Will Shrek Stay Or Go

Wayne Rooney looks to be turning his back on the red devils and will soon be on his way to a new club. Real Madrid and Manchester City look to be favourites to sign the struggling striker.

What’s this? Wayne Rooney leaving the theatre of dreams? Last season he said he would like to follow in the footsteps of Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes by retiring at the club. I personally struggle to imagine him in any other strip. Then the news of his extra marital affairs surfaced which clearly affected his form and he has since been getting less game time then he would like. He also seems to think he is worth far more then he is currently being paid.

One thing Manchester United fans can be thankful for is sir Alex Ferguson’s iron fist. No man is bigger then the club. He has had his run ins with his stars over the years but no matter the status, price or skill they have had associated with their name the club has always come first. And that’s the way it should be, that’s how dynasties are built and jolly good show I say!

Rooney looks set to join the likes of Ronaldo and Beckham as one of the stars who pissed the greatest football manager of all time off. Fans and critics alike agree that that like Ronaldo and Beckham he is replaceable. The only question is, where to for the talented striker?

To quote an avid Manchester United fan “Colleen has forgiven you, we will not.”

Perhaps its off to the land of Forever After for you Shrek, sorry Wayne (easy mistake)!

Thanks Brigadier Dylok

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  1. I am sooo bleak… Its really a big slap in the face for any United fan. For us to be behind him giving him all of that support over the years and then he says the club doesnt match his ambition???! He can go for all that I care…

    We do need to buy some star players quite desperately- I’ve never hated watching us play this much before. no creativity. no spark 🙁

    Lets wait and see how this all turns out! We need someone to step up and say this is MY team and I want to play my heart out for the badge every week.

    We need the passion of the Treble winning team and the… dare I mention the legend’s name… THE KING… ERIC CANTONA!!!

    Ooh Aah… Cantona!!! 🙂

  2. Being a proud Manc and all, I can honestly say that I’m really not that fussed about Rooney leaving. What is worrying is the reason he is leaving… we all know that Man Utd is in a bit of financial shit, so they wont be buying any new players. Will be exciting to find a replacement. Bezima, Kaka maybe even Torres will make their way to Old Trafford


    One word: CHELSEA! 🙂

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