour and texture of a Blue whale, the blow hole is where you put your feet in. I would strongly suggest that Addidas makes these and distributes them in Japan, they will be the fastest selling shoes in Asian History.

    See this image for example of the texture

    The only problem is there would be a lot of people with injured feet in japan as I’m sure there would be a massive amount of Fishermen mistaking the shoes for real whales and harpooning people in the feet. we may have to make them slightly less realistic to avoid this from happening as it would 100% definitely happen.

  19. My pair of ZX Flux would have fast food all over it – burgers, fries, hotdogs, onion rings, hell even pizza. With white sole and laces, and light blue background and tongue.

    Because fast food is all we ever think about, right??

  20. My pair of ZX Flux would be the colour and texture of a Blue Whale. The Blow hole is where you put your feet in. See this image for example of the texture:


    I would strongly suggest that Adidas put these into production immediately and launch them in Japan, and then the rest of Asia. It would become the fastest selling shoes in history. The only red flag is that they obviously can’t be too realistic otherwise there would be a huge amount of injuries caused by Japanese fisherman harpooning peoples feet, Mistaking the ZX Flux Blue Whale editions for actual Blue whales. This would 100% definitely happen so we can’t make them too realistic.

  21. My pair of ZXFlux would be full on grey with popcorn on it with red laces and a white sole.


    My entry for the MyCityByNight x Adidas ZX Flux competition would be a rad tropical island colourway.

    The main panels of the shoe will be a reminder of a little slice of paradise and island life. The palm tree print will make up this panel with it’s blended green leaves, leaving a rad tropical texture on your feet.

    The trim and stripes will be a cool summer splash of tropical clear blue water. This bright texture will pop out on top of the leaves to cool down your feet from the summer heat.

    Here’s what the final product looks like:


  23. My ZX Flux will have a jade green sole and the top would be a bright sky blue with a huge colourful Chinese dragon snaking its way around the shoe. The tongue would be also jade green and the laces sky blue with speckles of jade green.

  24. The ZX Flux that I’d want would consist of a two tone grey and neon green combo with the three stripe Adi original logo stitched in all over in an almost collage-like pattern. Sick I tells ya!

  25. My pair of ZX Flux would have a pink top, black heel, the laces would be silver and I would have the inside like leopard spots!

  26. My pair of ZX Flux would be denim, have a tan laces, with a white sole and a thin tan line on top of the sole!

  27. My #zxflux shoes will be pure white with purple stripes and small purple pac man figure all over the shoe

  28. My pair of ZX Flux would be red underneath, have a black sole, be dark grey in colour with a touch of lime, and red laces to give a bit of vibe.

  29. My ZX Flux would have white soles with red paint splashes on the white and black top with red heal support with the iconic Adidas flower mini prints all over and finishing it with some old school phat white laces.

  30. My pair of ZX Flux will be beige with black skulls and red roses. The sole and the tongue will be black and the laces red. I would love this…. Photo of pattern will follow soon on twitter.

  31. My pair of ZX Flux will be imbracing the season of spring ! With a white sole, and flower print covering the rest of the shoe, finishe off with bright white laces! Please make my dream come true! I love Adidas <3

  32. I’m going to go all Star Wars on this one and have a pair of ZX Flux – Yoda green! It’s got to have a rough texture to it, cause Yoda is old and everything… Keep the stripes in a red neon light saber and khaki tongue – Cause Yoda wears khakis of course. May the Force be with you!

    1. My pair of ZX Flux would be designed based on the Marvel Comics Character, Iron Man. I happened to find this pic a while back and now realised why I kept it. It needs to be featured on my pair of custom #ZXFLUX. The shoe will be white because of the background of the pic with the classic pic of Iron Man kneeling with his fist in the ground in red, iron man will wrap over the toe section. The heel, tongue and laces will be red.

      Here’s the pic:

  33. my pair of @AdidasZA #Zxflux will be black and white on colour wth yellow toes on the heals and grey lays

  34. My pair of ZX Flux,i would like it to be black in colour, with quite a few bright yellow lightning bolts on it for the speed it gives u makes u feel like Hoosain Bolt 😉

  35. My ZX Flux would be camo green with lumo green 3 stripes on the side with black laces.Plus a white heel. I would probably just wear them to go to my kitchen and back, because they look that awesome

  36. My pair of #Zxflux kicks will be light grey, with a black tip on the toe and heel, whilst the stripes and tongue are lime green with black laces. Perfect combination of simplicity and “well hello there gorgeous” .. based on a volcano, the grey and black portray the already spread lava that’s turned to ash, while the lime green illustrating the volcano is still alive and shouldn’t be given up in just yet as the lava is still flowing, just like everyday life..

  37. My pair of ZX Flux would be black but the black material must be in a stylish lace with the Adidas stripes in Gold as well as the tongue ofcoarse 🙂 …. The laces should be in black to make the Gold and Lace pop out. The sole is black and the base/underneath of the shoe will be white but the Adidas logo will be embroided in a Gold colour to create a depth look. i would also love to have gold bubble studs placed on the back of the shoe (the heel to ankle section)

  38. My pair of #zxflux will be black tips with grey tones and splashes of yellow with a tartan backside

  39. My pair of #ZXFLUX Adidas, will be bright neon green with Coral sole’s. it will have bright multi colour diamond shapes on the tongue. The look and feel would be lacy. The inside of the shoe will be blue, a nice cobalt blue and it will have school grey laces with neon pink tips with the Adidas markings on. On the bottom of the sole the writing will be “Racy Lacy” written in black on the Coral colour.

  40. My pair of ZX Flux would be Ice & Fire! From cold toes of icy blues and whites it would gradually transform into hot on the heels with firey reds and oranges!

  41. My ZX flux’s would be in red and have Boston Terriers in the front Toe region to match my socks, underwear, shorts and tshirt. My Boston Terrier Uniform will be complete.

  42. My pair of ZX Flux would be designed based on FIRE & ICE.
    On the toes it would icy cold shades of blues and then it would gradually transform into firey shades of red and orange to make it hot on the heels!

  43. My ZX Flux would be ombre shades of pink from the bottom to the top, with racy red laces and matching toe!

  44. Just for you Craig…My pair of ZX Flux would be Blue and White in colour with the Chelsea badge on either side 🙂 seen as Chelsea are sponsored by Adidas….perfect fit don’t you think?

  45. I am however not a chelsea supporter, so if I were to win the would have to be red and white with the Manchester United badge

  46. This is so cool! Flip my mind is so full of different things. But top on my list would be a pair of giraffe print #ZXFLUX with a black toe like the giraffes tongue. Sole black with primary colour red laces and heel and side panel detailing, and the laces cover slip thing a true addidas blue.

    That would be awesome! Thanks for the best comps MCBN.

  47. The sickest and illest design on a pair of ZX Flux would be executed in Optimus Prime blue with some autobot insignia on the tongue. Cool collaboration with Adidas and transformers and why not Adidas partnered up with Star Wars

  48. My pair of ZX Flux would have a glow in the dark ink print on them with matte-black soles and white laces, so that when I go to bed after a hard run they look like a floating night-lite.

  49. My pair of ZX Flux would be yellow in the inside with a blue and black bacteria print on the outside (just google bacteria pattern 😀 ). Where the base color is matte black and the blue outlines of bacteria should be glossy/shiny. To top things off I will have the laces blue and sole black.

  50. My gorgeous pair of ZX Flux would have a bright,multicolour traditional Zulu shweshwe print, proudly showing off my South African heritage & pride. My rainbow nation shoe would have all black detail, including the laces, so that my shoes colours can truly pop !

  51. My pair of ZX Flux would a green and black weave all over, with the Adidas bars on the side filled with binary code text (like a Matrix feel to it)with a black sole and a green heel similar to the color of the binary code.

  52. My pair of ZX Flux would be Orange all over as Orange is said to inspire creativity, with a yellow sole and laces because yellow is associated with Imagination. Keep it simple but telling a whole lot.

  53. My pair of ZX Flux would have a montage of Kim Kardashian’s crying face all over it, with a white sole, and black laces.

  54. My pair of ZX Flux would have a dark green colour, as the base/main color of the sneaker, then the South African flag will be composed from that main color. So the inner & outer of the sneaker will have enough small South African flags(with all the south african colors)

  55. My ZX Flux would honour the annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta- where hundreds of brightly coloured hot air balloons line the blue skies of Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. The shoes would feature printed graphics of multiple hot air balloons against a blue sky with thin white clouds. The heel cage, laces laces and the 3 stripes would all be in sunset orange, as a reference to the sunset when the balloons make their decent back down.

    To get an idea of the photo print:

  56. My ADIDAS ZXFlux would have “I <3 MCBN" written in white while the heart (<3) is red and the whole shoe is black.

  57. I like the idea of sound waves or heart beat pattern on my ZXFlux design.
    Perhaps a all green base color with a black heart beat pattern and a white sole. Everybody will see you coming down the road – safety first 😀

  58. My ADIDAS #ZXflux would have Nguni hide patterns, with Assegai and Knob-Kerrie aglets on either end of the laces. Finished off with Zulu beaded Three Stripes and tongue shield. A hand stitched creation with‘Infinite Possibilities.’Do you agree?

  59. Kicks with quotes! From songs or just famous sayings, in some cool white writing on a blue/ black background

  60. My Adidas #ZXflux would be an ode to the classic C.R.E.A.M by the Wu Tang cLAN. It would be a collage of the intricate and details on a hundred dollar bill – Got to have Benjamin’s face at the back of the shoe with the adidas logo above his head (in gold). To keep it discrete, keep the stripes a solid money green with more detail from the dollar bill hidden. And just to top it off – money green tongue and it’s got to have GOLD laces – and most definitely money green sole.


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