Who was your child spooning at Matric Rage?

If you went to school in South Africa near the coast, you probably went on Rage to celebrate the fact that you managed to get through Matric Finals without dying. Hell, I know a couple of people (including me) who went back to Rage even after leaving school to… well you know… impress the mooiness with the fact that we could drive and stuff (shallow as a tide pool).

Anyways… I’m sure there are tons of parents who wonder what their kids get up to while at Rage. So what do the kids get up to?

Spooning…. apparently.

Stimorol is a sponsor at the matric rage festival and this year in Plett they hosted a three day festival called the Neverlasting Festival  – because nothing lasts as long as Stimorol Infinity (obviously).  On the second day of the festival they thought it would be awesome to try and break a world record for the longest human spooning chain.

The original record was 529 spooners (set in the United States in 2010) and they successfully got 682 Ragers to spoon together (there were no accompanying reports on how drunk these peeps were, or whether anyone got a boner and poked someone they didn’t know in the back). They are currently in the process of getting the documentation validated with the Guinness Book of World Records to make it all official.

Man… why didn’t they do shit like this when I was in school.

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