Who Would Win A Fight Between A MMA Fighter & Tai Chi Master?

Who Would Win A Fight Between A MMA Fighter & Tai Chi Master?

There is always a raging debate between the martial arts around which is definitely better in terms of its ability to provide you with a way to defend yourself from attack. In a bid to try and settle at least one of these battles, a Tai Chi master by the name of Wei Lei decided to test his skills against an MMA fighter called Xu Xiaodong.

Unfortunately for him, the ancient arts paled in comparison to the sheer determination and guile from the MMA fighter with the fight being called in literally 10 seconds:

Those punches looked like they really hurt. Other Tai Cgi masters were so bleak that they got that badly showed up that one of them even issued a statement:

He is deeply biased against the traditional martial arts and his words were insulting.

I challenged him so he could have a fresh perspective of Tai Chi and the true traditional martial arts.

I am 80% sure of winning the fight as tai chi masters have an iron fist, air foot and iron back, which need more than 20 years of hard practice.

  • said Xing Lu, President of the Sichuan Tai Chi Pushing Hands Research Institute

Yeah, not sure I’d be so confident if I was you after seeing how badly your mate got smashed.

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