Why you should get an insurance broker

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The world is changing. With many people calling to cut out the middleman in various industries. This has been pushed by a wave of technology allowing users to go the direct route of purchasing. But is that the best option for your insurance?

While there may be some debate on this topic, EU Brokers has shed some light on this topic. EU Brokers has spent more than 21 years helping South Africans to get the right insurance cover for their needs. 

But what makes a broker better? Here are a few reasons:

Brokers make the process easier and faster

Take this scenario, you phone an insurance call centre and speak to a friendly agent. You answer so many questions and eventually, you get a quote. Then you have to phone another insurance company for a comparative quote and answer all those questions again. The process is long and tedious. 

If you were to get a broker instead, you would have answered one lot of questions and received a few quotes to help you find the best cover. This can help save you time and money. Furthermore, a broker can help to ensure you are comparing the same types of quotes. 

It won’t cost more

This is a long-lived fallacy that going through a middle man will cost you more. This is untrue. Brokers can often help you optimise your insurance to make your insurance suit your budget. Brokers are also paid via once-off and ongoing commissions that vary from product to product. It is similar that when you phone a call centre, the call centre is paid once off commissions. 

Ongoing Service

Unlike the call centre agent, when you put down the phone your broker is still there for you. You can contact them with queries, questions and some brokers will even assist you in the claims process. This helps you to build a good working relationship with your broker. 

A broker is not a necessity, but they make life much easier. With their knowledge, expertise and regulatory duties; you can be assured that a broker will give you the best service. 

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