Wheelchair freestyle just got EXTREME

extreme wheelchair freestyle

A guy by the name of Aaron Fotheringham has taken the little-supported sport of wheelchair freestyle to the next level with some pretty extreme tricks, showing that a disability really isn’t always about being less able than others. I’ve got to admit, that I didn’t even know that guys and girls out there even competed in such extreme sports in wheelchairs before watching this video – which made this all the more interesting to watch.

In the clip, Aaron manages to pull off a wheelchair backflip – which to be honest, I never thought was possible but also bails on a couple of the other jumps, proving that this sport isn’t for the feint hearted amongst us. The man, also known as Wheelz (wow, original guys) absolutely shreds up an action sports park in Tehachapi, California, two hours outside of Los Angeles, pulling off tricks that are nothing short of remarkable. Fotheringham has been in a wheelchair since he was 8 and started riding his chair at a skate park after a suggestion from his brother and since then, the 22-year-old extreme wheelchair athlete hasn’t looked back.

Stop complaining about life being so difficult… there are inspirational stories around us every day.

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