Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff perform Summertime, in Las Vegas

djjazzyjeff fresh prince

As a kid growing up this is something that I always wished that I would get the chance to see happen – Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff doing a rendition of the classic jam Summertime, in the middle of, you guessed it, Summer. Last week at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas the two music legends met up and treated the crowds to an impromptu gig that featured just that – them dropping a live version of the famous track.

For those that are interested, the clip features Will Smith without his top on and is probably quite a good indication that he’s in the process of getting fit for a return in the Badboys franchise early next year. The crowd digged it and you probably will too! You can fast forward to around 2mins25 for the actual tune, but then you’d miss out on Will Smith being ghetto.

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