Win 1 of 4 DOUBLE Tickets To Vodacom In The City!

Vodacom and Seed Experiences have announced that Vodacom In The City is back to bring eager fans another incredible festival in the heart of Joburg’s city centre, Mary Fitzgerald Square, Newtown, on Friday, 3 October 2014.

Now in its third year, Vodacom In the City has become a much-anticipated music experience that brings together a dynamic mix of international acts and thousands of the city’s music lovers for an unforgettable musical experience.

To kick off this year’s lineup, Vodacom and Seed Experiences are proud to announce Rudimental and Crystal Fighters as the first two international acts on this year’s stage with MGMT and The Presets recently announced on the lineup!


Win yourself 1 of 4 DOUBLE tickets to Vodacom In The City to see the headlining acts MGMT, RUDIMENTAL, Crystal Fighters, The Presets and local winner PH Fat.

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Winners will be announced on the 1st of October!

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  1. Crystal Fighters!!! All my friends are going down to daisies and I would really really love to just experience half of what they will experience. Sometimes a CD is just not enough!! Please please!

  2. I’m coming for The Presets, but will presumably stay in the vague hope reclaiming the shattered pieces of blown mind.

  3. OMG Rudimental <3 so glad i saw this in time… I'm madly obsessed with his work! what an honour to have him come here!! consider me, it will not be wasted in the slightest. <3

  4. Dying to see MGMT!!!! Remember jamming to “Time to Pretend” back in high school and never dreamed the would come to SA!

  5. Honestly can’t wait to lose my face at VITC to Rudimentals! This in one extremely sick line-up, but with ‘Not giving in’ as my morning song while on Contiki, I can’t help but be a little biased.

  6. i am most excited to see my future husband Andrew VanWyngarden from MGMT (my day one loves). hopefully as a birthday gift (this year VITC is on my birthday *hint hint*) he accepts my wedding proposal. cant wait.

  7. Because im powerless to the alien bashment that will occur if i dont get to see rudimental!! I dont want to sit at home, when i could be right here in the city where i can feel the love. Hell could freeze if i dont attend,and then we all have to hide. Im not giving in on this VITC.. im not giving in on winning. Ive been waiting all night my city by night baby.. Just allow me to be free in town. Even if i have to ride solo its all incomparable events i must give you up. but for this event i will do anything even bust out a musical session with spoons. Please allow me to Put my feet down at mary fitzgerald and dance. .. Help me get to #VITC that about sums it up…!

  8. When I first heard about the acts at In The City this year I knew I’d never be able to miss it for the world. And now PHFAT just makes it MUCH more spectacular. I am most excited to see RUDIMENTAL I’d say as they’ve played in front of the biggest audiences and have the craziest sets 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. OBVS i’m just the most excited to CRYSTAL FIGHTERS!!! Can’t wait to do some happy dancing to some amazing music 😀

  10. CRYSTAL FIGHTERS: Well firstly they have that CHAMPION SOUND! I would love to see them, but I’ve been sitting AT HOME praying all THESE NIGHTS that somehow I’d get some tickets cause I’m a broke ass student and LOVE IS ALL I GOT!


    MGMT: The TIME TO PRETEND is over… I always sing ELECTRIC “EEL” instead of “FEEL”! So yeah I wanna BOOGIE DOWN in Joburg with all the crazy KIDS at #VITC

  11. MGMT. kids practically made me the man I am today. It showcases lyrics to live by and to remember the simple things in life.

  12. MGMT, I always told myself if MGMT come to SA iv got to see them and here they are 🙂 IF I win ill make sure im a ultra party animal for the night ULTRA any way GOOD LUCK to us all … MGMT <3

  13. CRYSTAL FIGHTERS: ‘Cause firstly they got that CHAMPION SOUND… I’ve been sitting AT HOME all THESE NIGHTS praying for some tickets ’cause i’m living outside my means ($) and LOVE IS ALL I GOT to give…


    MGMT: the TIME TO PRETEND is over…. I don’t actually know if it’s ELECTRIC “EEL” or “FEEL” … So i wanna BOOGIE DOWN in Joburg with all the crazy KIDS at #vitc #seewhatididthere

  14. Crystal Fighters.
    because life is upon us and the time TO SEE CRYSTAL FIGHTERS is heeeere and nowwwww! 😀

    They fill my soul with magic, I neeeed to see them and P.H. Fat too. ;(

  15. Rudimental!!! Dude I’ll even wear my granny panties if it means I get to see them. #inthecity #lifechoices and it’s definitely one of the most important ones.

  16. I’m so keen to see MGMT. i loved thier 2010 album – Congratulations – and the psychedelic rock influence they developed there. Hope their set showcases this vibe..
    This year is also my first year in Joburg – so please help me get as close to that Daisies experience as I can if I can’t go in my hometown of Cape Town. Gimme dat electric feel.

  17. Rudimental are gonna be so MENTAL that my shoes are gonna ignite from dancing so hard … definitely most excited to see them 😀

  18. Crystal Fighters, for sure! Never thought we would ever get them this side of the world, so I’m there in Pom Poms and happiness!

  19. I am 1000% excited to see MGMT! Their songs remind me of all the best parts of summer especially Electric Feel and Time to Pretend. Love them!

  20. CRYSTAL FIGHTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every single part of the line up. In fact. But Crystal Fighters are one of my favourite bands of all time & I can’t believe I get to watch them in a week 😀 ★

  21. The Presets, and here is why: A few years back, when my now ex-wife and I decided to get divorced, I needed to get out of SA for a while as, well, divorce!!! I saw that Nevereverland was happening in Melbourne and that The Presets were headlining, choice was EASY!!! I booked a ticket, and went to to see this incredible band live. It helped with the divorce blues!!! I love the Presets, they have been a staple of my radio shows, my DJ sets and also mixtapes etc. (somebody recently stole ALL of my limited edition Presets CD’s I had bought in Australia, very sad, including their first EP Blow Up)

  22. good God…
    with a line-up like this it is almost impossible to choose u guise 🙁
    if I got the opportunity to see them live it would honestly be a memory i would never, ever forget.
    Please Drop Your Drink, help me out 🙁 <3<3

  23. good God…
    with a line-up like this it is almost impossible to choose u guise 🙁
    if I got the opportunity to see them live it would honestly be a memory i would never, ever forget.
    Please mycitybynight, help me out 🙁 <3<3

  24. Definitely excited for Rudimental and MGMT! And quite keen to see proudly South African act PH Fat

  25. mgmt because I’d love to be turned on by their electric feel. You got the power in your hand, to shock me like you won’t believe. this is your decision, to make me the one, I’ve got the vision now let me have some fun?
    ‘And all I need’s a great big congratulations!’

    But then,

    crystal fighters because I’d love to see them set love alight and have them set my world on fire. Time is short. You know you live one life. It was love at first sight. And being right by their side is the only thing on my mind. So would you grant me the chance of hearing their champion sound?
    There would nothing left here to worry about, if I were to be in the crowd, having the world spinning around.

  26. Definitely keen to see Rudimental! Unfortunately missed them in Serbia last year at Exit, due to their flight being delayed 🙁 also their song “Feel the Love” which is my girlfriend and I’s song! Would be amazing to see them live!

  27. Because I was in love with MGMT before they were cool, it would be a dream come true to see them live at such an epic location. No place more perfect than in our city!

    Life’s to short to be ruled by student budget!

  28. MGMT, they love Cindy Crawford.
    Me, I love MGMT.
    The link between those two facts?
    Absolutely nothing.
    Look guys, I just really want to be mind blown by these lads, considering the fact that they are the only Americans whom I don’t loathe. Would be swell to see them live.
    So here’s to hoping i win and if not, S/O to the amount of “sad girl cake” im going to consume in tears on the corner of my bedroom floor.

  29. Crystal Fighters. I’m definitely most excited to see Crystal Fighters.
    Thank god their ManaGeMenT team is on point.

  30. MGMT, I always said to myself self if they came to SA I would definitely go and see them. Unfortunately I have been hit with a drought of cash and ot seems like I will have to give it a skip, unless you can be kind enough to bless me with a ticket 🙂 🙂 🙂

  31. MGMT has been one of my favourite bands for so long! So sad that I’m pretty broke now 🙁 tickets would be great! 😀

  32. Definitely Rudimental. They make me want to touch my body and get naked. More naked this weekend

  33. Followed Crystal Fighters and MGMT to Spain at BBK… would LOVE to see them and Rudimentals! Flying home for this!

  34. I’m electric feeling MGMT! 😀 so so excited that they will be performing in SA! Please make my year, I would LOVE some Vodacom In The City tickets! <3

  35. All the bands I am EXTREMELY excited for! eeeeek but yes MGMT! It will be an epic evening :):):)

  36. ALL OF THEM! MGMT, Crystal Fighters and super stoked for PHfat, I would kill for a ticket I was too broke to get 🙁 pahlease!! I beg even

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