Why is Madonna Wearing a Grill?

Madonna's grill

Can someone please explain to me why Madonna has decided to start rocking grills to events and venues of late? The latest indiscretion comes from her trip to her Hard Candy Fitness Center in Rome, where the 50 odd year old pop icon decided that she would take a page out of Birdman’s book by wearing a full grill. It really is a pretty long way to stretch for a person to go from “Vogue-ing” all the way to toting gats and getting crunk on syzurp like a real hip hop baller. I’m never one to judge (lies) but I think she looks pretty kak:


Whooaaa. What the hell man? Madonna looks like someone who works at the corner shop around the corner from the smokkie. One thing that I’m pretty sure of is the fact that I’d be pretty bleak if my mom started wearing a grill – her poor kids. At least she’s stoked with her totally thugged out new look right? Nice one Madge, nice one.

madonna grill

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