Why can’t we all just lesbian each other? Isidingo storyline unravels

I hate to admit it but I’m one of those closet soapie watchers. It’s partly due to the fact that I didn’t have access to DSTV’s selection of satellite programming during the time that I was hustling on the streets- forcing me to find something entertaining to watch on the National Broadcaster each night. Isidingo is exactly that… entertaining.

There have even been days while getting coffee at work when I discussed how so many of us guys find the cougarish character, Cheryl inexplicably hot. This is one of those locally made soapies that doesn’t make you want to cry yourself to sleep at night after watching it and this is partly due to the fact that it remains relevant and topical (at the best of times).

I know the feeling...

This week the producers and writers at Isidingo decided to push the envelope that bit more by adding a lesbian plot twist to the storyline of the show’s premier mooiness, the character Charlie (played brilliantly by Jay Anstey– who we’ve been trying to convince to come in for an interview). The basic storyline is that the troubled youth and hotty of Horizon Deep has now developed a liking for girls as well as boys causing her to explore things with the tennis playing character of Suzie (played by Elsje Tielman). Of course, the prudish and gay hating portion of South Africa complained about this totally implausible storyline (because obviously there aren’t gay people in South Africa)-

So soon after I was forced to start an online campaign to have racist (formerly, apparently) model stripped of her title (Link HERE), I am deeply saddened that now it is the lesbians who have to bear the brunt of ignorance and general nastiness. I mean, seriously it’s not like they’re forcing you to watch Betty White and the Octomom lather each other up. At the risk of sounding like a 15 year old boy, this is possibly the best thing to happen on South African tv. Suzie is hot, so is Charlie- they have normal problems and are also just trying to find love and happiness like the rest of us.

Really… why can’t we all just lesbian love each other?!

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  1. I think Isidingo is the perfect platform / soapie to address females / bi-sexuality/lesbianism !

    Both Charlie and Suzie are very attractive…

    Good luck on their new relationship or `thing’.

  2. Listen here, I feel they need to create a south park inspired show in South Africa, maybe call it ‘South Africa Park’ a show like this will un wind the nation where we can laugh at ourselves(SA Society). A show where it is okay for a gay man to become a woman and then to discover she is a lesbian… Its Rude to be Prude

    1. Well said Dr Rey! I think SA could definitely use a show that pokes fun at us and all of the insecurities and hangups that we all have.

  3. All the people that are in support of gay and lesbianism are against the real life.reproductivity got to be natural,now how man and man or woman and woman are going to reproduce?why the media is turning the world into evil ways of living?

  4. Do you or anyone have any videos of their relationship? I am writing a feature on their relationship for my LGBT site and would love to see videos.

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