When the reindeers are sick, Santa resorts to a bit of Parkour to get those pressies delivered

parkour santa

Ever wonder what happens when the reindeer get ill and Santa Claus needs to complete all of the gift giving on his own? Well he resorts to a little bit of parkour in order to cover all of the kids’ houses who have been good over the course of the year of course!

Ronnie Shalvis, a free-runner, stunt coordinator and parkour trainer from Utah in the US has donned a Santa suit in order to show, just how Santa gets down, jumping from roof to roof with some mad parkour skills. Parkour is a sport that involves jumping, climbing and rolling off any obstacles that may make up that landscape.

I’m demonstrating how to do parkour in the snow when it’s slippery, at night when it’s dark and in the Santa suit, which inhibits movement,” Shalvis said. “I had a lot of padding underneath [the Santa suit] to make me look bigger so it added weight.”

“Every flip trick I would do, the beard would fly up and cover my eyes,” he said. “So almost every flip I did, I did blind because my eyes were covered.”

And you though Santa was unfit…


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