Win 1 of 5 RED-E Powerbanks


Time to power up your lives and never worry about ever missing a second of MCBN because your phone or tablet battery go flat and Eskom is ruining your day!

We giving away 5 RED-E Powerbanks to 5 lucky winners!!

Whats up for grabs?

The RED-E RC60 Powerbank that you see below! It will give you around 2 and a half full phone charges or 1 and a bit tablet charges!


What do you need to do?

On either or both Twitter or Instagram, tweet/post us your picture with the following: Please #MCBNred & @RED_E_ZA to be #NeverWithoutPower I need an RC60 cos [insert reason and pic].

– Please #MCBNred & @RED_E_ZA to be #NeverWithoutPower I need an RC60 cos I never want to miss this view [Pic]
– Please #MCBNred & @RED_E_ZA to be #NeverWithoutPower I need an RC60 cos I love taking pics at this club/restaurant/place etc [PIC]
– Please #MCBNred & @RED_E_ZA to be #NeverWithoutPower I need an RC60 cos I need to take #FoodPorn pics like this [PIC]

Ok, you got it? Sure you do!

Competition closes on Tuesday 28th July 2015 at 5pm. Winner announced on Thursday 30th July 2015.

Now get creative and have some fun!

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