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So I did some traveling and Israel was my first stop. Beautiful buildings, beaches and – the people. Amongst my many “activities” I had some great fun trancing it up 😉

Unity Festival, hosting renowned parties throughout Israel, threw one day of pure MAYHEM.

A day to celebrate five years for Unity Festival and everything that ties in such as PEACE – LOVE – UNITY – RESPECT – TOGETHER WE ARE ONE

After months of snowballing hype, finally the 23rd of June arrived and festival-goers from all over the world splashed it out at Hamat Gader, Israel, at Unity Festival’s Five Year Celebration.

An incredible crowd flooded the grounds. If I had to use one word to describe it, I would say ENERGY!

With a powerful line-up of local artists and International, the dancefloor was super pumped. So let’s take a look at who was up on those stages?

AGNETON | GOASIA & M-RUNUpgrade | Blastoyz | Major7 | Terra | Rising Dust | Astral ProjectionSkizologicAyahuasca | Eran Gordon | Cosmic Flow | Darwish | Dekel | Kido & GalapagosLibra | Kobi | Polar Energy | UnderCover & Pettra | Yahel | Dvir Lahav & Jinji

From 9am into the dark, it was non stop exuberance and an experience not to be forgotten.

There were two stages:

Both stages were cooled with water sprayers (phew) and to cool down, even more, there were supertubes and pools. It was definitely a first, dancing in a pool – epic.

Below: Undercover and Pettra
Photography by:
Definitely one of the best psytrance festivals


On June the 21st it was COM4TRANCE’s event of ACE Ventura & KIDO B-day \\ AJJA at Haoman 17 club in Tel Aviv.
The birthday of Ace Ventura, Kido, Dede called “Gold is Old.” The sets were outstanding as was the club itself being indoor, it was massive. A special tribute was made to Bansi.

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