What were raves like in South Africa in 96? Beckett’s Trek provides a look

The peeps over at Pulse found some absolutely golden footage last week, that made many of us reminisce about the early days of rave and electronic music, which we thought was too good not to share with you. The clip in question was from a travel and lifestyle show called Beckett’s Trek and featured an insider’s look into what become one of the most celebrated parties in electronic dance music history – The Mother Raves.

It’s really great to watch as it really does capture the essence of what electronic music was really about to begin with – PLUR (peace, love, unity and respect), along with the fact that you could ALWAYS get a drink at the bar due to everyone being shmangled on ekkies and offers up some valuable insight into where the culture really began to establish itself in a post apartheid society down South.

Someone should really do another show like this… it would be super interesting to see how much things have changed over the past 20 years.

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