What on earth is in McDonalds Chicken Nuggets?

mcdonalds nuggets

Now if there’s one thing that I enjoy from good old McDonalds more than anything else on the menu, it has to be the chicken nuggets with some BBQ sauce and this is probably the reason I was a bit apprehensive about watching this video at all.

A Texan guy by the name of Mike Adams (he calls himself the Health Ranger) decided to purchase some Chicken McNuggets from McDonalds and placed them under a high powered microscope to see just what was inside the crispy treats. Terrifyingly, nothing inside the nuggets (which come in 3 different pre-determined shapes?!) looked remotely like chicken and along with finding blue objects, red colouring and strange unidentified fibers, the nuggets resembled something that belonged in a bio-warfare research lab, rather than in my stomach.

Warning… do not watch this if you like McDonalds Chicken Nuggets.

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