What To Remember As A South African Cannabis Connoisseur During COVID-19

Guest article by: Zootly.co.za
Words By:
 Andrew Macfarlane, remote writer, and happy self-isolating gardener.

So, it should go without saying that COVID-19 is here. With infection rates climbing, shops closing, and toilet paper being stockpiled by assholes, it’s a rather stressful time to be alive.

Luckily, with all this self-isolation going around, you can light up a joint and space out a little. But what are the no-no’s for South African cannabis connoisseurs during the COVID-19 lockdown?

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Well, I spoke with our mascot, Zootly the Owl, about it. Because he’s like, an expert, at being alone. Yeah, also all the doctors are busy with their own apocalypse situation…*


Before I could schedule a sit down meeting with the owl, he was already hooting angrily,

“NO-NO-NO! Let’s rather just chat over the numerous video chat programs!”

Yes, we’re blessed to be able to video call friends.

And it should also go without saying that this is not the time to be sharing bongs, jointsor vapes. Scientists have discovered that COVID-19 can survive for 2-3 days on plastic and stainless steel surfaces.

That is something to think about after that pandemic has blown over, and it’s just normal cold and flu season.

If you are without this smoking paraphernalia, now is the time to invest and get it delivered to your door.

Currently, our staff are all taking all the necessary hygiene steps to ensure we don’t spread the virus.

14 days ago one of our partners was in Portugal and had to cancel sourcing new stock from Spain. We miss Derek.

And if you are using smoking paraphernalia, make sure to wash it and then disinfect it, just like you would your hands.

But Zootly wasn’t done yet.

It’s Time To Double-Check Your Sources

We know that you know that you’re not always smoking your own supply…

You know it’s illegal and we’re going to just say, “You’re a bad person.”

But, now is the time to ensure that what you are bringing in has been disinfected and gone through the correct hygiene steps.

“If I’ve hooted it once, I’ve hooted it a million times: guys, we can get high on our own supply. And with all our dank equipment and blogs about growing, you should be drying and curing your crop now,” says Zootly

Zootly goes on to say that now is the time to ensure what you’re smoking is homegrown, has not been coughed on, and is safe.

Right, are we ready to Netflix and chill into the apocalypse? Not yet, according to Zootly…

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This Might Be Best Time For Edibles

From a small study, which included 78 COVID-19 Chinese patients, those who displayed the worst symptoms were previously smokers.

While there is no official study about the virus and cannabis consumption, let’s just say the fact that it is a respiratory disease means smoking will probably make it worse.

“If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, stop smoking and switch to edibles. There are loads of recipes on our blog and you can stock up on our Zootly CBD spray,” says Zootly.

CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties, and in our opinion could help with the pain of a lung infection. Then again, we’re NOT DOCTORS!

Final Note

While this has been a fun blog, the COVID-19 situation is serious. Zootly’s bricks and mortar store will be still open from Monday till Friday 10:00 – 18:00 and Saturdays 10:00 – 13:00 at Mason’s Press, 7 Ravenscraig Road, Woodstock until the 26th of March.

They will be taking steps to ensure that their store is hygienic and insist on practising no touching policy.

During times like these, we’d suggest ordering items from their online store. And yes, every box will be sprayed down with sanitiser and cleaned before shipping. When you do take delivery of the package, we still suggest spraying down the box.

Be careful, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and don’t touch other people.
*All the advice is based on guidelines published by the World Health Organisation and CDC.

Zootly Says: “I’ll be in my owl house till this is all over. Also, pretty sure my grow lights will work for an apocalypse crop.”

Go buy from the zootly shop NOW!

If you’re within 5km radius of the shop, use OrderIn for deliveries in under 30 mins, to your door!

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