White guy & Black guy pretend to steal a car – the reactions they get are very different

black guy and white guy pretend to break into car

If I’m completely honest I’m not that shocked by this video of the American public and law reacting differently to a white guy breaking into a car when compared to a black guy doing the exact same thing. A couple of peeps with a massive following on YouTube called the Simple Misfits shot the little “experiment” and the results are pretty much what you think they’d be, given how much subtle racism exists in good old USA, land of the free.

The white guy goes at the car all afternoon making a complete racket with nobody really giving two rocks about it. Unfortunately, it’s not the same for the black guy who lasts a meager couple of minutes before landing up in a set of handcuffs. What’s the lesson here? If you’re white and living in America go and help yourself to a car – nobody’s going to stop you.

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