What really happens inside the world’s most exclusive sex club

Go behind the scenes of the world's most elite sex club in the new series, Naked SNCTM. Watch it now

By Thomas Maree

  • Snctm (pronounced: Sanctum) is an elite members-only sex club.
  • Rumoured celebrity guests include Gwyneth Paltrow and Bill Maher.
  • Originally in Los Angeles, Snctm now operates in London, Moscow and Cannes.

From the sexy French chef cooking aphrodisiac-laced dinners to the highly erotic show happening on the same table, Hollywood’s premium sex club has now gone global, and you can see exactly what happens in the reality series Naked SNCTM. Watch it now » (Warning: it’s proper filthy)

The organisation is called Snctm, and to join this hyper-elite fantasy sex club you’ll need to cough up at least US$20 000 dollars each year, and that’s just the entry level package. The most expensive package is The Violet Key, which is a once-off payment of US$1 million.  

The club was created by a guy called Damon Lawner, who wanted to create a sexual utopia where people of like minds could come together and share high-end erotic experiences.

But money alone won’t get you in. The application process is intensive, with questions such as: What would your wildest fantasy would look like if it were brought to life? And if you could amplify an erotic trait in yourself, what would it be?

“Everything you experience at one of my parties is catered towards creating an environment that is a turn on. That doesn’t necessarily mean just sex, but that your senses are turned on and that you are in a place where you feel comfortable,” says Lawner in the series. Watch it now »

What happens at sex parties?

Snctm hosts a variety of masquerades, pool parties and dinners where performers (called Devotees) engage in what Lawner calls “erotic theatre”: mainly steamy foreplay that ends up in group sex.

The guests are encouraged to participate but they can also just watch if they like. Before the erotic theatre begins, Lawner and his team take great care in preparing fine food and drink for the guests. And yes, the sexy French chef does get involved in the performance.

Ban of the Bunnyman

Snctm made the news recently when one of the co-founders, Phuong Tran (known as the Bunnyman), was banned “for behaviour unbecoming of a Snctm member”.

Tran was apparently against the reality series being made, and allegedly sent Lawner’s 12-year-old daughter hurtful messages through instagram which was the final straw, according to reports.

You’ll see the Bunnyman feature in the series: he’s well known for his proficiency in Japanese rope bondage, which you’ll also get a preview of.

Paying the piper

For Lawner to live the life of an elite playboy he had to give up his relationship with his wife and two daughters. In the series, you can clearly see how this hurts him, and it seems that beyond the orgies, mansion parties and sports cars is a man who is truly heartbroken.

But in an interview with Esquire, Lawner said, “I’ve had nights when I’m looking around the mansion and I can’t believe what’s really happening. It’s overwhelming. I’ve sat down on the carpet in my room and listened to rock stars play my guitar… On those nights I find myself really participating. I’m being pulled into stuff and I’m like, Are you kidding me? No man should get to experience this.”

So while there are times when Lawner feels completely alone, and he misses his wife and daughters, he’s not willing to give up a life of fantasy, wealth and multiple partners for one of monogamy and routine.

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