WILDKATS & NICK MALEEDY Event At Chukkachurri

‘MAKE-BELIEVE EXPERIENCES’ & ‘EXCUSE THE MESS’ present the international flavours of > > >

* THE WILDKATS (Hot Creations / UK)
* NICK MALEEDY (Excuse The Mess / UK)

… ~ ONE TRACK MIKE (Kinky Disco)
~ KANAN K7 (Kinky Disco)
~ IAN SKENE (Independent)

R100 entry
PRE-SALE ONLY / 120 tickets available (ONLY)

Since revising our music policy in October of 2011, Chukkachurri has become a firm favourite amongst those with a discerning taste in music and has developed an older following of like-minded people in a space where music comes first, and attitiudes are left at the door. The little bar has hosted most of SA’s recognised deep, tech house & techno djs/producers and we are now proud to announce our first international act > > >

A production collective formed in East London pulling influences from 80s Funk and New York Disco. They began to develop their sound as an energetic combination of groove led house and dubby disco with their trademark WiLDKATS bass-line. WiLDKATS are part of a new movement in contemporary house music fusing 80s drums, synths and bass sounds, putting their own funked up stamp on this with their catchy edits and raw dance floor killers.

Since their inception in summer 2010 their tracks have quickly caught the attention of some of the biggest names in the dance music community. Support has come from Hot Natured, Wolf + Lamb, Crosstown Rebels, Lee Curtiss, Droog, Jamie Jones, M A N I K and Soul Clap, all of whom have tried and tested WiLDKATS’ tracks across some of the globes most prolific dance floors including Sonar, Burning Man, Glastonbury and Ibiza’s mecca DC10.

2011 has proved to be WiLDKATS’ year, with releases lined up with various imprints. Their forthcoming ‘System Crank’ track with Russ Yallop on Hot Creations is already creating quite a stir across the dance community and received notary kudos as the Essential Tune Contender on the UK’s Radio One show. Upon hearing the quality of their releases and after their Hot Waves track ‘Perpetrating’ climbed to number 2 in the Beatport charts, the Hot Creations crew have also given them the rare opportunity to put out their own Hot Creations EP in early 2012. This is something that only a handful of talented artists have been asked to do. There are also upcoming releases on, Stranjjur, Lower East and Neim.

Their trademark funked up sleazy bass-lines are guaranteed to get any dance floor grooving. As a result, the WiLDKATS busy touring schedule has recently included gigs up and down the UK, Ibiza, the US and Mexico.

Nick Maleedy > >
As resident DJ and co-promoter of Excuse The Mess, Nick Maleedy has already had the pleasure of mixing alongside many of Europe’s finest. Having grown up in Manchester and Bath, Nick moved to London to study and was soon immersed in a growing and exciting scene with parties such as Secretsundaze and Mulletover just beginning…

In 2008 Excuse The Mess was formed with a secret loft party in an abandoned office in central London. It was with this ethos that ETM continued with secret warehouse parties across East London inviting the likes of Pan-Pot, Robert Dietz, Christian Burkhardt, Subb-an, MyMy and Mark Henning to show off their skills behind the decks. Nick has also completed three Excuse The Mess tours in South Africa, hosting Mobilee Records’ Ralf Kollman, Cadenza’s Pablo Cahn and Cocoon’s Christian Burkhardt.

Nick’s sound is a blend of stripped-down deep dubby house and techno, mixing between lighter disco tracks and tougher edged percussive grooves, allowing him to keep the crowd on their toes. It’s this reputation that has allowed him to play two huge gigs at Fabric for Wetyourself, as well as many of the other best clubs and parties in London such as Half Baked, Krush, Jaded, Cargo, Cable, Corsica Studio’s, Cafe 1001 and Red Gallery.

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