When FIFA18 Becomes Real Life

We sense a glitch in the matrix

So how’s this for real life imitating video games, with this absolutely hilarious real life glitch. Anyone that has been playing FIFA for a couple of years will recognise the irritating glitch where the goalkeeper freezes and positions himself behind the goal line. Could never happen in real life right? Wrong. The video below was taken from the Bundesliga Division 2 game between Duisburg and Ingolstadt that happened over the weekend.

In the clip found on Twitter, Ingolstadt striker Stefan Kutschke finds himself faced with a gaping net after the Duisburg keeper Mark Flekken somehow gets tangled up in the nets at the back of the goal. It is truly the strangest thing I’ve ever witnessed in real life football:

HAHAHAHAHA. That’s a real life FIFA Glitch alright.

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