What would Fight Club be like without Brad Pitt? Watch this clip to find out

brad pitt fight club

Fight Club is one of those movies that you just HAVE to watch before dying – it’s a cult classic. Without trying to give too much away (just in case you haven’t seen it), the story centers on the delusions of Edward Norton’s character, which results in him fabricating a relationship with Brad Pitt’s character.

So what would happen if Tyler Durden (played by Brad Pitt) was removed from the Fight Club movie all-together? Richard Tremell wanted to find out and went about erasing Tyler Durden from the first fight scene between Brad Pitt and Edward Norton’s characters. The result is what you would have seen if you were looking on at the fight instead of what Edward Norton saw in the movie. Sound trippy? Watch the damn video and see what I mean.

Unfortunately Tremell hasn’t made any plans to edit the entire movie, but it’s definitely something that I’d love to see as a special anniversary edition Fight Club extra.

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  1. You idiots! This clip without Brad Pitt is actually from the fucking movie when Edward Norton’s character realizes Brad Pitt’s character is not real and thinks back to those scenes.

    I guess you were one of the people you mentioned that have not watched the movie? Dumbass

    1. Hey Charl… I’m pretty sure that this is footage edited and put together by Richard Trammell – Google that shit dude… Oh and if you’re too lazy to do that – click this http://vimeo.com/rtrammell

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