Who Is FireTribe?

Fire Girl - Sam Lowe

At the fiery heart of the Mother City’s entertainment industry is FireTribe; Cape Town’s top fire dancing troupe who has been performing for over 15 years. They are also the largest manufacturer of fire and flow equipment in South Africa and offer training in a variety of different disciplines.

Since they first helped to introduce the beauty of fire dancing to Cape Town’s iconic beaches, FireTribe has performed hundreds of choreographed shows at private and presidential residences, Cape Town’s Castle of Good Hope and at many prestigious wine farms, hotels, resorts and casinos within South Africa.

FireTribe Showreel 2016 – Cape Town Fire Dancing Entertainment from FireTribe on Vimeo.

They have entertained crowds at festivals, carnivals, conventions, birthdays, weddings, product launches, corporate functions and at the 2010 World Cup. They have also been involved in feature films, commercials, television shows and music videos – but that’s far from a complete list for this versatile team.

Their performance is an exhilarating combination of skill and pyrotechnics and can be adapted to suit the available space and unique needs of any event. They also offer optional, more intimate experiences with the fire for newly-wed couples, lucky birthday boys and girls or whole groups of guests. In addition, custom made 2D fire sculptures are available on request for those who’d like to see their name or logo in giant, fiery lights.

They are not just a group of talented performers doing their own thing ‘on stage’ but a team of dancers all focused on presenting their audience with a beautiful and exhilarating visual experience, both untamed and choreographed, a thing of beauty, a flame that will be remembered well after it has gone out.

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