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If you’ve ever missed out on those Early Bird tickets to your favourite music festival and been gripped by agonizing FOMO in the days before the event, you’ll understand the value of what TicketPony has to offer you…

South Africa is a paradise for lovers of music festivals, concerts and live shows. In the past few months alone, the likes of Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and Andrea Bocelli have graced packed-out stadiums with their musical talent.

Still to come in 2019, are major events like Rocking The Daisies, Castle Lite Unlocks and GET REAL. And with international acts like Post Malone, Tash Sultana and Passenger all set to perform this year, revellers are sure to be queuing in line (and online) to get their hands on tickets.

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However, if you find yourself on the side of people who don’t manage to buy tickets through the official channels before they’re sold out, you’re pretty much screwed.

What you could do if you find yourself in this precarious position, is to scour Facebook Event Pages to find even one person who has spare tickets that they’re selling. This is the MO many choose to use, even with its clear inefficiencies, like having to share your personal information, meeting up with a stranger or sharing your banking details.

The risk is, due to the hype and attention these kinds of events create, all manner of dodgy sellers and fraudsters take to Facebook and Twitterarmed with fully-fledged fake profilesto scam people out of their money.

These cyber-criminals prey on desperate fans by offering cheaper tickets for sale, only to disappear with your money, leaving you out-of-pocket and with no ticket to the event.

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It’s in light of this that TicketPony has been working tirelessly to protect fans online and prevent this scourge of online scams.

TicketPony provides the safest online platform for fans to buy and sell their tickets, from and to, each other. It’s like a ‘safe-haven’ marketplace where buyers and sellers meet to exchange tickets for cash. What’s more, it’s quick and easy to use.

One of the biggest challenges to any online transaction is trust. You have to trust that the online store you’re purchasing from will deliver your goods, or that your bank won’t authorize any sketchy payments. A lot of the time, we’re able to trust big corporates because we know them, we know where they are and how to reach them.

When it comes to a stranger selling tickets online, trusting them is just about impossible. Yet so many people still go through with that very uncomfortable exchange.

TicketPony believes that transparency is the cornerstone of any trust relationship. You need to know who, what, when, how… they aim to make ticket exchanges as transparent as can be so that you can trust.

That’s why they use social proofing to give users an assurance of who they are transacting with. The TicketPony site requires a Facebook login and it validates users’ mobile numbers using OTP (one-time-pin) technology. They do background checks on all users too, so that you can trust.

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An integration with Quicket allows the company to invalidate any Quicket tickets sold on the platform, and to issue new barcoded tickets to buyers. This eliminates any chance of a fake or duplicate ticket being sold on TicketPony. They also have a team dedicated to checking the authenticity of every ticket that gets uploaded on the site.

They also believe in fair-pricing! Scalpers who buy tickets only to resell them for a massive profit are not welcome on TicketPony. Users can sell their tickets for a maximum of 110% of the original ticket value.

Users simply upload their tickets to an event, share their TicketPony ticket offer on social media and in no time, the tickets are sold. Buyers get their tickets immediately, sellers get their money guaranteed! It’s that simple.

The safe way to buy and sell tickets to any event is through TicketPony! Visit www.ticketpony.co.za today. Follow them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram as they start to share more content and more info on what they do, why they do it and how you can get involved in making it safer to buy and sell tickets.

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