WIN 1 of 2 Stimorol iPod & DKNY Eau De Toilette Hampers

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Stimorol launched the new X-FRESH, X-Track last month and have received thousands of entries to win some awesome prizes… Now they giving you some more chance to win on MCBN!

WIN 1 of 2 Stimorol iPod & DKNY Eau De Toilette Hampers as seen below!


What you need to do to stad a chance of winning:
In the comments section below, tell us why you’ll be so X-FRESH with your Stimorol, iPod and DKNY!

Easy peasy!

Competition closes on Monday the 24th at 2pm, winners announced on Tuesday.

The campaign gives consumers a chance to experience music in a way they’ve never seen or heard before with the launch of ‘Stimorol X-Track’. The microsite game will give users the chance to create their own music tracks by building sounds via a dashboard of experiences. Share your experience and stand in line to win weekly prizes, with a grand prize winner selected at the end of the campaign.

Want to bust out a tune in the flesh? You and three friends can make music by chewing at any of the X-Track activations! By combining a host of exciting elements, Stimorol X-FRESH is offering new-found fans the chance to step into custom booths across the country to express the freshness by making music with every chew. The sound is projected outside the booth so spectators can hear what the feeling – it’s amazing! X-Track will be traveling around the country.

To visit the X-Track microsite click here ->


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  1. I will be X-Fresh because I will smell good with DKNY, have fresh minty breathe with stimorol and I will look cool listening to the lasteset tunes on the iPod all thanks to MCBN with Stimorol. I will be the freshest hip Mum on the block.

  2. I’ll be so X-FRESH with my Stimorol with fresh breath all day while listening to my iPod with dope tunes and kept refreshed with DKNY fresh smelling de toilette keeping it nice and simple

  3. At the moment, my life is more stale than those braai-broodjies from last month on the bottom shelf of your fridge. I chew on a bar of sunlight soap to freshen my breath, carry a few mint leaves with me to smell good, and listen to my sick beats on a crank powered gramophone. With this hamper, I’ll be able to smell fresh and listen to fresh new music. I’ll be fresh to the power of X.


  4. This is so amazing! It doesn’t get fresher than with Stimorol to keep your breath and smile minty fresh & DKNY to keep your fragrance game on fleek! This should be on every girl’s must-have list! Then this amazing prize also includes an iPod, to store all of your favourite summer songs to get you in the mood while you’re at gym. What more can you need?? Hello, X-Fresh, Hello Summer!

  5. I will be super X-FRESH because I’ll be rocking some DKNY, listening to some sick fresh tunes on my iPod while indulging in some Stimorol gum.

    One can never have enough freshness! 😀

  6. Been getting myself into shape since July for this summer which is going to be super awesomely rad. With the trio of Stimorol X-FRESH, the iPod and DKNY it will in most certainly and definitely compliment my new refreshed look giving me the “X” Fresh, “i” Tuned & “Be” Delicious look for the summer… Plus the iPod I wanna give to my newest hottie who just recently got pick-pocketed :(…

  7. With the ipod ill be singing out loud with a fresh breath from stimorols chews n dancing leaving a fresh scent from DKNY Cologne

  8. I am new in this nabourhood and I want my nabours to adore me and my smell and this hamper will just do it,IT WILL BRING UP THE FRESHNESS IN ME MMMMH XFRESHÈ 🙂

  9. Hello Hello

    What better way to get geared up for the summer ahead…with this bod training for the summer heat…all this gal needs is that fresh DKNY “be delicious” scent to look the part. The iPod will be my partner in crime cos I cant enjoy the best of times without the best tunes. Stimrol will be that final but vital accessory to my “X-Fresh” look.

    Gotta stay “X-Fresh”!!!!!

  10. Im a DJ so ill be taking my beats with me everywhere i go with the ipod which will make life easy and ill be catching the attention of the ladies by smelling Fresh all day long with my DKNY cologne so the freshness wont stop

  11. #XFresh I’m a chubby guy! Who always love outdoors! And with stimorol the hype of keeping it cool will be a bonus as I have a new girl friend to Impress! And my breath needs a Refreshment on our date! Help me Win her heart!

  12. To be the freshest you must wear the freshet and up to date with the freshest and the combination of stimirol,Dkny,and ipod can be very dangerous you will make head turns and injuries may happen

  13. I will be X FRESH as I am gym kind of a guy. So at gym ill be rocking with my Gospel tunes as I do my hard work and I’ll be fresh with some X fresh :).

  14. I’ll be super fresh with X-Fresh and listening to dope tracks on that iPod and give of that X-Factor

  15. Looking fresh with an iPod, breathing fresh with Stimorol and smelling fresh with DKNY… The epitome of X-Fresh!

  16. Listening to fresh tunes on the ipod, smelling good with DKNY and chewing on my Stimorol to the sound of the beat, I’ll be able to X-Fresh myself when I chill at home after a hard day at work!

  17. Who needs much more than the freshest breath.. The freshest smell & the freshest sound? I’ll be X-FRESH because my kit will be complete WHEN I win this! #CockyMuch #MaybeItsTheFreshness #XFresh I love stimorol!

  18. It’ll be awesome to get down with this wicked Ipod; and with minty fresh breath, I’ll be irresistible. #X-Fresh

  19. With Freshness all round by using DKNY & chewing Stimorol… I can chill with an awesome IPOD in the darkness during loadshedding 😉

  20. Il be so X-FRESH cos il be smelling like a million bucks with fresh breath and really fresh tunes

  21. My X-Fresh Stimorol will give me give me the freshest breath,my I-pod will have all the freshest X-tracks to listen to and my DKNY will give me a fresh manly smell.All together that will make be the freshest,coolest guy in the block!

  22. I’ll be uber X-Fresh starting parties with the Ipod like a boss and keeping it X-Fresh with the Stimorol and DKNY! Playing and creating my own tunes! 🙂

  23. The perfect combo for gym! I’ll be so
    X-FRESH in gym with stimorol bubble gum keeping my mouth fresh and slightly moist, while the ipod will keep me busy with good music during my workout and ofcourse after a shower who doesn’t want to smell awesome and DKNY will provide the perfect end to a gym session!

  24. I will be X-Fresh by chewing the best mouth refreshing site gum Stimorol, stay on the loop with the freshest songs on my iPod and I’ll smell like the best thanks to DKNY

  25. Currently updating my life insurance policies because if I win this I would definitely be “X-Fresh to Death” Ba-dum Tsssshhh.. Thank you I will be here whole week,,

  26. The sick beats blasting throw my ipod will keep me X- Fresh and don’t get me started on my DKNY smell will make my friends green with Envy. So I will blow them a Stimorol kiss with my X- fresh breath. Mwha

  27. Obviously I will stay X-Fresh even after having a 10km run with the iPod in the heat of summer, by using Stimorol gum to hide my recovery shake breath and a Portuguese shower with the DKNY fragrance. X-Fresh AF.

  28. I don’t have much words to express ho much X-fresh mean to me or how bad I’ll love to win this. but everybody loves to be fresh and thats why i choose to go with the fresh flow and music is always a food to the soul.

  29. I’ll be hustling with my DKNY..
    and shuffling with my iPod on the fly…
    Add a bit of X-FRESH gum and i’ll be STIMOROL-ING with coooolness…
    You got to #X-FRESH to #X-PRESS

  30. I have personal space issues, no hugging, no touching and the fact that I smell like old people and moth balls, right now I’m the kid no one wants to sit with at lunch. A little spritz of DKNY and Stimorol-ing around with a iPod full of tunes, fans will be running after me like Hansel & Gretel with a breadcrumb trail. Did someone say X-FRESH?

  31. Stimorol & DKNY helps making everyday into ‘date ready’ for that unexpected visit and toe curling kiss! Ipod will help get over this morning blues and energised for that run to keep in shape!

  32. I’m a X-Treme Camper and with the X-Fresh Stimorol breath and DKNY will keep me always smelling great. The IPod will definitely smooth my thoughts to plan my next camp.

  33. I’d be X-FRESH with the indulgence of Ice and Mint Stimorol gum flavour that give fresh breath, rejuvenated brain and mood by good music from da ipod and scented aroma of the DKNY cologne making a combo of X-FRESH lifestyle

  34. stimirol to keep my breath fresh. DKNY to keep me smelling fresh and iPod to keep my beats fresh and my day fresh

  35. stimorol to keep my breath fresh , DKNY to help me smell fresh and iPod to keep my day fresh

  36. Stimorol in my mouth,
    will keep me fresh and talking real.

    DKNY on my skin,
    smelling so good you cannot deal.

    Ipod in my ears,
    beats you cannot steal.

    This hamper in my life,
    game changing deal!

  37. I will be xfresh because i will be rocking the hottest beats on my ipod, with breath as fresh as a baby smelling delicious with my dkny

  38. I would be X-Fresh with a cool; 1) taste in my mouth.
    2) tune on my iPod.
    3) scent all over me.
    3 of the best for all of the time.

  39. # x-fresh: with gum you can’t go wrong stimorl gum is sugar free and good for fresh in your breathe

    # X – fresh : you might never know when you need to use perfume to smell good maybe going for a date or some thing

    # X – fresh: you might want to listen to music when you bored and shake a Lil like Beyonce lol 🙂

  40. Il b X fresh because using perfume, gum, and listening to music is my go to essentials I can never go a day without chewing’s important for me as I wil chew my pencil lol if no gym and having perfume makes me feel fresh and beautiful just imagine on a hot day and you sweat you need to freshen up a bit and listening to music is my life it juSt makea your day brighten… you know what I mean lol ! # X fresh

  41. # X fresh to keep my out going and cool with a fresh breathe and you must never know when you need a spray like dkny to freshen up a bit and smell beautiful # X fresh to listen to music is my life to win this ipod be so happy listening yo music that il b shaking like Shakira and Beyonce lol 🙂

  42. im a classy young man from ukzn pmb and im studying business and i know to look smart you must feel good and smell great… and i need a cologne to be #XFresh and when im presenting my business plan i always have stimorol because a fresh breath can blow the board members away

  43. Il be so X-FRESH running with my iPod shuffle and music in my ears down the seapoint promenade. So fresh with my DKNY scent trail behind me and all the seapoint MILFs trying to catch me. AXE eat your heart out!!

  44. Fresh breath, fresh tunes and smelling oh so fresh – 3 for 3 that’s what I’ll be!

  45. This package has the potential to make me positively frrrrresh. I will smell fresh, taste fresh and can squeak some teks to some funky, fresh beats. AND, whether that is just the photo, the perspective or that really is a life-size packet of X-Fresh chewing gum – I must have it!

  46. Fresh Breath, Fresh Smell and Fresh Beats
    Time to have fun and get my awesome on in the streets

    Wonderful smell, minty gum
    dancing to the beat of the drum

  47. I will be X-Fresh because I will smell X-Factor HOT and feel all snazzzzy:) This would make for an EXCITING sensation.

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