Wimpy’s Latest Ad: Ways to use your Wimpy collectors!

Seeing as though we showed the latest Heineken ad, I thought I would show you the latest Wimpy ad and I have to thank Miss Pickett for this one as she dropped the link to my Fassschbook page and my goodness, this is a great! I just love the old boy’s face as he hits the glasses, oh so serious. As well as the mother at the end doing the robot. The costumes they are wearing are just out of this world. As you can see, this family has spent alot of time at Wimpy by the amount of collector glasses they have accumulated! It seems that companies are using that VIRAL element on the internet a lot more and in such creative ways. I think its great and more companies should think about this when doing a marketing campaign.

What a classic ad and I can honestly say I reckon I can see this spreading around the internet sooner then later. Good work Wimpy… I think I might just have to come and claim my collectors glass with that amazing meal:)

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