WIN – 1 of 5 Doritos Jacked Hampers

Doritos Jacked GiveAway hamper

Recently Doritos launched their new Jacked range and flavours! Having had a little taste of both, I can say they damn good. Cheeky dip on the side and some rugger or footy, beer and you good to go!

With the launch, they are also offering one lucky person the chance to take three of his friends to Ibiza for days of fun and adventure!

All you have to do is Just buy a packet of ‪#‎DoritosJacked‬ and SMS the last 4 digits of your barcode with the word ‘Jacked’ to 44927 and you could WIN!

All the details are on their Facebook page, so head over there, give them a like/follow and enter. Fun in the sun could be only a click away!

In case you dont win though and still wants some Doritos awesome, we giving you the chance of winning 1 of 5 Doritos Jacked Hampers!

The giveaway hamper consists of the following items:
· SHOX speakers
· Doritos Jacked products
· Drawstring back

What do you have to do:

Just tell us below how jacked you are on Doritos!

Competition closes Tuesday oat 5pm, winners announced Wednesday.

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  1. Doritos is not just a side dish! This right here is a main chick! Doritos on fresh white bread for a crunchy sandwich…have a Mexican craving – no problem, pour it out on to a plate and whack your toppings on and make a meal of it! Pop it on a burger for that extra crunch! And if you’re really at a push – Walking Doritos is a real thing – throw all your favourite toppings in the bag and you’re good to go.

    Why would anyone not be jacked?!


    OK, so I use Doritos to make the best and ultimate nachos. isually buy 2 or 3 different flavours and mix it up to make the cheesiest crucnu hot nachos ever! Seriously we go all out and use rib meat for the filling and 3 cheeses in layers of Doritos. Craving it now! Damn you MCBN!

  3. I’m so jacked on Doritos Jacked that that I mix my pre-workout with energade and powerade before bed, so I can grow while I sleep. Also, I don’t sleep, I wait…cause I’m so jacked on Jacked.

  4. Doritos Jacked range puts the Jack in JACKPOT. You know you’re a winner when you having those crunchy babies for your braai and chillout sessions. They taste so good, like good food should

  5. Doritos is a perfect snack for a game of rugby or a lazy picnic at the beach. Always a tasty snack . Love it

  6. I’m so jacked on Doritos, I have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between!

  7. I’m Monster truck jacked on doritos. I buy a party pack but I’m the only one invited! I beast through a whole pack alone, crunching on the awesome flavour coz bigger, bolder is always better and that’s why Doritos is the best.

  8. Doritos isn’t a snack – it’s a lifestyle 😉
    Perfect for any occassion – with a braai, with some wine, on a picnic, in a lunchbox or a worktime treat.
    A delicious treat that I simply cannot give up!

  9. Doritos Jacked has got me super awesomely fantastically jacked!!!!! I need that Smoked BBQ flavour!!!

  10. I use Doritos all the time for my home made nachos with chicken and jalapeno and the spicy nacho flavour has me super jacked!

  11. I have the munchies right now and I really would love some doritos!!! Droooooool.



    JACKED M8 .

    This + MdEW = MLG Illuminate

    need I say more ?

    Eat, Sleep , Doritos
    or get rekt .

    The only Jacked you should be is Doritos Jacked .

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  13. I wake up every morning and brush my teeth to ground up Doritos mixed with mountain dew.

  14. I’m super jacked for Doritos like Jack. The Giant slayer! Slaying Finger licking flavour. Fi Fy Fo my Thumb I’m licking when I’m eating em. :)Jack of all flavours. Love em aall

  15. I’m looking forward to the Saturday Bokke game,
    but before that I really hope MyCity says my name,
    as the winner of 1 of 5 delicious Doritos packs,
    so that I can provide my braai with some crunchy jacked up snacks,
    and as I dip a chip into a bowl of fresh Guac’,
    the boys will go wild as we score with our prop,
    the crowd roars at the sounds of Schalk Burger’s huge impact,
    and we’ll have the best day because we’re all so flippen jacked!

  16. Well i must say that i would like to hear my name being the winner of the Doritos Jacked Hampers.
    Spend the weekend with the new Jacked up packets and chilling with my friends around a braai or chilling and jamming to my new SHOX speakers.
    After that, head down to beach and chill with my other Jacked up packet of Doritos and carry my SHOX Speakers and other Packet of Doritos in my new Drawstring back and cruising in style. 🙂

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