What is Soul Sequence? Keep your eyes out for the the name!


So, what the f*$k is a Soul Sequence anyway?

If you’re into Electronic Music and spend any time at all on Facebook, you may have come across the name “Soul Sequence”. Recently it seems to crop up in close proximity to some kind of robot draped in our beloved country’s flag. So I decided that it’s time to dig a little deeper and see exactly what this lot are on about.

With all their banging on about Techno this and Techno that, I half expected to find some black t-shirted purists hiding out in a dingy basement with a strobe, a system and some cyberpunk posters desperately clinging to the pitted concrete walls.

Well, I was half right.

Back lit by a broken studio lamp, flickering from the load of a gear laden plug strip, their pinterest board beams out cyber images as they dream of having a dingy basement all their own.  It almost felt bad to interrupt them, but I just had to know, was that really a light blue Reebok t-shirt and what the hell were they doing listening to Starkey’s One Last Kiss???

“You look surprised…” LifeHack, Soul Sequence co-founder and DJ laughed as he unplugged himself from whatever cyber pathways he was wondering, “the only black t-shirts I own are for work :P.”

“Don’t listen to him, he loves his Techno, but not as much as me, I don’t own any black t-shirts, but my Techno speaks for itself, it’s all about the machine man, I’m actually half robot…”

“It’s the future” the ever lconic hAaS replied.

“I think you’d better explain and give me a little bit more detail of what you might call the future, hAaS.” I asked them

“It all started in 2016…” came LifeHack’s somewhat muffled reply as he hastily pulled on his best black t-shirt.

“We wanted to create a space where everyone at the party, DJs and Dancers alike, were free to have fun, to explore, to decide for themselves what they liked and enjoyed. We wanted to inject some energy into the dancefloor, to up the tempo and provide a place for people to let go and jump around with their hands in the air.”

“Yeah, so we launched Soul Sequence at Fiction in April of 2016” grunts hAaS.

“It was off the hook, and with elections coming up, we figured it was time to take it to the next level. To take the lessons we learned from the first one and create a party that the people could trust to deliver high energy, futuristic, dance centred, Techno funk.”

“But how is this even possible, how can this be the future?” I asked, perplexed as I watched hAaS complete the tweaks to his neural cortex.

“The answer is quite simple” whispered LifeHack as he rested a soothing hand on my dataport.

“You are simply a retrocausal construct of our design, imbued with the sole purpose of creating the reality to which you have been assigned. So best be on your bike sunshine, you’ve spent enough time in our basement”

And with that, they jacked me out…

So, what the f*$k is a Soul Sequence?

Well…It’s heavy, not hard, it’s silly but serious, it’s stupid intelligence, it’s…Soul Sequence – and it’s time to #VoteTechno. https://www.facebook.com/SoulSequence/




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